The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

**This recap covers events from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, BB time**

Now that the game is down to five houseguests, I think we are slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was so bored with this season a few weeks ago, but the events of the past few weeks have really livened things up. The Former Fab Four and Father Time arenít exactly an exciting bunch, but at least we donít have to listen to Michelleís baby talk anymore!

As my shift begins, Iím still giddy with excitement over the fact that we now know Memphis has won the veto. Keesha and Memphis are outside dreaming of a luxury competition and Dan comes out to join them. They talk about a new rubber ducky that they have named Eugene. Dan says he doesnít like that name and wants to change it to Howard. He chats with them a little bit, and then heads back inside. I can tell Iím in for an action packed day! Does anyone have a case of beer and a few Vicodin? This is getting painful already!

Memphis gets in the pool and Dan comes back outside and tries to set up the little basketball hoop. Memphis tells Dan he wants to talk to Keesha a little bit later. Dan asks Memphis what he should say to Keesha if Keesha asks him about Memphis using the veto. Memphis responds that Dan needs to play dumb and say he has no idea what Memphis will do.

Iíve already gone through 5 bottles of hair gel this week. Yep, 5.

Keesha and Renny are in the bedroom speculating about what Memphis might do with the veto. Keesha says she went outside when Memphis was out there hoping he would say something to her, but he didnít. Renny and Jerry later pow wow in the kitchen and the hot topic is still Memphis and the veto. Jerry doesnít think Memphis will use the veto. I canít put much stock into what Jerry says, considering he is a perverted old cad with the hygiene habits of a kindergartner, the mouth of a drunken sailor, and the mentality of a 75 year old lunatic. Renny asks Jerry why he didnít just put the two guys up on the block to begin with and Jerry says they would be in the same situation that they are now if one of the guys would have won veto. Well, not really Jerry, but whatever you say. He once again tells Renny not to worry about anything until it happens.

Jerry: Thereís one thing I want you to know. Iím not stupid.
AshleyPSU: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Keesha and Renny are now in the kitchen doing a little Dan-bashing of their own. Renny says she will write in her blog that Dan was too good to be true and Keesha agrees. Keesha comments that Memphis and Dan are outside talking. Keesha then says she honestly doesnít think Memphis will get rid of Dan. Renny says she doesnít think Memphis will get rid of Keesha, so somebody is wrong. Keesha says Dan is immature and a snake and is throwing everyone under the bus. Iíll throw her whiny ass under a bus. Keesha tells Renny that they need to tell Memphis that Dan had a deal with them and was going to cut Memphis loose soon. Renny also questions Colonel Sandersí honesty, saying he lies all of the time too. They finally decide that Memphis has to do what he has to do. Thatís insight there.

This is some double vision that I could definitely get used to!

Keesha heads outside to join Dan and Memphis, but Dan heads inside. Keesha wastes no time asking Memphis what his plans are for the veto. He says that he doesnít plan on seeing any of the people in the house again, but if he makes it to the final 3, he is taking Keesha with him. He asks Keesha if he is on the block next week, not to vote him out. She says she wonít. He then informs her that he thinks Dan needs to be in the final 3 with them, so he thinks he is going to use the veto. Keesha claims she already knew he was going to and then whines that she hates trusting Dan. Dan saved her scrawny butt last week, so she should be jumping at the chance to trust him again. I swear these people are nutty.

Jerry comes out and Keesha is crying and Jerry asks her why she is crying. She says she doesnít know. He tells her that she is safe and he hasnít heard anything to the contrary. Jerry then gets up and Memphis tells her that she needs to trust him. Renny comes out and Memphis leaves. Itís like musical hammies today. Renny asks Keesha is Memphis gave up any information and she says no. Renny canít believe that Memphis didnít tell Keesha anything since they are so close. Keesha keeps lying to Renny and says that Memphis probably just doesnít know yet what heís going to do. Keesha tells Renny that it couldnít hurt for Renny to talk to Memphis since they arenít that close.

Jerry has officially bored Dan to death. 1 down, 3 to go!

