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Thread: 7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Keesh-fest, Big Brother Style

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    7/23 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Keesh-fest, Big Brother Style

    The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

    Click here for our in-depth coverage of noon 7/23 to noon 7/24 and find out!

    WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

    The dish de jour on eviction day is paranoia. And it’s served with a side of backstabbing. The girls, Michelle, Keesha, Libra, and April, are all convinced that Angie is trying to get in their heads and psych them out before the HoH competition. Apparently the competition will somehow involve houseguests going head to head against each other. If any of them win, they want Angie out. Of all people, Jerry has stirred the pot by telling Dan he’s convinced everyone to change the vote in his favor. Michelle has a bug up her butt about it and can’t let it go. Jerry’s also been whispering to Dan about getting rid of Libra. He’s not the only one who feels this way so the outcome of this competition could shake up the house and cement the dividing lines. Woo hoo! Game on!

    Vengeance Is Mine

    Feeds return and from watching the live show, we know that Keesha is the new HoH. Murmurs can already be heard amongst the houseguests. Angie thinks that Keesha is too easily influenced by April and Libra. To Renny she says that Libra needs to go. Renny agrees and it seems most of the house shares this sentiment. Keesha goes alone into the bedroom and to herself whispers “F***ing revenge.” Yes! Does this mean we finally have a game? Libra joins her and Keesha shares that she actually has mixed feelings about winning this HoH. She doesn’t want to be “that girl” who decides who goes. It’s just not her personality. Libra tells her whoever is nominated is nominated. Of course, we all know the bitch is going to go OFF if it’s her. A few minutes later, she asks Keesha to please not put her up. Keesha agrees that she will not.

    April is crying because all of Julie’s questions to her and Ollie about their showmance. She’s ashamed of herself and worried about how America will perceive her since she’s hooking up with the preacher’s boy who doesn’t drink or swear. Her fear is that they’ll think she’s the devil. Not the devil, April, just one of the devil’s whores. Michelle and Ollie try to comfort her but she’s still upset. She knows America is watching. Really? You could have fooled me. Poor Ollie tells her not to worry because it isn’t fake or just a showmance, it’s real. Oh, does he have a lot to learn.

    Keesha gets her HoH room rather quickly and everyone rushes up to eat her chips gush over all of her pictures. She got pics of her friends, family, Gizmo, her dog, and her nephew whom she’s never met. She even got a pic of her Keesh-fest shirt. Keesh-fest was a huge party that her family gave in her honor when she moved to California. Because, you know, moving to California to become a Hooter’s girl is big time! Keesha gets the first letter from home this season and when everyone except Renny is gone, she settles in to read it. It’s an emotional moment for her and Renny cries with her and comforts her through her tears. Gotta love Renny! They finally talk a little game and Keesha confides in her that she and Steven are the only ones she really trusts. Before leaving, Steven told her to split up Ollie, April, and Libra because they would take her out. They agree that Libra can’t be trusted. With Renny gone, April shows up in HoH and the girls discuss their Libra hate. Libra’s ears must have been burning because she pops in on them. Talk turns to Angie and the mean girls bash her senselessly. She must go! They just can’t decide who to put up with her.

    I Will Be An Enemy To Your Enemies

    Keesha tells Memphis that she trusts him not to say anything(Ha!) but she’s thinking of putting Angie up because she heard Angie was coming after her group. Memphis hems and haws and tries to convince her that isn’t the case without sounding like he’s with Angie. He even lies and says he isn’t in an alliance with Angie. He pushes for Keesha to put up Dan and Jerry insisting that’s what Angie would have done. Keesha feels she can’t put Jerry up because she gave him her word. And of course, Keesha is still holding it against Angie that she was with Brian.

    Down in the spa room, Jessie, Michelle, and Angie discuss what they think will happen. Angie is pretty sure she’ll go up and says if so, she’ll play hard for the veto. She heads off to bed and Memphis comes down and confirms that Angie may be going up. Jessie wants to go up there and make a push to get Libra out.

