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Pack your bags! Our remaining losers are headed to the Grand Canyon where they have to climb all the way up after being dropped in the middle by helicopter. No? Damn, they should come to me for show ideas. So Amy the Wife has this on her life list. Vicky whines about it - big surprise. Shellay is the most delusional saying she's hoping to stay in a nice hotel, see the sights and come home. Hell-O??? Shellay, you're at fat camp. Face it. Nothing about this is going to be fun. Not even a little. Apparently, Jerry thinks Paul Bunyan and his donkey ox made the Grand Canyon out of boredom. Wow, now I've heard it all.

We hop aboard the Grand Canyon Express and the contestants are squeezed into the tiny bus seats. It serves as a good reminder to them why they're actually there. They make a pitstop at a convenient store, which doesn't look convenient to me since nobody lives around there for miles...just who is it convenient for? Anyway, Ali pops out of a Jayco RV. We head to our first temptation challenge where Ali will show a snack and the team can decide if they want to play by guessing how many calories are in the snack. Whoever gets the closest guess without going over will get 1 pack of Extra Fruit Sensations Gum. There was no slipping in that product placement. The first team to win 3 packs wins the opportunity to stay in the plush RV. The remaining losers will have to sleep on cots, in a tent, at the campground. Just to add fun to it, the teams who don't guess closest will have to eat the snack.

Here we go....

Round 1 has 1 small chocolate covered caramel. Winning guess is 26 calories and Ed and Heba win the first pack of gum.
Round 2 has a string cheese. Winning guess is 80 calories and Ed and Heba win the second pack of gum.
Round 3 ends up having no players because they all decided since Ed and Heba already have 2 packs, it will be hard to beat it. So, they bring out a nasty looking "all beef" (yeah right) hot dog. Surprise! Ed and Heba win the third pack of gum and win the chance to sleep in the RV.

Basically, that was a waste of a challenge. I'm guessing the production people will be revamping that kind of temptation the next time around. Like, I don't know, maybe FORCING them to guess, not wimping out and offering them to guess or not. So now they actually arrive at the Grand Canyon and we contemplate life. We have an awwww shucks moment when Ali compares the hard work of the Colorado River to the hard work they are facing. They arrive at their campsite and are definitely fish out of water. Shellay and Amy prove ridiculously ignorant when they don't know what a sleeping bag is and wonder if the camping stove was a laptop. Yeah Amy, there's WiFi right in the middle of the canyon just for YOU!

Ali left some equipment to work out such as stretchy bands and balls. They played hot potato with a medicine ball for about 2 minutes and Renee got hit in the face. They are all like lost gym rats without their gym and they are actually missing a Jillian beat down. They decide to go for a walk and complain the whole time. These people are never happy. Jerry sits by the fire, Ed reclines in his pimp-daddy mobile and Brady naps. Yeah, that will help you lose weight fellas!

Next the teams are brought to the Colorado River for their next challenge. Jerry is thrilled to have doctor's clearance to participate.

Here's how it works. One family member is in a kayak. The horn blows and they have 90 seconds to row away from the dock. At that point, the horn will sound again and the remaining family member on the dock will try to pull the rope attached to the kayak of ANOTHER team's kayak. As each kayak is pulled back to dock, they are eliminated. The last kayak to be pulled to dock will win the challenge. The winner receives a brand new Jayco RV. Ed is convinced he has an advantage because he used to kayak and Jerry jokes all about his Olympic kayak experience - or lack of.

Each team is rowing out and their team member is gradually feeding the rope behind them, except Shellay. Shellay thinks everyone else are idiots and she just throws the whole clump of rope into the water. Idiot. Amy the Child gets stuck out there because the rope is sitting in the water with knots. After the first 90 seconds, Phil pulls back Michelle and they're out. Jerry pulls back Vicky and Brady pulls back Coleen, so they're all out. Heba pulled in Amy the Wife and Phil's left with Heba still not touching the dock. Ed and Heba win again!

