The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

Hello Live Feed Watchers! A huge thank you to lildago & Waywyrd for filling in while I was lounging in the sun for 2 weeks. It's much appreciated. I had a mudslide for ya. Or 2. Or 3. Now, back to the excitement that we all call Big Brother! It's getting to that part of the season that no matter what you feel about the people who remain in the house, you're bored to tears. There's only so much conversation that can drone on that you can sit and listen to. This year, it's no exception. But I will say, that watching Dan and his antics and Renny and her goofy self just make me happy. I'll be sorry to see Renny go, doll.

My shift begins and the houseguests are complaining that they have been woken up for nothing. Dan claims he's going to try to sleep all day. Jerry on the other hand tells Keesha that he can't believe they don't realize that Jerry will have so much influence on the jury house if he's sent packing. Delusional thoughts continue and Keesha is bored to tears. She, nor I, Memphis, Dan or Renny for that matter, can stand to listen to the egocentric ramblings of the old guy. Later on, Jerry, while patting Renny's ass, proclaims they've done good for some old folk. Yeah right, Jerry. You've definitely outwitted. It's called "leave the old one in because he's no threat". Unfortunately, Jerry's too involved in thinking how great he is to see that. He does also tell Dan that he has the most influence on the jury and that they're bringing Dan to the final 3 because they can't lose with him. However, Dan said he thinks the jury members may actually respect his gameplay.

In hopes of keeping themselves beautiful, Renny has carefully plucked every single stray hair in her eyebrows. Slowly and painfully. I think she figures plucking has to be less painful than Jerry's stories. Jerry even tries to trick the DR into thinking he wanted hair dye for himself when he really was then going to give it to Keesha. Here's a little hint Grandpa, they hear everything you say. It's not like the DR coaches sit in there all day and don't know anything else. I think they can figure out that the hair dye was for Keesha considering you have about 3 hairs atop your head. Idiot. So then he asks Renny to cut his hair. I'm thinking Renny just wants to "accidentally" plunge the scissors into his head, so she says yes.

We go on outdoor lockdown and the excitement begins. Memphis tans, Renny stares into space and they cook on the grill. I told you that was exciting. Whew, I'm exhausted from the fun. [end dripping sarcasm]. Unfortunately, the nasty nose-picking habits of A-Balla are back in the form of Jerry. He picks and flicks. It's not pretty. Everyone is basically grossed out, as am I. They talk about how he basically flicks them all over the house. Good Lord old man, don't you realize you're on camera 24/7? It's one thing to have an unexpected itch and no kleenex, but to use your finger and flick 'em is just plain disgusting. When Jerry informs the other houseguests he's cut the onions for dinner, I can almost hear the combined screams in their heads. Oh, and for good measure, Jerry didn't wash his hands after the bathroom AND proceeded to lick his fingers after dinner. I'm sorry, I'm just the messenger.

I hope there's no boogers under there

Memphis and Dan discuss how amazing it will be if they are final 2 and if Keesha is there for final 3. They will do fun stuff and be entertaining. Good Lord I hope so, because so far the highlight of this day has been booger-free onions. There's some discussion of how disgusting Dan's bathing suit is because apparently he doesn't wash it. My God, didn't these people learn hygiene 101 in 9th grade? We have some more HoH and PoV discussion, none of which matter. Basically it's a "we need it" discussion. They touch on the Ollie Factor and how Ollie was basically useless in the game and wouldn't vote for Dan to win. Keesha and Renny spend a lot of the afternoon sleeping. They must be watching the feeds in their minds. Dan and Memphis really want a luxury competition - they want a 2 day "out of the house" trip or even a movie. Dan says that if it's Dark Knight and Memphis wins he better take Dan with him. He must love Heath Ledger too. Moment of silence for Heath......

So we have a chess game and pretty much silence for the next few hours. Jerry wanders aimlessly, the boys play chess, the girls sleep. The recapper nods off. Renny does some good old fashioned domestic chores like making her bed and laundry. Psst Renny...since you're getting the boot, how about heading my way? I have lots of leftover vacation laundry *hint hint* She begins to pack. Moment of silence for Renny.....

This underwire is uncomfortable!

The next few hours are basically chit chat including dogs, first class flying and how many parts the final HoH is. It's riveting, I tell ya. To top off the evening, Dan begins ripping all the labels off of the soup cans to find recipes. It's now ShowtimeTime and we get wine. One little bottle of wine and 4 measly Bud Lights. Renny dives in. We get an interesting discussion about divorce and both Jerry's kids have been divorced. Dan's parents are divorced, but he doesn't share much. Memphis and Dan then break off from the pack and rate the women of BB10. I suppose my favorite line had to be "April got hit with the Barry Bonds' ugly bat". Memphis says Keesha has actually gotten better looking as time went on because of her personality but does actually admit even Dan's looking good to him now. I hope he doesn't find Howie's Jack Shack.

Dan gives Keesha a little frosting makeup from his birthday cake. The boys eat Renny's fruit salad while Renny makes some sort of baked goods. I think it's this point that the houseguests go into sugar overload and start acting like 3rd graders on the playground. Renny & Keesha try to get a bra on Dan. Then they break out into an all out pillow fight. Lots of jumping all over the place. It does look enjoyable and they were just letting it all go. The fun doesn't last long and we head back to some chit chat. They discuss what the jury house is like right now. I'll give you a hint. There are definitely conspiracy theories all OVER the place with Michelle there and you know there's some playing of hide Ollie's the sausage.

Let me show you how Ollie and April are spending time in the Jury House!

That's about it for the ShowtimeTime and the houseguests basically get ready for bed. By 1:00 a.m., they are all sound asleep, but not before Jerry picks his nose again. He did get some saline spray earlier for his nose, but apparently, it's not helping.

The morning brings discussion of Jerry and how annoying he is. It's HoH camera day and Jerry is running around taking pictures, mostly by the American Flag. He makes some eggs too and is pretty damn proud of them. He brought down some stuff from his HoH food but just left it on the counter for someone else to put away. Renny wasn't too happy about that and yelled at him. He then called her Mom. This, my fellow feed watchers, is some exciting stuff.

As my shift comes to a close, Dan's hopes of not getting yelled at in the house today are dashed as we hear BB scream "Dan, knock it off".

Thanks to Snapit for the screencaps!