    Alone with Renny, Keesha finally reveals her intentions. She wants to put up Angie but needs to make sure she leaves. Otherwise, Angie will come after her. Renny asks if the others(meaning April, Ollie, and Libra) put that idea in her head and Keesha says she came up with it all on her own. Renny tries to casually tell her the April, Ollie, Libra trio are dangerous and need to be broken up, but Keesha thinks someone else will take care of Libra since no one likes her. In other words, Keesha doesn’t have the backbone to do it herself. She admits to Renny that she and April and Libra have a deal to watch each other’s back but she doesn’t trust them. Jessie shows up so Renny excuses herself. Jessie wants to know that Keesha isn’t putting him up. She assures him it's not him but someone she feels very targeted by. Jessie tries to convince her to stick with the original plan to get rid of the floaters. Keesha tells him she can't put Jerry up because she gave him her word. Jessie tells her that Jerry's giving his word to anyone in power and he has no one else. Keesha feels Angie is a strong competitor who is playing both sides. Finally, Jessie gets her to admit the other consideration for her is Libra. He jumps on that and tries to water that seed. I don’t think Keesha’s buying it.

    Down in the hippie room, Keesha freaks out a little that everyone isn’t jumping for joy that she’s going after Angie. Libra is there kissing her ass, of course. She’s been stuck to her as much as possible since the HoH win. Keesha confides in her that she’s thinking of putting up Angie and Memphis. She won’t prey on the old people by putting up Jerry and Renny. She wants Libra’s support and needs to know that she’ll fight for her if she eventually goes up. Libra says she’s got it. She’s selling her a line about what a good pair they make - good cop, bad cop. Libra doesn’t mind playing bad cop. Keesha says Libra is the only one she trusts. Earlier, it was Renny. Now it’s Libra. She tells Libra that from the beginning she’s trusted her and it hurt her when Libra was doubting her. Libra admits she had her doubts but not anymore. They clear the air between them and Keesha tells her she will not be going up. She also tells her to watch her mouth because it’s making her a target.

    Dan finally gets some time with Keesha and she whines for the umpteenth time about how hard it is to be HoH and make this decision. Right away, she tells him she is not putting him on the block although others want her to do just that. She respects the way he stood by Brian and honored his word.

    Libra and Keesha drink wine and commiserate in HoH. Libra whines and cries about her babies. You know, the ones she willingly left behind to go on a reality TV show? Yeah, those. Well, she misses them and wants to see pictures of them. Keesha tries to compare it to how she misses her dog. So anyway, they both have targets on their backs but they’ll never backstab each other. I beg to differ. Shall we start the countdown on how long it takes?

    You Can’t Make This Stuff Up
    • Keesha has a cat named Buster Boo that uses the toilet. She didn’t even teach him. He learned on his own and gets mad when people don’t give him privacy.
    • Angie ripped a hair from Jerry’s back that was 4 inches long.
    • Jessie says he does not masturbate.
    • A drunk Renny entertains the houseguests by doing standing on her head and by sticking her entire fist in her mouth. While on her head, she does the splits and says there’s more to the act….but she needs a sparkler.
    • April brags to Ollie about how humble she is. She rarely takes credit for anything but she is the one who got the ball rolling that evicted Brian by telling an absolute lie about him to Libra. Ollie is so impressed with her skills. In more ways than one.

    My shift comes to a close with a good look at the fish tank. It’s safe to assume the food competition is taking place. With any luck, Libra will be on slop once again. To hear her tell it, BB is trying to kill her, ya know? Nominations will take place later tonight and marybethp will be dishing all the dirt. Who will those nominees be? Well...it looks like Keesha is leaning towards Angie and Dan. Or Angie and Memphis. They were all a little hung over this morning so there was very little game talk.

    What can you do with a sparkler? PM me.
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