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Leaving the game in the undesirable third spot was Jerry MacDonald, the 75-year-old retiree from Magnolia, TX. Jerry was an undeniable presence in the house from the very first, when he won HOH right off the bat - and by the end of that week had turned on his brand new alliance. Despite personal conflicts along the way, he managed to duck the target on his back until the last week of play. Once again, CBS has chopped our questions down to just a few, but here’s what Jerry had to say about his stint as Big Brother’s oldest contestant.

You outlasted so many people in the game – to what do you attribute this success?

Winning two POV and another HOH protected me some and the fact that when I was put up for eviction near the end I was not the target. I was also playing nice at the time.

You were on slop for a long time – how did you survive physically, and did it bring you any sympathy from other houseguests?

I took the slop in stride and did not complain. I lost 12 pounds and an inch off my waist. I received sympathy from a few but most cared less.

What was your worst and/or best moment in the house?

My worst moment in the house was when Dan broke his word and aligned with others that took Memphis off the block. My best moment in the house was when I won the HOH on my own.

When Keesha was evicted, were you expecting that?

Yes, I was expecting Keesha to be evicted. Dan and Memphis had a deal to go to the end and they would have had to do it the next time and felt it would be easier then.

Why do you think you weren’t taken to the final 2?

Dan and Memphis had an alliance since the fourth HOH and stayed loyal to the end.

Is there anything you want the viewers to know about you or your time in the Big Brother house?

I am committed to my family and ask that I not be judged to harshly for any of my actions. It is a game, and it cannot always be played nice.