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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

**This recap covers events from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB time**

Did you ever walk into an office building with a revolving door? You gingerly step in and hope you spin slow enough that you don't get your shoe stuck and can get out gracefully into the lobby. Well, if I was getting in my door into the BB house today, I would just stay in the door and spin and spin and spin and ultimately just flop out into the lobby all dizzy and confused. Because this is what happens this afternoon with Keesha as HoH.

As my shift begins, the girls are discussing thier wins of the food competition. April was saying there were no categories for dairy or cheese and they're hoping there are staples (don't you need a stapler for that??). So apparently it was a food competition where they win certain kinds of foods and April mentions there was no slop. Libra will be happy. There was pumpernickel bread, raisins and broccoli. I'm assuming there's actually more than that, but they don't say much. Everyone's cleaning up from the competition and they get to keep their tennis shoes. In this part of the world, they're called sneakers, but whatever.

I ain't your Queen Bee-yotch

Memphis and Keesha hang in the HoH and the spinning begins. Memphis tells her than Angie wouldn't have put her up. Keesha's afraid to go against the house. She'd like to put up "someone", but she doesn't want to go back on her word. Memphis wants to work with Keesha, but he says he doesn't want to do it now, more when the time is right (for him apparently!). Right in the middle of a good strategy discussion, we get the damn fishtank. The feeds are quite choppy during the revolving door. Memphis doesn't want Keesha to look at him like a threat. Keesha said she won't put Memphis up if she nominates Angie and then he wins PoV. He gives her his word. He won't use PoV on Angie or so he says. He wants to host if he can't play. Memphis said he'll go with the house. Keesha doesn't want him to try to change everyone's mind. He said he won't pull the trigger and go against the house until it's time in his game to do so. Keesha had told Jerry she wouldn't put him up. She doesn't want to ruffle feathers and she is going with the house. When will someone in this game grow a set and do something like get Libra out????? There's a discussion about being a pawn and how it's a hard spot to be in. He's trying to plant the seed that he's not a threat. He worked Keesha pretty hard.

Next stop on our revolving door to the HoH is Jessie. He was stalking sleeping outside the HoH room while Memphis was there. At this point, I'm getting a little pissy at Skippy, since I keep getting fish. Jessie basically tells her that she needs to get rid of April, Libra and Ollie because they've screwed her. He leaves thinking he has her manipulated and she'll do what he suggested.

In an effort to never leave Keesha alone, April and Libra come to the HoH room and basically fill Keesha's head with all sorts of drivel. They convince her that the guys are laughing at her because she can be swayed so easily and they tell Keesha she should nominate Angie and Jessie. So now that's Keesha's plan. But remember, Keesha has seen 3 different sets of people in the room and has had 3 different ideas to put people up. For someone who claims to be more than a dumb blonde, you're not. Here, have some bleach. Jerry joins them and says Memphis is strong, can't be trusted and has a mean streak. I'm not sure if I missed something, but Memphis is probably the most even-keeled BB player to date.

Anywho, Memphis and Jessie come back in to the HoH room and they're all talking about food. The storage room has been restocked and these hamsters are happy.

So after a little chow down and inspection of the storage room, Renny and Keesha chat in the HoH room. Keesha tells everything to Renny and that she made sure April or Libra won't go after Renny. I don't know about you, but at about this point, I have no idea who the hell Keesha is lying to. I think she thinks she's just nice, but she's just confusing the hell out of me. But, I'm blonde too, so you never know. Meanwhile Libra is hoping that Ollie still has her back, unlike Michelle to flip flopped her way to Jessie's side. Ollie assures Libra he's on her side.

there's just nothing to say about this

Angie, the resident non-player in this game, is just sitting around hoping not to be backdoored - she'd rather just go up and out. For someone who claims to have some gameplay, this girl has done nothing to help herself or her game. Dan definitely doesn't trust April, Libra or Ollie. recappers digression: every time I write those 3 names together, I think of Kukla, Fran and Ollie. Anyone else? /recapper digression Michelle notes that April and Libra will not leave Keesha alone.

Right now I'm actually thankful we get the fishtank. I need to process this circle of whispering. When we return from the fishtank, we see that Angie and Jessie are nominated. Michelle is pissed, Jessie's all redfaced and pissed and Angie is showing zero emotion. Jessie immediately starts hawking for votes from Jerry. He starts running his potty mouth saying Memphis is a rude *$&*$@ and that he hopes everyone doesn't think he's just old and weak. Jessie is still hurt that Craig Ferguson called him a 'ho (goooo Craig!). Jessie told Memphis that Jerry was pissed at him and Memphis is pissed that Jerry did it behind his back.

Bring in AWWWN Memphis

I can't write any more sentences, so...
  • Renny thinks April, Ollie & Libra are playing Keesha
  • Angie doesn't want to kiss Keesha's ass
  • All this talking in circles makes me want a pizza. or a doughnut
  • Renny thinks Memphis is the dark horse
  • I think Memphis is HOT
  • BB still loves to yell at the hammies for singing
  • Keesha eats fritos like a cow

The evening muddles on with circular strategy conversations of he said/she said/they said crap and they hit the sack to be ready for the PoV competition on Friday.

Not to be outdone by Thursdays roundness, Friday morning has Jessie confronting Keesha in the HoH room. He actually *gasp* makes sense and tells her that Libra has to be the one to go and that April & Libra don't let Keesha have one moment alone. He talks to her for a good 45 minutes about why Libra needs to go and Keesha actually acts as if she's listening and realizing that backdooring Libra if the PoV is used would make for some good gameplay. But alas, after Jessie finally shuts his trap and leaves, Libra and April (who have literally been at the door since Jessie walked in there) march right in and Keesha tells them everything she and Jessie discussed. It seems as if she was giving Jessie the ear, but not actually listening and she's sticking with the April/Libra alliance. I think Keesha basically listens to the last person who talks to her. I would like 5 minutes of her time.

Keesha, will you marry me until someone else is the next HoH

As my shift comes to a close, the conversation with April, Libra and Keesha continues to go in circles about why Jessie thinks Libra's running the house. Players have been picked for the veto and they're ready to go. Stay tuned for MFWalkoff's retelling of the Veto competition and more circular trash talking.

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Special shout out to Pink for the screencaps!