The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

**This recap covers events from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

As my shift begins, the feeds are on fish. I figure it’s because Libra has gone crazy, poked everyone’s eyes out, and Skippy didn’t want us to see the Veto Ceremony must be taking place. A few minutes later, we are back from fish and find out that Jerry didn’t use the veto. Surprise surprise.

The Mean Girls alliance is still slowly crumbling. April tells Jerry that she is going to call a group meeting and “call out” Libra and Keesha for being shady alliance members. Jerry, always a good little soldier, tells Commander Keesha that everyone should vote out who the HoH wants out. They know they are going to have to take out Keesha and Libra at some point and Jerry comforts April by saying she has America’s Bitch Dan and Ollie supporting her. Oh, and just in case you wanted to know, Libra has her period and April is having bowel trouble.

Excuse me while I feed my Memphis obsession

Dan is in the pool outside practicing his juggling. I guess if he goes home and finds out he’s been fired as a teacher, he plans on joining the circus. Jerry finds Dan and tells him that he needs to be a good little soldier and stay loyal to April because that’s what they all said they’d do. Dan nods a few times and Jerry continues on that April might want to vote out Keesha and Libra soon. He reminds Dan to stick with the plan and be loyal to the Jerry/Dan/Ollie/April alliance. He leaves and Dan continues juggling. Jerry finds Jessie and tells him not to worry, he has four votes to stay. Tee hee. Shock and awe, baby.

Dan is a great ball handler. I hear April is too. Ooooo.

April heads up to her HoH room but it’s locked. We find out BB was nice enough to clean it for her. How sweet. I probably wouldn’t touch those sheets with a 10 foot pole. Ick. I’m actually shocked BB got those horndogs out of there long enough to clean up. I guess that’s why they locked the door. April and Libra wait outside of the room and chat about the game. April says being HoH is exciting for about 10 minutes then it’s just weird. She said she feels isolated from the rest of the house. Apparently none of April’s followers come to visit her because of Ollie always being in the room. April is jealous because everyone always visited Keesha. Keesha wasn’t doing the horizontal mambo every second of the day either there April. Libra tells April that she doesn’t do any of the cooking at her house and that her husband does it all.

Keesha enters the HoH and talk turns to Michelle and Jessie. Keesha says if she was Jessie’s girlfriend, she would be upset that he is spending so much time with Michelle. If I was Jessie’s girlfriend, I’d reevaluate my life choices, that’s for sure. April thinks that Michelle and Jessie have either had sex or oral sex. Wrong. The only things going down in the house are Libra’s weight and YOU, April. Dan joins the HoH party and April says she told the people in the Diary Room that she thinks Dan is America’s Player. Jerry comes in too and claims he has heard people screaming, “Dan we love you!” outside. Those are just the voices in your head, old man.

I only had to change my diaper four times today. Only four!!

A little while later, Keesha and Libra meet up and talk about the vote this week. Libra says if Dan is America’s Player and America changes his vote, she will kill him. Libra thinks it is going to be @#$@^ funny to watch Jessie get evicted this week and see the shock on everyone’s faces. She says it will be like Christmas morning. That woman is sick and twisted, that’s for sure. Keesha calls Jerry and angry old man and says April is full of herself.

All four feeds switch to Dan and Memphis in the pool. Yay! I like looking at Memphis! Dan is once again practicing his juggling and Memphis is throwing a ball around. Nothing super exciting. They both get out of the pool. Also in the backyard are Michelle and Ollie. Ollie tells her they would be hanging themselves if they vote to evict Jessie. Michelle asks Ollie if Jessie will have Dan’s vote and Ollie says yes. It’s time for Swim Club to begin and the faithful members recite the 3 main rules. Swim Club always makes me chuckle. They do head bobs and kicks.

Jessie and Michelle are laying out together like usual and discussing the votes. Jessie is sure he has Dan’s vote and he knows Dan would never go back on his word. They think Memphis is finally accepting the fact he is going to be evicted this week because he asked how soon after his eviction he’d get his car. Man, all this talk just makes me more and more excited to see Jessie’s ‘roid rage on Thursday when there’s a good chance he’s going to be the one booted. Michelle is going to go crazy. Maybe she’ll start banging some pots and pans or pour water on Libra’s head or something. Good times. Michelle has attempted to adjust her unitard so it’s wrapped around her bathing suit, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work. Jessie gets up and starts throwing balls at a rubber ducky in the pool. Michelle asks what the duck has ever done to him. I am sure these people are bored to tears because I’m certainly bored to tears watching them.

And now for our next event, synchronized hamster swimming!

The rest of the afternoon passes without much excitement. The hamsters eat and lay around then eat and lay around some more. Memphis, Keesha, and Libra talk in the backyard, mostly about April. Keesha says that April threatened to put her up the first night of her HoH because she talks to Memphis and that April already thinks she won this game. Memphis thinks April has a lot of nerve and he wonders what the @#^# is wrong with the people in the house. Keesha asks Memphis if he would put her and Libra up if he would stay and win HoH and he says that he is too appreciative of everything they’ve done for him and he would never put them up.

As evening arrives, it’s pretty much more of the same ol’ crap we are so sick of seeing. Once again there is no alcohol. The hamsters have a few political discussions. Renny says she is going to vote for McCain. Libra says she doesn’t want to talk about politics because she gets way too fired up. Isn’t that why she was cast? I recall something about her being the only Obama supporter in a McCain neighborhood. Libra apparently saw Bill Clinton when he came to speak at Rice and claims he is mesmerizing.

Doesn’t she remind you of one of those pigs at a pig roast?

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the happenings of the night:

*Libra made Dan put his hand on the Bible and swear he would vote Jessie out on Thursday.
*Libra, April, and Ollie think Dan is odd because he drives a Ford Taurus and does weird things. They think he threw the HoH. I can’t make fun of them because, hey, he did.
*Dan and Ollie had never met a gay person until Steven. I miss Steven. And Angie. And Season 6. I digress.
*Jessie taught Ollie how to play chess. Again.
*Ollie told April he wouldn’t put up Jerry or Dan but he’d definitely put up Renny or Libra.
*Libra is STILL going on about how exciting Thursday is going to be when Jessie leaves instead of Memphis.
*April and Ollie made out in the HoH again. I know, shocking right? I have no idea if more happened because I promptly shut off my feeds.
*Around 3am, Dan made himself a peanut butter sandwich, looked around at various things in the house, did the “Thriller” dance, and then went back to bed. I like Dan. Maybe he can incorporate dancing into his juggling act.

The houseguests are awakened around 9:30am. They mill about like zombies for a little while before… who am I kidding, they always mill about like zombies. Zzzzz. April is locked out of the HoH again because she thinks BB is once again cleaning. Jerry has lost 10 pounds. April complains about Ollie’s snoring. Renny and Libra make fun of Hooters and Keesha defends her Hooters honor. Ollie jumps in and says that they are wrong about Hooters and it isn’t a bad place. He says he is going to take Renny and Libra there after the show. Dan wouldn’t take his girlfriend there because he thinks she would be offended. Michelle joins the discussion and says you can’t knock Hooters until you’ve been there. As my shift comes to an end, Renny and Memphis are reenacting a breakdown she had during week one. Memphis does do a good Renny impression!

The sight of Michelle laying spread eagle has actually killed Dan.

To find out if the Dan/Renny/Keesha/Libra secret alliance is still going strong, or to see if Libra has bitten everyone’s heads off, tune in tomorrow when marybethp will have all the details!

If you like to dance to “Thriller”, PM me.

Thanks to lildago and vanillalatte for the screencaps! You rock!