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Thread: 8/22 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Dan, King of the Jungle

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    8/22 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Dan, King of the Jungle

    The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

    Click here for our in-depth coverage of noon 8/22 to noon 8/23 and find out!

    WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

    Well folks, I am attempting to step in for the brilliant MFWalkoff for this recap as he is needed elsewhere. I have nothing as spectacular as the Alliance Wheel, but I will do my best to bring you all the happenings in the house over the last twenty four hours. When lildago last gave you news of the hamsters, they were just waking up and getting moving after their night of jungle vine swinging. Let’s see how the King of the Jungle, Dan, starts his reign, shall we?

    Back on the vine, Dan made a deal with Ollie that if Ollie gave up the HoH to him, Dan would promise him and one other person of Ollie’s choosing safety. There also seems to have been talk of nominating one of the potential evictee’s and being able to nominate a replacement if the PoV was used, but that is all sketchy at this point. Dan seems to want to keep the deal a secret, telling Ollie that he told people that a deal was struck and that Ollie was not going home. Ollie tells Dan he has told Michelle (his choice for safety) that she is safe. Dan is not terribly happy with that and tells Ollie he does not want Michelle coming to him to talk about the deal. Ollie says Michelle will not do that. Yeah, like Ollie has any control what so ever over what the Portuguese Princess does.

    Memphis is lounging outside with Keesha and Renny and is telling him that Dan would never put up him and Renny because that would be the stupidest thing ever. He goes on to say that he will absolutely lose it if Dan does not put Jerry up. Keesha is going on in her Danielle-esque whine that Dan made a bad deal and Memphis says you can’t trust someone who makes a deal like that. After a meal, Memphis mentions that he is surprisingly worried with Dan having HoH.

    I Could Have Been a Rock Star

    Later on in the bathroom, Renny tells Dan that Memphis is not worried about being put up because he feels he has the votes. Dan tried to get Renny to style his hair, but she wouldn’t do it (she probably has flashbacks form when she gave him his haircut) so he has to go to Michelle instead. They go up to the HoH room and Michelle works on his hair while randomly chattering. Michelle does manage to work in the fact that she was the only one to hug him after he won HoH and Dan takes the opportunity when she has her back to him to roll his eyes at the camera. She also ‘calls’ him out about wearing the jacket during the HoH comp and drones on and on about how she didn’t put him up after Jessie was voted out and how she hopes that he was honest about not putting up her and Ollie. I’m thinking by this point Dan is wishing he had just worn a baseball cap over his uncoiffed do.

    Michelle leaves and now Memphis is up in the HoH room with Dan telling him that he doesn’t trust Renny and that she will do anything she can to get to the Final Two. Well, yeah, isn’t that the point of the game? If all someone wanted to do is hang around a house all summer then why not stay home where there is TV and the Olympics? Dan has told Memphis he is putting him up and also says that the deal with Ollie and the nomination of Memphis should take off any suspicions the House has of him. Poor little naïve conspiracy victim Dan, little does he know. They go on to talk about Michelle and the fact that she is absolutely unpredictable and a nutter. Well, I think she is a nutter, but
    Dan and Memphis did not come out and say that she was crazy. Though I am sure it is apparent to them. The talk about how Jerry could skate to the end and then talk about Dan’s deal for HoH and Memphis thinks he gave up to much power. Join the club, Memphis. Memphis tells him what should be obvious – that Dan has the power and Ollie doesn’t, even though he thinks he does. Later on, Memphis is again up in the HoH trying to get Dan to reconsider and tells him that he has never seen a two person alliance where one person gets the HoH and puts the other alliance member up. He would never put Dan up.

    And after some pontificating to Monica’s picture by Dan, we go to fish for the nomination ceremony.

    She Really Does Exist.....

    Random Acts of Violence:

    - Ollie was struck with a baseball bat when he was little. If it was in the head, that explains a lot.
    - Jerry was pushed down the slide by a girl when he was little and broke his arm in three places. Probably called her a ‘Judas’.

    Back from the fish, we discover that Dan has indeed nominated Jerry and Memphis for eviction. Dan and Memphis are back in the HoH room and Memphis is ticked off big time. He feels that too much of his fate is in Renny’s hands, and given Renny’s distrust of him, I don’t blame him for being worried. Dan lets Memphis know that he has no intention of keeping the deal with Ollie when it comes to the PoV. If it is used, Michelle will definitely go up and Dan says that if he wins it, he will definitely use it. He wants Memphis to play up being mad, and Memphis says that won’t be a problem because he is mad. Dan says he will work on Renny. Dan wants Ollie to keep thinking he is safe, because then he will go for prizes in the PoV and not play it to win.

    After a very quiet dinner, Dan goes to Keesha and asks her if she thinks he made a mistake. Keesha says she doesn’t know, but that she is not in his shoes. She doesn’t think it will work out the way Dan wants it to. She thinks that if it is between Jerry and Memphis, she doesn’t think Jerry will go home. Renny comes into the conversation and Dan tells her he needs to count on her in a big way this week. Renny gives Dan a dirty look and says that Michelle is not up there and that leaves her and Keesha in a compromised position. She quizzes him on the deal he has with Ollie, but Dan does not say anything and Keesha says there are just too many what if’s at the moment and they need to wait until after the PoV is played.

    After games of chess, invitations to bikini bubble baths, tall tales by Jerry and idle chit chat there is some wondering about the PoV competition, when it would be held and what might be the outcome. Michelle tells Ollie that no one would think she might use the PoV on Jerry, but she would definitely do that if she won. Ollie wonders what would happen if Renny won the PoV and took off Jerry and then one of them would have to go up because Dan has already said he is protecting Keesha. Michelle the brilliant theorist says that Keesha must be granting Dan sexual favors (though I am much more of a delicate flower in my phrasing than the Portuguese Princess) and that is why he is protecting her.

    For the Ladies (and certain Gents)

    Keesha, Dan, Renny and Memphis are all up in the HoH room wondering what is being set up outside, they are thinking it will be a food competition. Dan thinks the PoV will be really hard but Memphis does not think it will be another endurance competition. Memphis says they pulled names for it, and I am sorry, but I seemed to have missed that along the way and I do not know who is playing at this point. Keesha indulges in another bout of April bashing and speculation on Ollie and April’s showmance. Not really any strategy talk going on, but the four together are pretty lively and entertaining. They’re all sure that if Ollie had won he would have put up Memphis and Keesha. And if Michelle had one she would have again said it was all for Jessie. They are pretty much rehashing all the time in the BB House so far, crediting Libra with the first four evictions, commenting on Keesha’s verbal sparring abilities and doing impressions of one another. Eventually they all bore one another to sleep and wander off to bed.

    In the morning, sleepy hamsters go about their daily routines and talk includes such stimulating topics as Keesha’s roots. I do find out the Jerry picked Michelle to play in the PoV so she would be safe if she won – it seems like Ollie is not playing. The players are: Dan, Jerry, Memphis, Keesha, Michelle, and Renny. Wow – I did find out something useful from the hamsters! Joy and Bliss!

    Right as my shift is ending, Dan and Ollie are having a powwow where Ollie tries to convince Dan that everyone was really mad at him for the nominations and how only he and Michelle will protect him now – yeah, right. And with that, I give you over to the most capable AshleyPSU for Saturdays recapping Veto fun!

    Thanks to Pink and Snapit for the screencaps!

    Anyone want to take a bikini bubblebath with Dan? PM me......
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