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Thread: BB10: Interview with Steven: "You’re with the mob, or you’re out."

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    BB10: Interview with Steven: "You’re with the mob, or you’re out."

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    Leaving the competition in the second week is Steven Daigle, a champion bull rider on the gay rodeo circuit. Although viewers may have been interested in him as a character, the other houseguests don’t have our entertainment in mind, and ruthlessly gave him the boot in a unanimous vote of 9-0. In this interview, Steven explains why he told his fellow houseguests to “Suck it, bitches” – a comment that even seemed to throw Julie Chen in the live show.

    ** Spoiler alert: please note that Steven discusses some events that haven’t aired yet on the broadcast show, which are in spoiler tags below.**

    Hi Steven, how’re you doing today?

    I’m doing great, how about yourself?

    Probably better than you. Sorry.

    (laughing) I’m really okay!

    That’s good, that’s good. The first thing I wanted to ask you – not everyone watches the live feeds, so you’re subject to whatever the editors put on the show. So I don’t think everyone understood what your goodbye speech was about – can you explain it to us?

    (laughing) Sure. Basically, most everything I said in the goodbye speech related to some sort of inside joke we had in the house. Everything I said was completely random. None of it fit together. It wasn’t some secret message or anything. The “Porno Password” – you know the game Password, we played the game Password in the house a lot, and we twisted it around to make it a little dirty and naughty. The big thing about that was that when Jerry went to play, his idea of a porno password was the word “derriere” which just cracked us all up. We were going for something a little racier and dirtier, and he threw out “derriere.” And what was so funny about it was that no one could guess “derriere.” We tried to put it in there and no one was able to guess it.

    There were some other things, but for my final words I was quoting one of my favorite comedians, Kathy Griffin. Part of it was because I had told a few of the houseguests to “suck it” while I was in there, but I also really hope that Kathy Griffin hears it. (laughing)

    Well, we know she’s a reality show junkie.

    She is! So I was really hoping she would hear it. It was a bit of an homage to her, as well as I just thought it was a funny way to go out.

    So... (laughing) Julie Chen seemed kind of shocked when you said that.

    Let me tell you, a feeling of horror went across my body as soon as I got done saying it just from seeing the look on her face.

    Well, do you think they regret returning to a live show format with an audience, not knowing what a houseguest will say?

    Regret it? Oh no, I don’t think so! No, I’ll tell you one thing. When I walked out that door, the energy you feel from that audience was the best feeling ever. Other than getting off the back of a bull and having the crowd go crazy for you, I’ve never felt as much energy and good feeling. They all wave at you, you walk out of that house – I don’t know how it’s coming across to the nation, but I know for me as a houseguest to walk out and see all that positive energy made me feel really good.

    You were actually pretty emotional when you heard your good bye messages. Who will you miss the most?

    That’s a tough one. I was close to both Angie and Keesha. They were both so sweet. Keesha was more a sweet little girl I enjoyed being around. Angie, I’m going to miss her sense of humor. Me and her laughed so hard at everything. It’s really a toss up between the two of them. I don’t want them to get out of the house early, but I can’t wait for them to be out so we can just go have a drink somewhere together.

    So you ended up leaving the second week – how did you end up on the outs so quickly?

    Brian put a huge stigma on me. Well, I say Brian but I put the stigma on myself by aligning with Brian, by agreeing to go along with his initial plan. Basically, once I had that stigma – it was on me and Dan both – it was my doom because they viewed me as a fierce competitor. They viewed me as somebody who could go far. Everyone liked me in the house; I never got in any arguments with anyone. There was nothing I said or did in the house that set everyone off to target me that I know of, other than aligning with Brian and the fact that they were scared of me. That’s the way it was interpreted by me and other houseguests also said this to me.

    What do you think about this so-called alliance of eight? How long can it last?

