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Every week, our panel of Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Gabon. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

1. Will Fang pull an Ulong and lose every single tribal immunity challenge?

Mariner: I don't think so although if they lose the next immunity challenge all bets are off. There can be a real snowball effect.

waywyrd: If they don't get some leadership soon, I'd say yes, they'll each have permanent seats at Tribal for a while.

canuckinchile: I heard the "irony fairies" when Jacque proclaimed she couldn't see her team ever losing. Fang definitely is going to be behind the eight ball on physical challenges, but I think they'll win at some point. I hope so.

Dagwood: I don't think so. I think they will get it together and win. I would hate to see another Ulong.

iguanachocolate: I doubt it. The law of averages seems to indicate that at one point or another Fang will win. They actually came quite close the last challenge and they did not do something stupid such as to vote Dan out, so they will still have the same physical strength.

MsFroggy: Now that they got rid of the dead weight, their chances have definitely improved. Hopefully they'll win something soon because it would be boring to watch another clean sweep of challenges by one tribe like last season.

LG: I hope not because that makes for some boring tv. It will be interesting to see if anyone emerges as a leader on this tribe now that they've given the team elder, Jillian, the boot. Can they possibly focus without anyone encouraging them to dig through elephant dung to find something to eat? I think they might.

2. How long will the "onion alliance" of Marcus, Charlie, Jacque, and Corrine last?

Mariner: I think it really depends on whether they get Bob to buy in as the fifth wheel. Typically, early alliances don't last very long at all but with Charlie's crush on Marcus I think this one might actually have a shot.

waywyrd: It's hard to say since I don't have a good read on how sincere the women are yet, but...Charlie will stick like glue to Marcus regardless. Especially if the good doctor keeps running around in his undies.

canuckinchile: I agree that Charlie will stick with Marcus, and I believe Marcus will manipulate him to his benefit. Corinne is portrayed in her bio as having an abrasive personality and she could be gone soon.

Dagwood: I think Marcus and Charlie will last a while, as long as Charlie can keep his hormones in check.

iguanachocolate: I think it will last at least until the merge, especially if Fang keeps losing.

MsFroggy: This onion will be chopped if they start losing challenges or until Charlie falls out of lust, whichever comes first.

LG: This alliance won't be tested until their tribe loses several immunity challenges, as there are other easy target on the tribe, and if they make it to the merge without having to face serious questions about who should stay, they may be in it for a while.

3. Will GC's accepting the role of leader and then stepping down hurt him?

Mariner: Yes. He really needed to duck the initial offer to be the leader. Now, he'll be an easy target when they lose another immunity challenge.

waywyrd: Definitely. He just made himself a convenient scapegoat for the others, deserved or not.

canuckinchile: GC will be seen as a "flipflopper" He seems to be a pretty volatile type of guy and he just gave his tribe another reason not to trust him.

Dagwood: I think it will. It showed him to be one that runs when the going gets tough. Big target on his back.

iguanachocolate: Absolutely it will hurt him. For one, it will isolate him even more than being a leader would have.

MsFroggy: He can't be trusted now to stick to a deal, so this will probably hurt him in the game.

LG: MMMMMM, waffles. They are great for breakfast, but not so super as a decision making tool, especially in a game where you want people to trust you.

4. Will Randy abandoning his "Operation Let Other People Crash and Burn" strategy and sacrificing his glasses for a fish hook keep him around longer than he would have otherwise lasted?

Mariner: Maybe a tribal council or two. I don't see Mr. Negative making the merge.

waywyrd: I think so. If he can keep his misanthropy to himself and be somewhat useful, he'll stick around a while. But I agree with Mariner, I don't see him making it past merge.

canuckinchile: Randy could go far if he can manage to zip it. He seems to demonstrate some common sense on a team that seems to be lacking. However, I think Mr. Sadsack will eventually tell his team what he thinks of them and that'll be it.

Dagwood: I don't think it will. They have his fish hook, why do they need him? I don't see him lasting much longer.

iguanachocolate: I think he will be around for a lot longer than I want him to be. He seems to have a handle on how to survive to a merge: head down and don't rock the boat.

MsFroggy: What I was thinking when he made that hook out of the frame of his glasses was, how is he going to get by without his glasses now? The tribe might win more fishing gear soon - if they can get their act together - and then they'll be left with extra hooks and a tribe member who can't see too well. He might be booted soon.

LG: Sacrificing his glasses was a strange move. First I thought "did this guy bring glasses that he doesn't actually need just so he could use them for survival, and if so, why didn't they try to make fire with them?" That's not an entirely bad idea, as would they really screen people for eyesight if they show up wearing glasses. But then I thought, "doesn't he remember what happened to Piggy in Lord of the Flies?" Randy will likely ended up a casualty just like Piggy.

