The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

**This recap covers events from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

Hello again faithful recap readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and got the chance to go out and do something completely unrelated to Big Brother. You know, like not creepily follow other people around Jerry-style. I canít believe itís September already! Time sure does drag on fly when youíre being tortured having fun!

My shift begins with the usual Monday afternoon staple: trivia. When the feeds come back, we learn that Memphis has indeed used the PoV to take Dan off the block, thus automatically putting Renny up in his place. Aww, damn. Iím happy Dan is off but I heart Renny! Although Memphis didnít tell Jerry either way what he was going to do with the veto, Memphis thinks Jerry is going to flip his lid because Memphis screwed up Jerryís plan to get rid of Dan. Renny walks in and announces that she isnít going to walk around like a depressed person. Memphis is going to smooth things over with Jerry by saying that using the veto wasnít about keeping Dan but more about getting Renny out this week. Yeah, that might workÖ on a preschooler.

Dan, who much prefers talking to himself/America rather than other houseguests, says under his breath that the kid has survived another week. Jerry comes in the kitchen and mumbles something about it being a game. I bet his dentures just about fell out when Memphis used the veto on Dan. He heads up to the HoH, still mumbling to himself about the beat going on . He says he has to win HoH this week and he really thinks he can play for it. Wouldnít you think Colonel Know-It-All would know he canít play for HoH next time around?

Dan and Keesha find themselves together on the backyard couches, and after sitting in silence for awhile, Dan finally asks Keesha what she is thinking. She tells him she is thinking about diving into a big bag of chips. Well, not really, but that would have been funny! She tells him she really isnít thinking anything, that the whole situation sucks, but she knew it would have to happen sooner or later. She asks him what heís thinking and he replies that he is thinking about Renny. Memphis comes out and asks Keesha if Jerry is pissed and she doesnít really know. Now Renny joins the party and she seems okay with being on the block. Dan says he feels bad because Renny has been nothing but good to all of them.

Hey, howíd that extra hand get in here?

The girls and boys separate for awhile and Dan/Memphis talk about scenarios for next week while Keesha/Renny chit chat about other things. Renny and Keesha agree that Dan could definitely win the game. Memphis wonders if the Renegades make it to the Final 2, if they would get asked to go on Survivor. Dan thinks they have a better chance at the Amazing Race. Get real. I love these two, but if CBS didnít ask Janelle/Kaysar or Janelle/Dr.Will to do the Amazing Race, I doubt CBS would be knocking down the Renegadesí door anytime soon.

Jerry wanders around the house until he finds something with a pulse to talk to for hours, and his victims happen to be Dan and Memphis. Talk turns to Myspace. Memphis says his friend was supposed to set up a fan page for him since his personal page is all of his real friends. Memphis comments he probably wonít have many fans anyway, but Jerry tells him he will. Jerry also says that Dan will have all the younger fans. Dan thinks Memphis will have all the 25-45 year old women. HmmÖ yep, thatís about right. Jerry goes inside and the Renegades talk a little game. They both think that if Keesha tries to offer them Final 2 deals, they shouldnít commit.

*hiccup* Iím appalled you think I drank 4 beers. It was 8.

After some napping and trips to the DR, the hamsters once again find themselves hopelessly bored. Me too. Keesha asks Renny if sheís talked to the boys and Renny says there isnít really anything they can tell her. Keesha is sure that they feel bad and that they like Renny, itís just what they had to do. Renny says it is obvious that Jerry wanted to take Memphis with him to the Final 2 and reminds Keesha she is another week closer to the prize money. That Renny is a real New Orleans gem! Iím going to be sad to see her go. Jerry comes outside with the ladies and announces that he canít play in the next HoH. Hallelujah! Jerryís brain cells finally made friends with each other! I guess he asked in the DR and they told him he canít play in the next HoH. I wish BB would have kept the charade going a little longer.

I made a list and I liked it:
*Memphis thinks the worst players this season were Ollie, Angie, Steven, and Brian. He thinks the best player evicted was Libra.
*The houseguests slept a lot. Iím talking naps on and off all day long. Sitting around eating and talking is a rough life. Who wouldnít need some rest?
*Renny is convinced that Jerry wants a guy to win. Jerry may want a guy to win, but he loves hanging out with the girls. Keeshaís two bountiful girls to be exact.
*The houseguests got beer and Colonel Drinky McChug keeps begging for more.
*Danís front two teeth are fake, so he canít eat apples or corn on the cob.
*Jerryís wife got him a belly dancer for his 50th birthday. Nothing says ďHappy BirthdayĒ like birthday cake and belly buttons.
*Everyone made fun of Dan for having nasty swimming trunks. They think his shorts may be growing mold. Yum.
*Keesha rambled on about her Golden Girls obsession. Dude, like Blanche is so freakiní cool, dude.

BB announces and inside lockdown, and when the backyard is opened back up, I hear a pig or a hyena squealing about something. Did the house get a pet? Oh, thatís just Keesha. There is now a grill in the backyard! They all run out (except for Jerry-atric Jerry) to gawk at the grill as if it was some new futuristic toy, then they check the storage room for supplies. There is an American flag and a bunch of grilling supplies. It looks like itís Labor Day in the BB house! None of the excited Fearsome Four even thinks to go tell Jerry about the grill, but eventually Jerry wonders downstairs and they let him know about the surprise. Jerry wants to eat outside, so they arrange the furniture to have an outdoor picnic. Memphis grills up some hot dogs and other goodies and the hamsters have a feast.

This pile of meat kind of makes me want to vomit.

Apparently very hard up for entertainment, Memphis throws a moth into a spiderweb. Keesha yells at him, but Memphis peruses the backyard for more moths to feed the spider. Dan tells him not to fall in the pool. Man, Jerry falling into the pool sure was hilarious. Anyway. They find a bee and throw it into the spiderweb but itís too big and doesnít work. Memphis starts talking in an accent about all the insect hunting. Renny and Keesha obviously arenít amused by this game and check the storage room for wine. Jeez these people are obsessed with alcohol. They actually do find a bottle of wine but decide to hide it in their bedroom. After the boys are done playing Insect Hunter, they head into the kitchen to celebrate Danís birthday.

Crikey! Check out the size of this bloke!!

The rest of the late evening passes without much game or strategy talk. They play card games, questions games, tell jokes, and make fun of Jerry. Apparently Jerry picked his nose, rolled his boogies in his fingers, and then stuck them on the bean bag. Why does this not at all surprise me? I guess we can now call him Colonel Boogie-Man. Dan sits on the bean bag and Renny, Keesha, and Memphis crack up. They tell him about Jerryís Boogie Bag and he takes the bean bag and throws it on Keeshaís bed. They all laugh more. Dan lays on the floor and Renny takes the bean bag and throws it on Dan. More laughter ensues. Iím actually laughing pretty hard too. This is the first time that people I actually like have made it to the final five. Eventually, they all calm down and fall asleep.

I think I found another one of Jerryís boogies up here!

We have slow moving hamsters in the morning, with BB yelling at Keesha, Dan, and Memphis several times to get their lazy butts out of bed. Dan tries to keep sleeping inside while Memphis, Keesha, and Renny head outside and try avoid Jerry like heís the smelly kid in class. As my shift ends, Keesha and Memphis are making fun of, you guessed it, Colonel Creepster.

Can these days get any less exciting? Iím afraid to answer that one. Tune in tomorrow when beach bum marybethp is back on board with a fantastic recap!

Do you wipe your boogies in public sitting areas? PM me.

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