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Thread: 7/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Colonel's Goose Is Cooked

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    7/30 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Colonel's Goose Is Cooked

    The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

    Click here for our in-depth coverage of noon 7/30 to noon 7/31 and find out!

    WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

    *This is a recap of events from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday, BB time*

    Is Angie still going home? That’s all I wanted to know when I turned on my feeds Wednesday. Has anything changed overnight? Alas, it doesn’t take me long to figure out that Keesha’s head is still up her ass and Angie will indeed be walking out of the house on Thursday…unless she can somehow convince Keesha and her minions to change the vote. Hey, miracles can happen so I’m not giving up yet. Maybe “Little Ollie” will break out in an itchy, festering rash from frequent contact with April and he’ll need to leave the house immediately. Then Julie will announce that because of the unexpected circumstances, there will be no eviction this week. It’s Big Brother people! Stranger things have happened. Okay, on to reality, BB reality, that is…

    The afternoon is one big sunbath. At one point, Jerry tells April and Ollie that he intends to apologize to Memphis for the womanizer comment. He admits that he said it in the heat of the moment and he shouldn’t have said it. Jerry feels Memphis owes him an apology as well for calling him a muthahonker, or some variation thereof. Even if Memphis doesn’t apologize though, Jerry’s taking the high road. He’s going to wait until he leaves the house though so it doesn’t appear he’s doing it for the sake of the game. Because he’s not sucking up to Memphis. And he’s not afraid of Memphis either. So let’s get that straight.

    Late afternoon, things pick up a little as houseguests scramble to get ready. They were told to be TV ready in the living room by 4:15, BB time. Feeds were down for about an hour and we later learn that they were on with Craig Ferguson again. Apparently, this is going to be a weekly thing for them. If you missed it, get thee to YouTube and watch. I am now an official fan of Craig Ferguson whose brand of humor is hilarious!

    Jerry calls Memphis to the spa room and offers an apology for calling him a womanizer. He says that he feels awful for what he said and knows that he was out of line. If Memphis wants, he’ll even apologize publicly or on TV. Memphis explains why being called a womanizer pushed his buttons and accepts Jerry’s apology. He then tells the others about Jerry’s apology and they feel Jerry has betrayed them. Anti-Jerry sentiment grows quickly and he seems to be the topic of whispered gossip in the house. In ridiculous nutshell, he doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom, he picks his nose, and he dared apologize to Memphis.

    Renny seems to be leading the crucifixion of the Colonel. She wants an explanation for Jerry changing his timeline and apologizing to Memphis now rather than when he leaves the house. Jerry tells them, and rightly so, that what happened between he and Memphis is none of their concern. What he did was an attack on Memphis’ character and he wanted to make things right. He doesn’t understand why they’re all squawking about it. Neither do I, but that’s neither here nor there. Renny’s on him for every thing he says. He keeps saying “you people” and this doesn’t sit well with Renny. When she doesn’t ease up with her questioning, he says, "If you want to blame me for something, then f**k it. Don't keep harping at me and trying to make me feel bad." Renny tells him he’s making himself feel bad. Jerry stalks off and the roasting of the Colonel really begins.

    Memphis joins the girls in the spa room and Renny stirs the pot by calling Jerry’s apology a betrayal. Come on, Renny, I love ya, but that’s not a betrayal. Judas? Benedict Arnold? Anakin turning to the Dark Side? Betrayal. Jerry's apology? A simple attack of conscience or possible sucking up. Either way, methinks Skippy might be holding back with Renny’s meds. Renny thinks Jerry is just trying to get in good with the guys by apologizing. It’s all a big suck-up on his part. Keesha tries to reel her by suggesting they go up to HoH to cool off.

    Up in HoH, Renny can’t let it go. They bash Jerry for asking Keesha what she thought before apologizing. By doing this, he somehow threw Keesha under the bus(or on top of the bus according to Libra). Renny insists that Jerry only did it to get on Memphis’ good side because he saw Keesha talking to Memphis. It’s a betrayal to save his own ass. For this reason, the Colonel must be evicted and soon. None of them want to be in sequester with him or his poopy hands. So it appears the target is now on Jerry’s back.

    Other Things Worth Mentioning
    • Woo hoo! Houseguests are on inside lockdown until Thursday’s show so the crew can set up for the HoH competition. This typically means one thing…Endurance! Houseguests speculate that it will be something crazy and physical.
    • Keesha, Libra, and April are embarrassed that they had to come outside with green masks on after the earthquake. They’re certain it’ll be on TV.
    • Jessie had a dream that he was evicted. With any luck, it will come true.
    • Keesha lets everyone know that the hair on their nether regions is to prevent infections. Hmm, that didn’t work for Sheila last season. Just sayin’.
    • Angie, Dan, Jessie, Michelle, and Ollie play a toss the ball game that reminds me of Joey, Ross, and Chandler’s ball toss on Friends. Ah, now that was good TV.
    • Jessie thinks he is nominated because of Craig Ferguson. If he’s evicted, CBS will take a look at everything and he’ll be redeemed. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll get right on that.
    • Other than Jerry’s betrayal and lack of hygiene, the talk covers vaginas, giving birth, and epidurals.
    • Michelle and Jessie flirt and talk under a pillow. These two will hook up before long. Unless, of course, the rumors about him are true.

    After sleeping on it, Renny is still pissed at Jerry. Paranoia seems to take over when she sees him talking to Dan. The Colonel must be aligning with the guys for a complete takeover of the house.

    As my shift ends, houseguests are on the usual eviction day lockdown on HoH. Sounds as if they’re actually enjoying each other. Oh, and Dan is a toe sucker. What can we expect from the live show tonight? Unfortunately, it looks like Angie and her pirate bikini will be leaving us. If speculation is correct, we’re in for an endurance competition for the new HoH. So get your snacks and beer ready. We could be in for a long night. Party in the feed discussion thread after the show. See ya there!

    Are you a toe sucker? Keep all of your fetishes to yourself, please.

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