5. Was voting out Michelle and then Gillian a smart move by the remaining members of Fang?

Mariner: Yes. Fang doesn't need any distractions and Gillian's cheer leading was clearly like nails on a chalkboard for the rest of the tribe.

waywyrd: Sure. They were both useless in their own way: Gillian had a good attitude but poor athleticism, and Michelle was capable but had a foul attitude. No big loss either way.

canuckinchile: Gillian was dead weight and was no help in any of the challenges so she was a logical choice. Michelle might have been a good one to drag to the end with her poor attitude, but no big loss.

Dagwood: Most definitely. Michelle was dividing. She didn't do anything to bring the tribe together, they needed that. Gillian was pretty useless, unfortunately.

iguanachocolateYes, though I think if they had voted off Gillian first, then they may not have lost the second immunity challenge. Not that Gillian is the reason they lost, but rather the guys would have wanted to prove Michele's Tribal Council comments wrong.

MsFroggy: Neither of them was of much value to the tribe, so it was a good move. Michelle could have cut if physically but her whining was unwarranted and Gillian was of no use whatsoever.

LG: Wastes of space both of them in their own ways. People should try watching the show once or twice before going on, as whining and droning are both sure-fire ways to be an early boot. Michelle must have been insufferable to everyone else before they even picked tribes in order to end up last, so she earned the first walk of shame.

6. Who will be the first member of Kota voted off?

Mariner: Not Bob or Marcus. Seriously, I think it might comedown to a showdown where either Charlie or Ace will get eliminated.

waywyrd: As a member of Ace's very small fan club, I'm hoping his knowledge will keep him around a while. So I'll hazard a guess and say one of the blondes, Jacque or Kelly. At this point, they're interchangeable to me.

canuckinchile: Hard to say at this point but I'm going with Corinne or Kelly. Corinne's "onion alliance" may save her if she keeps her "I tell it like it is" thoughts to herself. Kelly says she likes the outdoors, but her bio info makes me wonder if she'll be able to hack the conditions.

Dagwood: I have no clue. They didn't really show enough of them for me to form an opinion.

iguanachocolate: Ace seems the obvious choice, but for that reason I can see him sticking around for a while. I think Paloma will go first, she does not seem to really add anything.

MsFroggy: Can't say yet since I can't tell anybody apart aside from the doctor and Charlie, but if I were to speculate, they'll vote off the oldest first - which means the guy in the bow tie - or one of the stronger non-Onion people.

LG: There was another tribe on this show? I didn't get to see enough of their dynamics to know.

7. Dan was considered to be "acting suspicious" and suspected of having the immunity idol when he came back from Exile. Do you think this will be a recurrent theme this year for anyone who is Exiled?

Mariner: I wouldn't be surprised. Exile has been around long enough that people are really paranoid about the hidden immunity idol. I'm really curious to see who the first person will be to choose comfort rather than clue.

waywyrd: After all the fake idols and crazy gameplay of the last few seasons, I'm sure paranoia will be rampant.

canuckinchile: Yes, I think they'll go after the returning exiles quickly if no one else on the team has screwed up.

Dagwood: Yes I think it will. At least on Fang, they all seem paranoid.

iguanachocolate I agree, they are paranoid on Fang. I was happy to see that they came around and voted smartly to get rid of Gillian, but I think this will be a continuing theme.

MsFroggy: They will look sideways at anyone returning from Exile Island, as well they should. Whoever goes to Exile island might find themselves challenged at Tribal Council.

LG: I think Dan could have gone a long way in earning the trust of his tribemates by telling them exactly that on Exile there is a choice between comfort and clue, and that he picked clue but couldn't find the idol. The very next person sent there (likely from his tribe, as they are not great at challenges) will confirm this choice and he'll been viewed as a team player. Instead he was unnecessarily cryptic. How is that some big secret, Danno? Yes, everyone who comes back and seems like they're hiding something will likely be questioned by the group.

8. Going out on a limb, who will make the final three?

Mariner: I don't have any basis for this, but I'll say Marcus, Bob, and Dan.

waywyrd: Hmm. Based on nothing but my personal wishes, I'll say Ace, Bob, and Marcus.

canuckinchile: No idea at this point but I'll guess Ace (seems smooth, good talker), Marcus (smart, will do well at challenges) and my wild card is Ken. He could fly under the radar and surprise us.

Dagwood: Wild guess here but I am going to say Bob, Marcus and Charlie.

iguanachocolate Hmmm, Marcus and Charlie, and a third person, no idea who though.

MsFroggy: I'm going to go with the Marcus, Ace and a woman.

LG: Marcus, Sugar, and Dan just on a whim.