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Welcome Loser Fans! Let's get right into the juicy low-fat meat, shall we? We get a review of our teams with the emotion meter running high. This week we're reminded a million times that week 2 is notorious for small numbers on the scale and *gasp* even some gains. Well, YEAH since their bodies are pretty much in torture mode for a week.

Bob's couple teams decide to wear green headbands and sing kumbayah in support of previously booted non-losers Adam and Stacey. Jillian wants her couples to step up the intensity to combat the week 2 blues. For some reason, Jillian channels her inner Dr. Phil and becomes the resident psychiatrist. She tries to counsel Michelle on what she's dealt with during her parents divorce. Personally, I don't agree with any of the advice that she's doling out, but maybe MY Dr. Phil meter is off kilter. Truthfully, I miss the screaming "suck it up" Jillian. Boo-freakin-hoo.

Back in the gym, Bob decides he hates the big yellow line that divides the gym in half. So he rips it up. Go Bob! He's uber-proud of himself. Jillian comes in and actually likes that it's gone.

Back in the house, we zooooom in on the Extra Gum! Yummy! We chew and learn from Ali we're headed to a mini competition. Each team had 1 paddle waiting for them. I thought it may be a spanking competition, but I was wrong. It's all about the plateau of week 2. In the past 5 seasons of the Biggest Loser, it's generally been a 2% loss during this week. So it goes like this - each team can bid on a percentage of weight they think they can lose this week. The highest bidder needs to lose agreed-upon percentage and if they do, they win $10,000. If not, they automatically fall below the yellow line.

So Phil hopes to push the bidding and get people caught up in the winning, not the consequence. It's kinda like bidding on eBay and paying $25 for the $3 salt & pepper shakers and feeling like "yeah, I won!". They start the bidding at 4! and Phil begins. He basically wants to sucker Jillian's side into the web of bidding. LT & Tom, Shellay & Amy and Coleen & Jerry get into a bidding war. Ultimately, Coleen and Jerry make the pitiful mistake of being the highest bidder at 2.4%. Okay, did they not learn anything? Jerry NEEDS to be here. Come ON people! So they need to lose more than 13 pounds in order to win and stay above the yellow line.

Another quick product placement as the whole house is having Subway for lunch. Coleen and Jerry are wearing shirts with huge number 14's on them to represent the pounds they need to lose. There must be a Vinyl R Us store close by, or they brought a big ole suitcase full of numbers. Once Jillian finds out about their stupidity, she's quite pissed and prepared to kick the crap out them. Same kick, different day.

We head to the real challenge. Each team has a 200 foot slip and slide aimed down the side of a hill. Each team member takes turns in going down the slide, then having to climb back up the hill in 2 minutes. If you don't make it back in 2 minutes, you're out. Once again, LT and Coleen are going it alone since Tom and Jerry can't participate. The winner gets a phone call home. HUH? Okay, if I'm slipping and sliding myself up and down, headed toward the highway (which you can seriously see in the background), and getting full of nasty mud and grass, I want a pound - I want a trip somewhere - I don't wanna call home! Maybe I'd feel different if I were there. It's obvious to me most of the contestants feel the same because they are working really hard.

So we have some major slipping and sliding going on which only can mean one thing. Major butt crack cleavage. Eww. Just Eww. Brady was out in the first round, faking an injury so they don't seem threatening. Apparently he and his whiner wife planned this fake-out. Amy the Wife was out next and she's so upset because she really misses her kids. They then decrease the amount of time they are given and are now expected to complete the challenge in 1 minute and 30 seconds. LT's out.

So now rounds 4 through 16 (!!) don't eliminate anyone. Everyone's kicking butt. Remember too that Coleen is doing this every round while all of the other teams are alternating. She's doing great. However, round 17 eliminates Coleen and Renee/Michelle. Round 18 eliminates Shellay who really was close.