Magically back at camp, a birthday cake appears and they all sit around telling Coleen how awesome, inspiring and beautiful she is. Oh and happy birthday too. Jerry is so choked up with all of the compliments for his little girl, he can't speak. She says he doesn't have to - she knows what he's thinking. Awwwww.

We are now back at the ranch for the dreaded last chance workout. Bob's totally disappointed in his teams that they didn't exercise too much. Jillian actually thinks she's being Punk'd. To fit in that paid sponsorship, Jillian shows her team how to prepare food ahead of time and put them into the Ziploc vacuum freezer bags. Way to get it in Jill!

Outside, Bob is showing his team how to work out without being inside a gym. There's always that pushup on a medicine ball thing and not to mention a tug o' war! Jillian has her team do jumping jacks and quick sprints. All of these things could have been done at the Canyon. It's just that nobody thought of it!

Jerry is having trouble with the sprints and his right leg is acting up. On the advice of the medical staff, after measuring his legs and determining they are filling with fluid, he heads to the hospital to rule out a blood clot. Jillian finishes up torturing her team in the gym. They're working hard and generally not complaining. Bob's team on the other hand, while equally tortured has out-whined Jillian's team 10 to 1. But Michelle started crying while Jillian was physically beating her. She wants Michelle to step up and be assertive.

Good news! No blood clot for Jerry.
Bad news! Torn hamstring for Jerry. With at least 3 weeks recovery. Jerry is disappointed, but Coleen's relieve he didn't have a blood clot. You can really see the love between with father and daughter. It's refreshing.

We head to our week 3 weigh in. For the first time in Biggest Loser history!!, nobody will be voting anyone out. This week, only one team will fall below the yellow line and the 2 team members of that team will decide which of the 2 will go home.

Phil last week 300/ this week 290/ (-10)
Amy last week 209/ this week 204/ (-5)
Total (-15) for a total percentage of 2.95%

Brady last week 306/ this week 301/ (-5)
Vicky last week 223/ this week 220/ (-3)
Total (-8) for a total percentage of 1.51%

Renee last week 248/ this week 242/ (-6)
Michelle last week 223/ this week 220/ (-3)
Total (-9) for a total percentage of 1.91%

Ed last week 309/ this week 299/ (-10)
Heba last week 280/ this week 274/ (-6)
Total (-16) for a total percentage of 2.72%

Shellay last week 201/ this week 198/ (-3)
Amy last week 219/ this week 213/ (-6)
Total (-9) for a total percentage of 2.14%

Jerry last week 358/ this week 360/ +2
Coleen last week 202/ this week 195/ (-7)
Total (-5) for a total percentage of 0.89%

Jerry and Coleen fall below the yellow line. Vicky smirks and I'd love to smack it right off of her face. They need to decide which of them will go home. They agonize over the decision. Jerry wants Coleen to have this opportunity to get healthy at a young age so she never gets to where he is. Coleen wants to protect her father or she's worried that he will die. She wants Jerry to focus on himself so some day he can walk her down the aisle.

As we head to weigh in, we see Coleen and Jerry on one side of the table and everyone else on the other. Jerry is thankful for the friends he has made throughout this experience and he's thankful to have shared this with Coleen. The Yellow Team decides that Jerry is going home. Coleen is so proud of him and said he's the best dad ever.

I have to say that if I ever wanted a team to be able to stay, it would be this one. They really have such a special relationship and truly care about each other. I wish Jerry much success.

Jerry got to the ranch at 380 pounds. He left the ranch 20 pounds lighter at 360. Now, Jerry is 310 pounds and working hard to lose more. Dr. Huizenga actually flew to Ohio to see Jerry to tell him that physically he's doing so well. He's off 4 of the 5 cardiac medicines he was on. Jerry seems determined to lose more weight and remain healthy. Go Jerry!

Next week: More torture, less love from Jillian and Phil and Amy get to see their kids.