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Leaving before he can be trapped in a sequester house, professional body builder Jessie Godderz had plenty to say about his experience on Big Brother. The resident beefcake likens being on the block for weeks at a time as being as stressful as having a loved one in the hospital. The analogy best makes sense when you realize who Jessieís loved one is Ė himself.

How are you doing?

(chuckling) Oh, you know, a little sleep deprived, but other than that weíre good.

You certainly canít say you played this game by laying low Ė you were on the block every week except for the time you were HOH. Is there anything you would have done differently?

Thank you. To be honest with you, I didnít go out of the game because of the way I played it, I went out because of the mass quantity of Americans who voted to get me out. And then, with Dan going back on his word which he supposedly stands by, my game play shouldnít be on trial. I hope that thatís relevant and obvious to everybody. Is it to you?

I didnít vote or anything. I donít really have a feel for what America out there is thinking, so I didnít know what was going to happen.

I guess you should look at it this way Ė I just had myself, so friends, family of Memphis, Libra, Keesha and Renny were going to be opposed to me staying because it was pretty obvious who I was going to go for. I just have myself, my friends, family and fans voting for me, so thatís a ratio of four to one. Granted, there might be a few hit-and-miss votes from April, Ollie, Michelle and Jerry, but like you said yourself Ė youíll watch it, but youíre not going to vote and spend the money. Thereís a handful of Americans who are willing to watch it and pay whatever, but how am I actually portrayed on the show, whether it is actually being arrogant or not? I donít know if you watched the 24-hour live feeds and if you actually know the person I am, but others may not know that. They only get three hours out of 24/7, and thatís completely out of my hands and the way they see me.

When it came to the vote it was pretty obvious Ė and it was even more so obvious when Dan was the last person to go up there. Just the sheer fact that he went against everything that he said by saying that $500,000 is not worth going back on everything he believes in, he tries to prove to his kids or his job, his girlfriend, his faith, all these things he came in that he said were worth him not going back on his word, but when you wave a few dollars in front of himÖheís still a teacher, heís still human. He still has that demon to face and whether heís going to do it or not is a totally different situation when he gets put in that position, and taking the money is what he chose to do. It just shows the person he is. I donít have to speak on his behalf; his actions speak for him.

So youíre holding Dan accountable for taking on the Americaís Player challenge in the first place?

No, itís just Ė Iím not, because anybodyÖobviously America chose him or asked him first for a reason. He was in a situation where he didnít feel safe, so thatís why he chose to do it. He now has a for sure opportunity to make money. He wasnít confident in his position in the game, so he needs to make that money. He didnít have enough faith in either himself or he didnít see himself getting that far Ė whatever the case may be, he was still on the outside of Keesha, Renny and Libraís alliance and he knew he wasnít going to make it to the final two anyway. The way he was playing the game, he wasnít crossing a line, but by doing this America just stuck a big red bullseye on his back and Americaís just laughing because now heís toast too. He didnít think for himself. He thought $5,000 ahead and thatís the farthest he thought. Heís a teacher, he makes $24,000 a year. Being a teacher is supposedly why he holds the beliefs that he does, but at the same time, $5,000 is like two months of work for him and he earned that in a week. So Iím not saying that I blame him. But itís just that what he tried to go into the house saying about himself, what he says he wanted to contribute to the house, he apparently is very hypocritical, easily persuaded, and all it takes is $5,000 to change his mind. I stuck up for myself time and time again. I didnít sway off the path. My personality is obviously the strongest in the house, which is why the attention was all pointed at me when I was trying to point it at the person at hand, the person who should actually be taking account for those actions.

One more question about Dan: does it help or hurt to know that Dan did not have the choice whether to vote for your eviction, since America voted in his place?

He had the choice. He could have not said it and not get the money. It was his choice to get the money to cast the vote because of where he stands in the game. He knew he was so far on the outside, and everybody else was so tight-knit, and then he wants to say he swore on the Bible to Libra, Keesha and Renny first? Okay, then why would you swear on your cross and your Bible to Jerry, and why would you, before all that, swear that whatever the HOH wants reigns supreme? On the first day in the house, you go up and shake everybodyís hand and say, ďYou and me all the way,Ē and cover all your bases. Well, Brian did that and he got kicked out of the house. Initially thatís what kept Libra in the game. But thatís not the way I played. My strategy coming in was that if I met people who had goals, people had accomplished stuff, people who were driven, I would have aligned with them.

Were Libra and Keesha right that you would be coming after them next?

Yes. Of course.

Are you excited about Michelle winning?