    I haven’t really called it an alliance of eight. I haven’t heard it called that. In my opinion, it was more April, Ollie and Libra being puppet masters with Jessie, Michelle and Jerry – they’re sort of controlling all their decisions. They’ve formed a mob mentality. You’re with the mob, or you’re out. That’s not going to last very long. It can’t. It could possibly last another two weeks, but once they get broken up all of a sudden it’s going to be split decisions and that’s when the unexpected is going to happen.

    Speaking of Ollie and April,
    Click to see Spoiler:
    did you know they were hooking up and everything?
    Click to see Spoiler:

    I don’t know -- (laughing) I never saw them hook up, and I don’t know what you’ve seen, but I was under the assumption they had been. I know they were very rarely alone at night. They were either in the salon, or in the house together when everyone else was going to bed. I can only assume that things were happening.

    Well, that’s what the internet is for, right? You get all the answers.

    Did you see them getting it on?

    Oh, yeah.

    (scandalized but definitely amused) Wow. (laughing)

    I don’t know if they realize how much the cameras are seeing, or hearing.

    Really. (still laughing) Well, it does not surprise me a bit.
    The sexual tension between the two of them, you could cut it with a knife. It was very thick. You could feel it, you could see it. But I also think that could be their downfall, too. If people know they are that thick with each other they’re going to want to split them up.

    Can you give us your insider’s impression of some of the houseguests, like Libra?

    Libra is a very controlling person. She cannot stand to not get her way. She likes to be the center of attention. And she’s kind of a baby. Listening to her complain about slop, complain about other people...I will say she does confront people, she says what she thinks – and I mean that in a positive way. Good for her that she stands up for herself. She’s very hard to be around for any length of time, though. You can tell she’s very spoiled and she always gets her way.

    What was your impression of Michelle?

    Michelle, again, is another person who loves to be the center of attention. She gets her feelings hurt when she’s not. I think she’s a little crazy, crazy as in wild, crazy. I also think she’s a follower. I don’t think she’ll go far in the game because from my point of view she follows whoever is in control at the moment, and eventually someone is going to say, “Stop being a follower,” and push her out the door.

    Brian was very clear in his interview that he saw Memphis as a dangerous adversary, do you share that opinion?

    I do, actually. I just had a conversation with Keesha – we were talking about who we thought would win the game, and we both agreed that we thought Memphis had a good chance of winning the game. He’s a nice guy. He seems to be flying under the radar. Physically he’s good with challenges. We haven’t really had a true intelligence challenge, but I think if you watch he’s going to do very well in those types of challenges as well. He’s going to fly under the radar for a while and probably end up doing very well if Keesha doesn’t get him on the block this week.

    What do you think Keesha’s going to do as HOH?

    Click to see Spoiler:
    Well, I’ve heard some rumors that she’s discussing putting Angie and Memphis up.
    I had a conversation with her immediately before the eviction ceremony. I told her that she needed to break up April, Ollie, and Libra, that I thought they were the puppet masters puling the strings and that if someone doesn’t make a good move and split them up, and stop the mob mentality in the house, that it was just going to continue picking off people one-by-one by who they want.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    So I was hoping she would follow my advice, but from the tidbits that I’ve gotten today it sounds like she’s not.

    Do you plan on watching the live feeds to keep up with the show?

    I plan on watching every single episode and watching Big Brother After Dark [on Showtime] for sure. I’m not sure about getting on the internet because I have a job. (laughing) It keeps me very, very busy and I travel a lot. I do have a DVR and I plan on recording all the After Dark and prime time episodes.

    Is there anything you want people to know about your and your time on the show?

    It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I loved every minute of it. Even the minutes I hated, I loved it. (laughing) I met some incredible people. I also wanted to let people know I plan on getting back into bull riding, and that any fans that want to come to gay rodeos and see me, please do so. You can see a schedule of gay rodeos at IGRA. Please come out and see me. I would love to meet some of my fans and have them come and watch me ride bulls.

    I predict you are going to see fans there. Maybe even Kathy Griffin!

    Oh my gosh, that would be my dream come true!
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