The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

**This recap covers events from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday, Big Brother Time**

Welcome BB Fans - are you ready for some more sex with April and Ollie? Nope, not this recap. well, maybe. How about some more Thor love with Memphis? Nope, not that either. It's another joyous day of nothingness in the BB10 house. Or is it?? We start with a hot dog lunch for those not on slop. If the kids are good, they can have icepops for dessert. Okay, so they didn't say that. Next, the houseguests are told to "dress to impress". They all begin to get dolled up and wonder what's going on. Could it be that some sort of alien is visiting the BB house? You'll have to keep reading to find out. They end up with a lockdown and they're all speculating a concert or some sort of luxury competition.

During this lockdown, they begin discussing the Real World and how Irene got Lyme Disease, Puck was gross and Stephen smacked Irene. They have mish-mashed the seasons together. Steven speculates that Stephen was gay but didn't admit it. There's too many Stephen/Steven's so I switch feeds. We get treated to a discussion about Oprah and how her company is Harpo - Oprah spelled backwards. Michelle says that so many people she knows named their kids Nevaeh because it's heaven backwards. She's a Latot Toidi.

Everyone's getting dolled up and Steven, Libra and Keesha are discussing Brokeback Mountain. He saw it when it premiered with all sorts of press people. He got hot, but was thoroughly embarrassed for everyone who was there. He then proceeds to tell us he knows lots of straight men who think that sex with other men isn't cheating. He in fact, had sex with a married man and he didn't know he was married. Ooookay. I'm wondering why he's not friends with Ollie.

You're cutting your toenails in our love shack?

We have a quick un-lockdown and the hammies move to the backyard, but Angie gets about a puff and a half into her ciggy when they call inside lockdown again. We don't see much when we head to bubbles. We return from bubbles to find that the crew appeared on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Recappers disclaimer: I totally love CF and will not tolerate any CF hate - especially from these actor wannabees. It seems they were less than thrilled - spoiled houseguests that they are. They seem to believe they are bigger and more important than they really are. It seemed like a lot of primping for nothin.

I wanted a George Michael concert!!

Steven tries a little to get some votes - he doesn't want to go out 9-0 and wants Jerry and Angie to throw votes his way. He doesn't try very hard because he's lazy. He seems resigned to the fact he's going. Meanwhile, Keesha and Renny are talking about April. Keesha says April talks crap about her any chance she gets. Renny's afraid to throw Steven a vote because it may bite her later. Keesha thinks Steven is the most loved houseguest in America. Well, he's better than Jessie.

There's lots of general chit chat going on all over the house. Here's what we learn during my shift:
  • Keesha regrets giving her word to Libra
  • Steven thinks there will be a lot of crap written about him when he leaves.
  • Steven's leaving Angie a handkerchief when he leaves - awww isn't that sweet. He said if she wins, he wants Angie to buy him a Tahoe.
  • The slop eaters can eat at midnight and they are chomping at the bit.
  • Dan misses his girlfriend Monica but takes an opportunity to size up each female houseguest under the guise of comparing them to Monica.
  • Keesha cries again about Steven and he tells her to stop or he'll run through the house naked and jump in the pool. Oh Lord, I'm having Zach flashbacks. Ick.
  • Ollie hasn't ever had a girlfriend. Surprised?
  • Ollie also respects April for being a nice girl and she thanks him for not telling everyone she's a slut
  • Jessie thinks he and Michelle are still young enough to achieve thier dreams, but people married with children are past the dreaming stage. Methinks Jessie's steroids have destroyed his remaining 2 braincells.
  • Whoever wins HoH should put up Dan and Renny, even though most people want Libra out. Include me in "most people"

In the midnight hour, we find our houseguests chowing down. I think Libra was counting the seconds. We get a little discussion on how much money Dan and Memphis have (or don't have). Dan wants to marry Monica. We get some moaning and groaning over the food. The feast takes less than 1/2 hour and our hammies are full. Jessie tells Michelle he didn't think he'd show emotion, but tomorrow he'll be crying. I think that's steroid withdrawal.

The rest of the evening involves general chit chat. There's no beer pong, no sock puppet show, hell, there's no laughter. Well, there's a little laughter when April and Ollie have another little blanket tryst that lasts all of about 4 minutes.

Everybody stays at the Y-M-C-A

As the houseguests wake up on live show day, they basically sit around and do nothing. We have also learned these amazing tidbits:
  • April and Memphis have both been arrested AND learned their lesson
  • Renny has never dated a black man
  • Every other Thursday April gets her mani/pedi
  • Ollie cuts his toenails really low to the skin
  • Ollie went to a stripper who wanted him to pee in his mouth. Ahhh..the preacher must be beaming with pride
  • April wouldn't want to marry Ollie because he snores (not because he's slept with married women or is basically a manwhore, it's because he snores!)

As my shift comes to a close, I bang my head on my computer desk because I nodded off watching them sleep.

Here's hoping for something, ANYTHING on lildago's shift tonight!

Snorefest 2008...signing off

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