The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

As seen on the live show, the Portuguese Princess was sent packing and Ollie left right on her heels. Things are looking pretty good for the Fab 4. There are smiles all around and Renny is even jumping up and down on the coffee table. Their plan of becoming the Fab Final 4 is right on track and the celebration begins. The only thing standing in their way is Jerry. He’s just a 75 year old man. What kind of threat can he be, right? Well…think again.

Hamsters in Mourning

After a long look at the fish tank, BBAD comes on and the HoH key…is around Jerry’s neck. *groan* No one is jumping on the table now and the Fab 4 all look like someone’s dog died. Renny is bitching that the competition(something to do with shuffleboard) favored a Jerry win. She points out to Keesha that Jerry is all buddy-buddy with the guys. This leads her to believe she’ll be going next week. Memphis tells Keesha that Jerry says he wants to talk to everyone individually, not just the guys. Meanwhile, Jerry is laying on the BS pretty thick. He's rehashing the same old song and dance as usual. He's 75 and he's made it this far in the game. He says that whatever he does, it’ll be done with the utmost respect. Yeah, where was the utmost respect when he was swearing up a blue streak and calling Keesha every vile name under the sun?

Talking to his new friends, Jerry goes on......and on......

And on…...and on......

Keesha is stressing and looking close to a meltdown. Renny is certain it will be her going though. She doesn’t think Jerry would nominate Keesha. Keesha reminds her that she just put him up. She’s upset that she didn’t get her HoH room, mostly because she wanted a letter from home. In the kitchen, Memphis tells Dan that he will absolutely not talk game with Jerry. The boys agree that if they go up, one of them has to win POV. Jerry rejoins them and sits at the table gabbing on. He’s really the Big Man on Campus now. The others look like they’re waiting for a death sentence. Alone with Keesha, Memphis pledges his loyalty to her above anyone else. He stresses that he will not make a deal with Jerry and Keesha agrees. No deals.

Keesha is called to the DR and returns with her consolation prize, an HoH basket of cereal, lots of chocolate, and other goodies. She got a diamond tennis bracelet from JJ and a very sweet love letter. She reads it aloud and JJ did good. He tells her how proud he is of her and how much he misses her. He’s working out, getting rid of his farmer’s tan, and will be awaiting her return. When she’s done, Jerry says that JJ is getting tan and fit so he can have good sex with her. WTF, you old perv? Apparently, that comment wasn’t awkward and inappropriate enough because he goes on to “joke” that Keesha can share his HoH bed. Shortly after, Jerry gets his HoH room. He gets a letter from his granddaughter and then talks about how bad he feels for her since she’s going through a divorce. I’m sure she appreciates that mention. Jerry tells them all that he will call them up the next day and talk to them individually.

Dan, The Man With The Plan

Dan outlasts everyone up in Jerry’s HoH room. He tells Dan everything that Ollie said about their deal. Jerry thinks Ollie was stupid for letting go of the rope and knew what Dan would ultimately do. Now the game talk ensues. Jerry needs to figure out which two people would take him to the F3. His talks with them will help him decide who he can trust the most. If he concludes that he can’t trust anyone, he’ll say “f*** you all” and send the “two suckers” who hate him the most to the jury house. He rehashes the Judas thing with Dan for the umpteenth time and says he only did it to send a message to everyone else that Dan could not be trusted. He seems to be considering Dan for the F3 because he tells him if he goes to the jury house at that point, Dan will win the money. Sounds like the decision to cut Renny this week is made since Jerry’s only options are Dan and Memphis, Dan and Keesha, or Keesha and Memphis for F3. Either way, he knows that Renny is a guaranteed vote for Keesha.

Dan joins Keesha and Memphis outside. Again, Memphis says he will not cut deals with Jerry. Methinks the boy protests too much. They worry about the one of them who will be joining their enemies in the jury house. Keesha remarks it’s like feeding them to the sharks. Meanwhile, Renny’s having her turn with Jerry. She tells him she “ain’t no kiss ass.” He asks her who she thinks Keesha would keep if he put up Memphis and Dan. Renny quickly answers Memphis. She says that she told Keesha there were no more alliances from this point on. Jerry tells her that she’s always been nice to him and he’ll give her some consideration. “Consideration, my ass” is probably what she’s thinking. She needs some assurance she won’t go on the block.

Memphis and Dan finally get some time alone and they hatch a plan. Memphis plans to make Jerry believe that he’s mad at Dan still for putting him on the block. This way, Jerry may not put them both up together. With one on and one off, they have a chance with the veto. Their only hope of making it to the end with Keesha is if Renny is on the block. They worry about Keesha flipping and voting for her girl though. Offering Jerry a deal is out of the question because they worry he’ll open his mouth and mention it to Keesha or Renny. They’d be screwed for sure then.

