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Welcome back everyone. It seems like itís been an eternity since our last episode of Big Brother, maybe itís just because I donít really care what happens to any of these people. I canít relate to any of them and the only one I care to cheer for is Dan, but thatís only because he is from Michigan and so am I. Last time on BB, Dan made a deal with Ollie to win HOH; Ollie selected Memphis to go on the block alongside Jerry. Tonight, we have the veto competition and hopefully a little drama to go with it. So letís sit back with our favorite drink, made by our favorite Mixologist (mine is a tossup between Sammy, Elvis, John Andrew, and my newest favorite, Sean), and get ready to watch this mess.

Trying to Play the Player
Nominations are over and Ollie is just thrilled that he is calling the shots. Memphis is pissed that Dan put him in such a position. If Memphis had more cleavage, he could really pull off that V-neck shirt he keeps wearing. Memphis heads up to the HOH to tell Dan that he is a little pissed and heís taking a big risk. Dan wants him to keep playing it up and asking him to trust him. Dan tells Memphis not to worry and it will all be OK. He then cradles him in his lap and rocks him to sleep. That doesnít really happen, but it would be funny if it did.

Dan goes to talk with Keesha and make sure that he did the right thing. Keesha tells him to be careful because it never works out how it should. Renny comes in and tells him that he made a mistake. She then guesses that if Memphis comes down that Michelle will go up. Dan tells her sheís a smart woman but wonít confirm if thatís right or not. Dan tells the ladies that they need to trust him and Renny gets mad and tells him to quit saying that.

Over in delusional land, Jerry, Ollie, and Michelle land, Ollie tells Jerry about the deal he made with Dan. He just keeps bragging that he gets to select who goes up if the veto is used. Now, in addition to selecting the veto replacement, Ollie seems to think they wonít vote out Jerry either. Ollie is pretty confident that they are ruling the house this week. It makes me giggle at how naive he is.

The houseguests are all hanging out when Dan comes out and tells everyone to gather in the living room. They all start to freak out. The TV tells them that America has voted and one of them gets a phone call from home. They are all so excited over the prospect about talking with their families. We cut to diary room sessions of the houseguests crying their eyes out over the chance to speak with their loved ones. If I was in their position, I would be acting the same way. Michelle carries on about how wonderful it would be to talk with her family. Sadly, she is an ugly crier; I have to avert my eyes.

Everyone is getting ready for the day when the sound of a phone ringing disturbs them. Michelle asks to no one in particular, ďshould we answer the phone. ď I guess she is unfamiliar with working such technology as a phone. She finally answers and the person asks to speak with Jerry. Jerry comes out and speaks with his family and almost, not quite, but almost, brings a tear to my eye. He has a good conversation and all the houseguests sit around and listen in and help to comfort him. The conversation is wrapping up and I canít believe his family hasnít told him to stop wearing tank tops on TV; they donít do anything for him. Jerry hangs up and yells a big thank you to us, America. I take his thanks even though I didnít vote.

After the phone call, Memphis heads up to the HOH for a little conversation with Keesha and Dan about Michelle. They are unsure which side she is on and what she would do if she was HOH. They all think she needs to go home this week because she is unknown. The whole time this conversation is going on, I canít stop staring at the Michigan State University hat in the background. Iím a MSU grad and it warms my heart to see the Spartan symbol on TV. Sorry to digress, but I have to give a shout out to my Spartans!

3-2-1 Blastoff!
Dan rounds the troops up and tells them itís time to pick players for the veto. Dan picks first and gets Renny, Memphis is next and gets Keesha, and Jerry is last and he picks Michelle. Ollie is going to host the veto competition. After the picking, Ollie goes up to just confirm the deal that was made. He wants to make sure that he gets to pick the replacement nomine. Dan confirms he will honor their deal and then Ollie threatens him if he doesnít. Heís quite the player.

Itís finally veto competition time and everyone heads to the backyard dressed as astronauts. The backyard looks like the surface of another planet. Each person needs to complete a flag puzzle. To get the pieces, they jump off a big platform and float across the surface. The first to complete the puzzle, wins. There are two heats, the winner of each heat, faces off to determine who wins the veto.

The first heat starts with Dan, Keesha and Michelle competing. Michelle is struggling with the puzzle. She claims to be great at puzzles, but seems to forget that straight edges go on the outer edge. Keesha kicks it into high gear and wins the first heat. The second heat starts and we have Renny, Jerry and Memphis competing. Renny is enjoying the costume and wondering what she looks like. Jerry and Memphis are getting to work, Memphis more so than Jerry. Memphis completes his puzzle in no time and wins the second heat. The final heat starts, with a brand new puzzle, and both of them get going. Memphis wins the competition and the golden power of veto. He is thrilled, Ollie is thrilled (his alleged power will come into play), and Jerry is sadÖand still really old.

Finally, Someone Plays the Game

Memphis takes his veto up to the HOH, Dan attacks him in a big hug and then dances around the room. Memphis thinks they should get rid of Michelle this week, he thinks she is hostile and a bitch. Keesha comes into the room and Dan tells her about the last part of the deal he made with Ollie. Renny also comes up to HOH and Dan tells her about the third part of the deal. Dan explains why he didnít tell them about the deal and why it was important that he did the first part of the deal.

Dan goes and gets Ollie to come up to the HOH. Ollie reminds him that he gets to pick who is going to go up on the block. Ollie tells Dan that he wants Keesha to go on the block. Dan puts on a good act of being perturbed and not happy with the decision. He plays along with Ollie and strokes his ego and makes him feel all warm inside. Ollie leaves the room with his head five times bigger than it should be.

Dan calls his alliance up to the HOH and tells them about this little game he wants to play at the veto ceremony. He wants to ask everyone to say who they think should be nominated to go up on the block. He asks everyone who they are going to say to make sure that everyoneís name is said at least once. Keesha says she has no problem saying Michelleís name, but Renny is not happy. She questions him on why he is doing this. Dan tells Renny that Ollie is going to say her name, Renny flips out and says that she is going to say his name then. This seems like a stupid little game.

A Delusional Man is Introduced to the Game

Memphis calls everyone inside for the veto meeting. He starts the meeting and Jerry makes his final plea to be taken off the block. As we all guessed, Memphis takes himself off the block, leaving an open seat for a new nomination. Ollie gets giddy with excitement thinking he is going to get what he wants. Dan jumps into his little game of Replacement Nominee Rouletteô making each person say a name of who they think should be nominated. Ollie says Rennyís name, Michelle says Keesha, Keesha says Michelle and Renny says Ollie. Dan makes some analogy to gambling and tells Ollie he lost the bet and Michelle is going on the block. Memphis adjourns the meeting.

After the meeting, Ollie looks pissed. Michelle goes to the Diary Room for a rant with lots of swearing and yelling about Dan being a plant. Oliie is pissed and throws things, including a giant lollipop. Now, thatís just a waste of a giant lollipop.

Make sure to tune in Thursday, to see who gets evicted. Plus, we get a double eviction so there will be lots of action going down.

If you are angry at Ollie for wasting that giant lollipop, send me a PM. Or, if you have a giant lollipop, I kind of would like it.