The rest of the afternoon is seriously a snooze-fest. Here are the more notable items:

- Renny told Memphis that she fought for him to stay in the house and didnít put him up.
- Jerry thinks he controls the jury. As Jameka would say, ďMmmhmmm..Ē
- Dan and Memphis played chess and marbles. Jerry, Renny, and Keesha slept. Just another reminder that we actually pay to watch this.
- Memphis did pushups. I watched. Memphis did more pushups. I watched again. Me likey Memphis.
- Dan reassured Keesha that he is keeping her around this week.
- Memphis, Dan, and Keesha did some ab work in the backyard. I suppose Iíd rather watch them than Richard Simmons.
- The hamsters got a basket of games and crafts from BB. They also got a little mid afternoon wine. Hey, itís 5 oclock somewhere, right?
- Mama Renny made dinner for everyone again.

Iíve determined that Keesha canít speak for 5 minutes without sounding like a dimwitted surfer boy. She is always ďdudeĒ this and ďdudeĒ that. She tells Memphis that Colonel Poopy Pants asked her what Memphis was going to do with the veto and she said she told him she didnít know. She says that Jerry really doesnít trust Dan and Memphis reminds Keesha that she should trust Dan even though heís done some crazy things. Memphis heads inside to shower and the other houseguests do something or other. Oh sorry, I just heard Memphis say he was going to shower and then I blocked everything else out. Renny tells Keesha that Michelle told Renny sheíd be the next person coming to the jury house. They once again claim Jerry to be a liar and say he is just trying to split everyone apart. He told Keesha bad things about Renny and Renny bad things about Keesha. We know, we know. The Colonel is a liar liar diaper on fire. Get it? Heís old, he probably wears a diaperÖ ok then. Keesha doesnít think Dan has lied to them about anything but Renny disagrees. Through their ďexcellentĒ sleuthing skills, theyíve figured out that Jerry wants to go to the final 3 with the guys. They talk a little bit about the veto competition and apparently it had something to do with mixing and matching baby pictures.

Jerry is extra creepy tonight, following Keesha, Renny, and Dan all over the house. Dan heads outside and Jerry follows him. As soon as Jerry comes out, Keesha goes in. Dan asks Renny a question and as Renny responds, Jerry butts in and starts rambling on and on about what he knows. Renny gets up and leaves. Hey, did you know heís 75? Also, heís 75. And in case you didnít know, heís 75.

This seasonís twist: robot lampshade!

Finally, Jerry goes upstairs to his HoH room and the others continue to make fun of him. Renny ties a scarf around her neck and pretends to choke herself. They play a game where they ask and answer random questions. Dan asks who they would all trade places with. Memphis says a pirate, Keesha says the Queen of England, and Dan says either the President or Director of the CIA. Isnít Dan already in the CIA? Heís a super secret stealth plant, right? The question game continues for quite awhile between these four while Colonel Dentures sleeps up in the HoH. Eventually, the game loses its luster and the hamsters head off to catch some zzzzs. After much restlessness and tossing and turning, itís sleepy time in hamsterland.

In the morning, Keesha wastes no time in starting her Jerry complaining. She whines to Dan that Jerry is mean (if she only knew the things he really said about her!) and that itís hard not to get up and leave when Jerry starts rambling. Keesha then tells Dan about her customers buying her things. Apparently itís like Christmas everyday in Hootersville. As my shift ends, Keesha, Renny, and Dan are in the backyard pretty much just hanging out and not talking a whole lot. Keesha exclaims that tomorrow is Danís birthday. Happy Birthday tomorrow Dan! Maybe Big Brother will give you some new clothes to wear because Iím pretty sick of that red Saint Maryís shirt you refuse to take off!

Daniele Donato called. She wants her pout back.

Will Memphis follow the plan to use the veto and save his Renegade partner? Will Jerry tell us another 15 pointless and ridiculous stories? Come back tomorrow when our very own waywyrd will rock the house!

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Thanks to JustJuls, Snapit for the screencaps!