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Okay, maybe Michelle was backdoored for “something she didn’t do” as she said on Thursday night’s show, but when you’re on the outside of the alliances left in the house, it’s not such a big surprise. Or is it? In this interview, Michelle Costa , the realtor from Cumberland, Rhode Island, doesn’t hold back when telling us what the other houseguests were like, or why she got the boot this week. In fact, unlike the past two weeks, this houseguest actually answered our questions! Is that so much to ask?

First off, did you have a set strategy before you came into the house?

My plan was to lie and deceive everyone, but once you walk into the house and meet the house guests then your plan changes and you go by how you think they will act and how they will play the game.

Everyone will develop enemies in this game. Is it better to be more of a talk-behind-their-back person in Big Brother, or confrontational with an adversary? Which approach would you say better described you?

I think I was more confrontational but I definitely was both. I made sure I held back a lot of what I wanted to say so I wouldn’t get into to much trouble but I definitely had fun with it.

Did your first impressions of the other houseguests change once you got to know them, or did they pretty much stay what you expected?

I think about everyone in the house changed from the first day. I expected it to be that way anyway. Everyone was perfect one day one but then it went down hill for a lot of the house guests.

Was there anyone who surprised you after you got to know them?

I would have to say Jessie. We made an alliance quickly but each day got to know each other at a personal level. In this game it is good to get away from the game itself and be as real as you want to be. We just got along really well.

Do you think you will have a relationship with Jessie outside of the house?

I hope we can remain good friends and that is it -- friends. He is a great person and I wish him the best in his career and life.

Viewers want to know – what’s up with the baby talk?

My best friend Erin and I just have fun with it back home. If you hadn’t noticed I do a lot of different character’s and voices . I love making people laugh.

Will you make a red unitard a permanent part of your wardrobe when you get home? Just kidding, but how bad was it to wear that thing?

Of course I am going to wear it at home I looked redonkulously hot in it. It just was 6 LONG days. Wearing it to bed was the worst feeling it was hot and I hate having stuff on my feet when I go to bed.

Much of America got to see what the banner said that day, thanks to freeze-frame. What do you honestly think it said?

I THINK it said Keesha, Libra is a liar Love Steven

Were you able to use the banner to your advantage?

We tried to but I think they were too stuck in there alliance to get it.

Jessie's parting words to you were, "Stay close to Memphis." Why did you ultimately decide not to follow that advice?

I knew he was a target to a lot of people so I tried to keep him at arms distance. I should have cut him off when Jessie left like I wanted to. I tried to tell Jessie but he wouldn’t listen.

Why did you decide to align with April and Ollie? Did it have to do with the designer clothing?

DESIGNER CLOTHES are you kidding. Absolutely not. Jessie and I had tried aligning with them earlier in the game. But when Jessie got back doored we knew it was all our best interests to just work with each other.

Did you really believe that Dan would practically surrender his HoH to Ollie and hand you a free and clear week, or did you think this would go by the wayside?

I thought that he may have stuck with the deal but knowing Dan and what he had done already in the game I didn’t trust him at all and thought that I might have been getting back doored.

Are you disappointed you didn’t get the phone call from America? Why do you think Jerry did?

I was really sad not to have gotten the call. I wanted it soooooo bad . I miss and love my family so much . It would have been amazing to have talked to them and know how they were and how proud they were of me. I think Jerry got it because of being on slop and because of his wife’s health.

Who would you say was the biggest liar in the house? What leads you to name that person?

Dan is the biggest liar because anyone who uses religion and swears on the cross and Bible has to be the biggest liar.

Which houseguest would you say is being played right now, and why?

Jerry is because of his age and how he goes with the power of the house .

Who do you think is ultimately responsible for your eviction, and why?

I think I am a great player who is strong and tough and everyone liked. No one wanted to take me to the last two. I would say Dan is - I just wish he wasn’t a coward and just told me it was because I was a good player and not because of the deal...LAMO.

Besides winning competitions, what would you do differently if you could?

I should have lied more but I think I did pretty good for the way I played the game.

People are always interested in your insider opinion of other houseguests. Could you give us your impression of the remaining houseguests?

Jerry – Very,VERY Old School, smart and strongest 75 year old I ever meet but definitely went with the power.

Keesha – Naïve , got manipulated , crazy laugh that got annoying late night but she was nice at times.

Memphis – Rode peoples coat tails, didn’t win competitions on purpose and had a lot of jobs.

April – She was very nice and I love that she loves sports. She’s a tough cookie and a great roommate and friend.

Dan – A shame to Catholics and shouldn’t be a teacher.

Ollie – Very nice, down to earth, and very real. I think he is a great person.

Renny – She is CRAZY, funny and love to dance with her but also sneaky.

Libra – She is definitely a player and talked about what she had material-wise so much that I didn’t get to know her. I knew more about what she owned.

Jessie – He has a good head on his shoulders smart and hope his Bodybuilding career rockets. He is a wonderful person.

Thanks go out to lildago, MsFroggy, MFWalkoff, Mariner, and burntbrat for coming up with some clever questions for Michelle. Thanks, guys!