If I pretend I’m asleep, he won’t talk to me…

While the girls sit inside reading their old letters, the boys bond outside over a beer. That’s right, Memphis offers to share a beer with Jerry. He starts planting the seed about being upset with Dan. Dan eventually joins them and Renny sees them all out there bonding. She launches once again into her theory of the boys turning on them. According to her, they’ll sell Keesha up the river. For 500K, of course they will.

Ramblings From The Colonel…
  • Jerry tells the others that Ollie asked April to be his girlfriend in his good-bye speech to her. Memphis wisely says that after the show, she won’t look twice at Ollie. Hee!
  • Jerry thinks he could write a book for each person on the memory wall. Let’s see…Michelle’s book could be entitled “Do I Have Stupid Written On My Forehead?” Ollie’s could be “Minutemen: A How To Guide.”
  • Jerry says his wife doesn’t smoke, swear, or drink and she does not like sex on TV. She has a nice ass though and Jerry likes to grab it. JoAnne better break out the Viagra. Colonel Perv will be home soon.
  • Jerry lays out who is with whom in the game and where the alliances lie. He seems to have it all figured out. Who knew the old fart was actually paying attention?
  • Jerry thinks he’s been loyal and only broken his word to Brian in this game.
  • Jerry wants Renny to have her own sitcom but she thinks she’s too old. Heck, I'd watch.
  • If Jerry wins the 500K, he’s giving it all to his children, grandchildren, and an animal shelter. Sorry JoAnne, the homeless kitties are more important.
  • Jerry still thinks there will be a twist. Memphis keeps hoping for a luxury competition. Someone please give that boy a luxury comp so he'll hush about it.
  • Jerry doesn’t know what people do without coffee in the morning and thanks those who invented it by figuring out what to do with those beans. There’s one thing I can agree with Jerry on.
  • Lest anyone forget…Jerry is 75 years old.

Dude, is he telling that story again?

Nomination Roulette

The morning wake up song is “Stayin’ Alive.” Skippy has a sense of humor today. Memphis comments that Jerry is full of himself now. Renny walks into the backyard and yells "ONE WRONG MOVE AND YOU'RE OUT OF THE GAME!" This gets a good laugh from everyone. Keesha doesn’t know what difference it makes to Jerry which one of them goes. Why don’t you offer yourself to go up then, Keesha? Dan and Memphis’ plan for the day…1)Convince Jerry that none of them can win in the end against Renny, and 2) Convince Keesha to vote Renny out. The reiterate the importance of their plan.

Jerry starts with Keesha. He tells her someone has to be sacrificed and asks her which one of them it will be. He says others underestimate her but not him. He knows how smart she is and wants to know where it will take him in the game if he keeps her this week. All Keesha can tell him is that she won’t try to get rid of him. She tells him she won’t put him up if she gets HoH next week if he saves her ass now. He then asks what she’d do if he puts her up on the block BUT still saves her ass. He has a scenario in my mind and says she will just have to trust him, no matter what he does. Keesha has no choice, so she says. He assures her that she is not his target but he may put her on the block. He’ll meet with her later to discuss the specifics and let her know what is expected of her. In his plan, he sees no way that she can possibly go home. He’s certain of how the votes will go. And we all know how far that certainty goes in the game of BB. Until last night, Jerry claims to have not known exactly what he would do. He had to think over all of the voting scenarios and figure out what he can live with personally.

Oh My God, he will NOT shut up.

One thing Jerry said…It’s all about trust with him. Some people have shown him they cannot be trusted. This leads me to believe he may be targeting Dan. MFWalkoff will be around when Jerry lays out his entire plan. Don’t be surprised if it’s Keesha and Dan. It’s sure sounding that way.

Keesha heads down to the Hippie Room with Renny and vaguely answers her questions. She sits down and starts to cry. Renny wants to know what’s going on and assumes it’s because she(Renny) will be going home. Keesha assures her that she is good, she’s safe. She can’t tell Renny anything more, only that she’ll see later. Sounds like Keesha is making the assumption that she and Dan will be nominated.

My shift ends with Jerry and Memphis making a deal to go to the F2. He says it’d be the most unholy alliance ever considering how they started the game. Memphis says he trusts Dan but thinks he’s shifty after what he pulled with Ollie. Memphis says he’d rather have Keesha in the game than Dan. I just want a F2 that doesn’t include Colonel A-hole. Memphis and Jerry shake on the deal to keep Keesha safe and get rid of Dan, sealing the F2 deal. Is Memphis playing Jerry and making BS deals per the plan they hatched last night? Now let’s see what Memphis says to Dan… I love this game!

What would April’s book be called? PM me.