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Welcome back! It's 24 hours later and another debate is in the books. Let's get back to the real business at hand - who is Jillian going to blast tonight?? Will Bob make me drool? Will Vicky whine? The answers to those questions and more on tonight's special Wednesday edition of the Biggest Loser: Families.

When we left off yesterday, we had Jillian screaming at her 5 remaining contestants. She went so far as to tell Amy to leave the gym because of the smirk. When we rejoin Jillian in the gym, she is ranting to Bob about their lack of commitment. Bob basically says how can we want it for them if they don't want it? Amy the Child (whose description seems to really fit tonight) comes back to the gym realizing that having a 4 year old tantrum at Jillian is only hurting her, so she returns to the gym acting like a 6 year old and taking the furthest piece of equipment so Jillian doesn't have to talk to her. Maturity at it's finest.

This week, Coleen is determined not to be under the yellow line again. She's struggling because she's truly alone on this journey. She's determined to accomplish her goal and please her family and more importantly herself.

Bob shows up and tells his team they're going out! They head out and he is driving an awful white box van. He (and his adorable plaid shorts) is taking his team to Subway. He parks the van really far away for some "accidental exercise". I think it's because he's embarassed about the van. There's some good discussion about calories and fat and the healthy choices at Subway.

Back in the gym, Michelle talks about her emotional eating and the relationship with her mom, Renee. She wants to have a talk with Dr. Jillian. Michelle is lost in emotion (don't get the Debbie Gibson stuck in your head like I did) and she's worried about blaming her mother directly. However, Michelle really attributes a lot of her weight issues to her mom. She doesn't want to hurt her mom, but Dr. J. tells her to focus on herself and empower herself to succeed.

We're at the last chance workout already! Wowza! Bob is training them hard, constantly reminding them of the yellow line. Ed is going crazy-mad on his stepper. Brady is lifting those dumbbells like mad. Bob was almost sadistic in his excitement that he tortured his contestants. In Jillian's LCW, Michelle was 100% focused. Amy and Shellay worked hard and Coleen was on fire on that stepper. Jillian's still focused on that damn 45 minute homework they missed.

It's commercial time. For the record, this next statement should be posted in the commercials I hate thread. However, it's on my mind and this will actually prove if anyone's reading my recaps. So, who hates the new Toyota commercial with the 0% interest rate? I can't go around singing The Fixx's "Saved by Zero" anymore. I just can't. I lived it in the 80's along with "Red Skies at Night" and "One Thing Leads to Another" and my head hurts. Cy Curnin be damned! Okay, back from commercial.

We head to weigh in and Brady is convinced that Bob's team will prevail. That's the foreshadowing doom for sure. Coleen knows she's done great and wants to make her dad at home proud. Jillian's still harping on homework. God, I'm glad she wasn't my fourth grade teacher. Ali points out that Jillian has all women. Jillian says it's a world of hurt.

So again this week, the family that falls below the yellow line will select which of the 2 members to go home. If Coleen falls below the yellow line, she will be sent home immediately.

A little trainer tip amidst the weigh ins. Bob says avoid processed foods with high fructose corn syrup in them. They extend shelf life of foods and are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Bob says if you have any foods with HFCS, throw them out. I say my cabinets would be bare.

Coleen last week 195/ this week 192/ (-3)
Total (-3) for a total percentage of 1.54%

Renee last week 242/ this week 237/ (-5)
Michelle last week 220/ this week 216/ (-4)
Total (-9) for a total percentage of 1.95%

Shellay last week 198/ this week 194/ (-4)
Amy last week 213/ this week 208/ (-5)
Total (-9) for a total percentage of 2.19%

Phil last week 290/ this week 287/ (-3)
Amy last week 204/ this week 199/ (-5)
Total (-8) for a total percentage of 1.62%

Ed last week 299/ this week 299/ (-0)
Heba last week 274/ this week 266/ (-8)
Total (-8) for a total percentage of 1.40%

Brady last week 301/ this week 292/ (-9)
Vicky ast week 220/ this week 217/ (-3)
Total (-12) for a total percentage of 2.3%

Ed and Heba fall below the yellow line. Unfortunately, one of them will have to leave and they have 1 hour to determine which one will leave. Bob tells them to think about the big picture.

At the elimination, Ed and Heba decide that they aren't there to win money. They are there to lose weight and although they want to be together to lose weight, they decided Ed will be going home. Ed tells Heba she's the beginning and the end and the "most damn determined woman". He wants Heba to keep on going and stay focused. He gushes a little more and all Heba can do is give him a kiss and cry.

Ed arrived at the ranch at 335 pounds, he left the ranch at 299 pounds and now at home he weighs 250 for a total loss of 85 pounds. He wants to be 180 pounds by the finale. He loves to exercise and keep active. He keeps a food journal and said he knows how hard Heba has worked and hope she makes it to the end. He thanks Bob for helping him so much and he's so proud of Heba. He really looks great. Go Ed!

Next week: We have temptations in the dark and it appears that the teams are going bye-bye.