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Victim of the accelerated Big Brother week, Ollie Bryan, the 27-year-old son of a Pentecostal preacher from Des Moines, Iowa, found himself on the outs with only a few minutes notice. But even though his trip to the sequester house came about quickly, he still took the time to answer a few questions for the viewers before hiding away for the finale.

So, first off…what actions in the house do you think the Preacher's Son will be answering for the most when you get home?

I think they’ll ask me, “Do preacher’s sons always throw things when they’re upset?" Hahaha!

Early on you moved against Brian, even though you had an agreement with him the first week. Was this any different than what happened with Dan this week?

Not really. That’s why I don’t take it personal. However, I didn’t make a game out of it. That’s what I found disrespectful.

Looking back, do you think it was realistic to think Dan would hand over all the HOH functions to you for the week?

No. However, I had to take a chance because at that time my back was against the wall. I had to take the risk.

What was going through your mind during the HOH competition that made it believable to you?

When he put his word on his girlfriend, family AND religion. Knowing that Dan would use that ploy is discouraging.

How do you think America feels about you, and when it comes down to it, does it matter what America thinks?

Yes it matters what America thinks. On the other hand you can’t satisfy everyone and that’s something I've come to realize.

Why did you agreed to name Renny as your nominee replacement choice in the roulette game when it was Keesha you really wanted?

Dan called me to the HOH room prior to the meeting and told me that if I didn’t say Renny’s name, I would be put up for nomination. He tied my hands and I had no choice but to say Renny in the roulette game. That’s why I was so upset afterward.

Every year there is a theme of keeping one’s integrity in a game that relies on deception. Where do you draw the line between personal integrity – keeping one’s word – and using lies to get ahead in the game? What lies did you tell?

I draw the line when you put religion, your family and loved ones into your word. There is no reason why we should EVER have to do that and that’s when it gets out of line. I’ve told lies in the game but I never brought loved ones into it. That’s just not right.

Who would you say was the biggest liar in the house? What lie in particular stands out to you as the worst?

We’re all liars. My lie in week one to Dan and Brian stands out .

Thanks for your time - look for your interview on FansOfRealityTV.com when you are back in the real world.

Thanks. I had a blast!

Thanks go out to lildago, MsFroggy, MFWalkoff, Mariner, and burntbrat for coming up with some clever questions for Michelle. Thanks, guys!