Time for our first trainer tip of the season. Yippeee! "Don't go on a slip and slide with a bare belly. Ouch.". Kidding. Jillian's tip is to increase the incline on your treadmill to change up muscles and add variety to your cardio to burn more calories.

So this leaves Ed and Heba who win the challenge and the phone call home. This newlywed can't wait to call her Daddy! They also get to choose 1 more team to get a phone call to their loved ones. Ed and Heba choose Phil and Amy to call their children. Amy and Phil call home and it was seriously so moving to hear them talk to their son who expresses how much he loves them, which we learn is very hard for an autistic child to do. *sniff* That makes me happy. Heba then calls her Dad and through her sobbing you hear him saying he loves her.

Okay, so here's the point in this 2 hour fest that I actually sweat off almost 2 full pounds. Why you ask? Because resident chef hottie Rocco DiSpirito arrives. Yum-my! He wants to show them how to cook healthy on $7 a meal in 7 recipes - 1 for each day of the week.

Rocco tells all of the better chefs to stand up. They're out. He takes all the admitted crappy chefs to the store to shop for groceries for each recipe that they will make. The other half of the teams will judge the meals and the winner will win $8500 worth of groceries for a year. These days that might buy some milk and possibly some cheese. In the supermarket, Rocco helps each person select their ingredients. I'll tell ya, he can check to see if my melons are ripe an-y-time. [i[Did I say that out loud?[/i]

Flash - quick product placement with some Jennie-O ground turkey breast and Ziploc Zip and Steam bags! Whew!

So the non-cooking team members come in to judge the dishes which their counterparts made. Vicky immediately whines about hating cauliflower so she won't try the dish. The winner is the Tiny (Jennie-O) Turkey Meatball Soup made by Amy the Child. She wins the groceries and Shellay is psyched.

Cooking with Rocco tip! (have I mentioned he's delicious?). Rocco tells us to shop the perimeter of the store because that's where the fresh foods are. The deeper inside you go, the less healthy and more processed and expensive the foods are. Don't forget to go to NBC.com for all the delicious recipes!

We have a quick last chance workout. It's just another typical weekly torture session with particular hell given to Coleen and we head to weigh in.

Vicky last week 227/ this week 223/ (-4)
Brady last week 313/ this week 306/ (-7)
Total (-11) for a total percentage of 2.04%

Amy last week 222/ this week 219/ (-3)
Shellay last week 204/ this week 201/ (-3)
Total (-6) for a total percentage of 1.41%

Michelle last week 225/ this week 223/ (-2)
Renee last week 253/ this week 248/ (-5)
Total (-7) for a total percentage of 1.46%

Amy last week 213/ this week 209/ (-4)
Phil last week 308/ this week 300/ (-8)
Total (-12) for a total percentage of 2.3%

Heba last week 282/ this week 280/ (-2)
Ed last week 318/ this week 309/ (-9)
Total (-11) for a total percentage of 1.83%

LT last week 339/ this week 342/ +3
Tom last week 290/ this week 287/ (-3)
Total (0) for a total percentage of 0.0%

Coleen last week 208/ this week 202/ (-6)
Jerry last week 363/ this week 358/ (-5)
Total (-11) for a total percentage of 1.93%

They would have been in third place, but due to the stu-hooo-pid bet, they are up for elimination.

LT & Tom and Coleen & Jerry are up for elimination. Brady has a bit of a temper and gets all mouthy basically telling everyone who they should eliminate.

Shelly and Amy vote LT & Tom
Ed and Heba vote LT & Tom
Phil and Amy vote LT & Tom

LT and Tom have been eliminated and they're not too happy that Ed and Heba didn't throw them a vote for last week's extra vote they gave to Ed & Heba.

Since starting on the Biggest Loser, LT has lost 81 pounds and Tom has lost 65 pounds. They hope to win the $100,000. Tom's so happy to be off of the 9 pills he had to take daily. They have energy and are really motivated. Go Boston!

Next week, our Losers are headed to the Grand Canyon, but it appears Jerry is in real danger. Ruh-roh.