I knew before Julie even told me Michelle won, there was no doubt in my mind she would. I knew when Michelle was saying the night before, ďIím going to win HOHĒ all I could hear was Julie saying, ďMichelle, you are the new HOH.Ē I knew that I wasnít going to be sitting there able to enjoy it with her. But I didnít want to say that to her because I didnít want to get inside her head and make her lose focus. But I knew it was coming because of the way Dan was acting. It was very obvious. I played chess against everybody in that house multiple times. Nobody could beat me. Dan did once, granted; I was also eating, and Iím not going to justify it, he did win. But the point of it all is I do think ahead. Thatís the whole point of chess, and thereís a reason that game is in there. Thereís a reason why I should still be in the game, thereís a reason why Iím not. America saw I was a competitor, and they saw that it wasnít going to benefit their friend, their family. Again, itís just something I couldnít control, and thatís all there is to it.

It seems like everyone is playing an upfront game this season, meaning you know who likes and who dislikes everyone else. So who would you say is playing the sneakiest game at this point?

Because of why, though? Because I made the lines. I tried to make the lines obvious, and I made it obvious since week two. But I would have to say Renny. Renny is playing the sneakiest little sidewinding, not gonnaÖbecause Danís already done. Maybe Jerry, but Jerryís doing so many things that upset all the girls. Memphis obviously doesnít like him. Thereís so many different attributes to everyone, so many different variables. You can relate it back to chess. Thatís why I shouldnít be sitting here talking to you, no disrespect. I played it to the best of my abilities and letís hope I get another opportunity to do so. Weíll see how it goes.

What did you think of Jerry breaking his word in the first week to Brian?

He got an ultimatum, because somebody would have had a free reign on him because you canít win HOH two weeks in a row. He gave me his word as well.

Brian or Jerry?

Jerry gave me his word after that, after I won HOH and didnít put him that Ė or before, because he was trying to make it so he was safe. He said, ďDonít worry Jessie, if I ever win HOH I wonít put you upĒ Ė as did Dan. These are the people youíre working with. Everybody swears up and down theyíre good to their word. I never once swore on the Bible, I never once swore on my parents, I never once swore on anybody. My word was my word and I didnít ever go back on it. If people think I lied because Renny did apologize, I have a theory on that if youíd like to hear it.

Of course.

If Renny walks by your car, and youíre standing outside it, and she blasts out your front windshield with a baseball bat, and she starts walking away and you say, ďWhat did you just do?Ē And she starts saying, ďWhat? What?Ē Because thatís how she initially responded to the conversation with me in the bathroom. ďWhat did you expect me to do? What?Ē So I put her in a compromising position where sheís either going to sink or swim, and now youíre sitting there outside your car and she just blasted out your window, and she goes, (in a snotty tone) ďWell, Iím sorry.Ē Youíre sitting there thinking, ďOh, I bet youíre sincere there with your apology.Ē Okay, so Julie wanted to call me out for it, but when thereís no sincerity behind the apology is it really an apology? No. Point being, she apologized, granted, but as far as Iím concerned it went in one ear and out the other for a reason. There was no thinking process behind it. If she had woken up the next morning and said, ďJessie, I thought about it and what I did was inappropriate, and Iím sorry,Ē I would have said, ďRenny, I appreciate that, thank you.Ē Squashed. End of story. Done. Okay, furthermore, I also went above and beyond the call of duty by not putting her up week 2 when I was HOH. How much more of a good faith step do I need to take, and sheís the one still badmouthing me when if I had won POV she would be the one out the door? If I would have used POV on myself, ten other people swore on the Bible to vote her out.

As a serious body builder, was it possible to keep on top of your training while in the house?

The stress my body was under made it difficult. I have a theory for this, too. If youíre in the hospital, your fate, your religious beliefs, your faith Ė theyíre all in somebody elseís hands. Youíre under so much stress you donít eat, you donít sleep, you canít go to the bathroom. Thatís how much stress youíre putting on your body. Thatís the perfect simile for me and you canít understand it unless youíve been a Big Brother contestant and youíre on the block and you know the stress that it puts on your body, your insides, your stomachís always gargling, youíre not hungry, so you donít eat. Training for those three weeks was hit and miss. I actually trained when I was HOH because it was the only time I felt safe because I knew I couldnít vote myself off and I knew I wasnít going out the door at all. But besides eating, after I did eat I would go right to sleep and everybody tried pointing the finger at me but I was doing that since week one. I stayed consistent. I didnít wander off the beaten path. Training was tough because if your loved one is in the hospital you donít eat, you donít sleep. Youíre in such a stressful position, and thatís the same stressful position I was in. Thatís what was wearing on my body and thatís why I lost 12 pounds.

Well, at least you can get back into your groove now.

Definitely. Thanks so much.