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Unable to scrape up enough support to save herself this week was April Dowling, a 30-year-old financial manager from Higley, AZ. While in the house, April forged some strong relationships, especially with Ollie and Keesha. Unfortunately for her, the relationship with Keesha was more along the lines of blood enemies – and her single friendship with Ollie was not enough to rally support for her when it came down to the votes.

First off, knowing more about the current houseguests, would you have tried to form different alliances in the beginning? What would've been your ideal alliance?

It is easy to look back now and change many parts of the game, but when you are involved in playing the game you are only able to see what is right in front of you.

Can you explain the animosity between you and Keesha?

No, I wish I had answers!

Do you think being in such a visibly tight alliance with Ollie was a mistake or ultimately it didn’t matter?

I wouldn’t change the relationship that I had with Ollie in the house.

Who were you the most wrong about after your first impressions of the other houseguests? Who surprised you?

Renny. We all believed that she was crazy that first week in the house, but turns out she is a caring and funny individual.

How do you think America feels about you?

I just hope that they understand that you are there to play a game and I hope that I didn’t offend anyone.

What would you do differently if you could?

Nothing or everything.

Which former Big Brother houseguest's game play most resembled yours?

I’m sure that I created my own unique style of the game, not always in a good way either.

Every year there is a theme of keeping one’s integrity in a game that relies on deception. Where do you draw the line between personal integrity – keeping one’s word – and using lies to get ahead in the game?

It is a very thin line. You try to stay true to yourself, but it is very easy to get caught up in the lies when you are playing the game.

Who would you say was the biggest liar in the house?


Which houseguest would you say is being played right now?


Who do you think is ultimately responsible for your eviction?


Do you think any of the other houseguests were aware that your relationship with Ollie had progressed as far as it did?


Do you regret being intimate with Ollie on camera?


Do you think the comment about you winning designer clothing was intentionally trying to stir something up, or a joke as Libra says it was?

Libra enjoyed stirring up things in the house, so I am sure it was a way to get her word in.

People are always interested in your insider opinion of other houseguests. Could you give us your impression of the remaining houseguests?

Michelle – quirky and funny

Jerry – set in his ways

Memphis – strong and silent

Keesha – predictable

Dan – unpredictable

Ollie –

Renny – lots of laughs

Libra – opinionated

Jessie – young