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Welcome back everyone. The week has just flown by and I havenít missed this batch of losers at all. Well ok, maybe I felt a little concern for that old innocent man on the show, I would hate for him to break his hip or die of shock from the things that typically happen in the Big Brother house. I didnít hear any breaking news stories so Iím assuming he is ok. This week, we are in for another veto showdown. Letís get ready to see what Big Brother has in store for us tonight. Settle onto your couch, grab your favorite drink, and call the oldest person you know to see if they would be interested in joining you as you watch this mess. I hear old people like this show; after all there is one on it.

Excessive Talking From the Not So Smart
When the show picks up, the nominations ceremony has ended and Steven and Dan have been nominated. They were nominated because of their tight alliance with Brian, who was eliminated last week. Itís always best to take care of people involved in an alliance where the leader has already been eliminated. I always suspected that Jesse was not very smart, but this pretty much confirmed that. Steven has hurt feelings over the whole situation, Dan makes some un-witty comments about his alliance, the town, is now in rubble, and Jesse says some stupid stuff about being the youngest person in the house and the greatest. BB is going to need to widen all the doors to accommodate Jesse from this point out.

Dan and Jesse take a little trip to the HOH to find out why he was put up. Jesse tells him that Steven is the one that is going this week. Dan thinks he has it in with Jesse and should be safe from this point out. I guess heís forgetting that he is forming an alliance with Captain Stupid. Jesse tries to talk some game with him and it goes something like this, Me. Best. You. Worship Me. I Crush You with Big Hands. Dan seems to go along with the plan.

Steven and Angie have a little talk about the situation, and Steven is pretty emotional. He looks like he is going to cry. This seems like such an inappropriate time to cry, at least he could have spilled some milk or something to bring on the tears. They hug and decide they are going to do whatever they can to keep Steven around.

Meanwhile, in some other random room, Jesse is lying on the bed and Michelle is giving him a pedicure. I just want to vomit at the whole thought of touching his feet. You know they are all grizzled and nasty. She is totally crushing on Jesse, which elevates her on the stupid scale in my book. Jesse gets up and meets up with Memphis in the storage room. They make some quasi alliance and want to pull in Michelle and Angie as well. They approach Angie about the whole idea. Angie seems to be on board and joins in with Team Stupid.

Steven, Renny, and one of the blondes (they look identical to me) are outside talking about Hurricane Katrina. Steven and Renny have a little bond over it and itís the first bit of intelligent conversation I have heard out of this house.

License to Drive

Steven is inside and talking with Keesha and she wants him to stay around. They discuss if she plays for POV if she will save him. Speaking of veto, Jesse comes out and wakes everyone up in a very monotone, ďtime to pick players for the Veto competition.Ē Everyone joins him in the living room, looking hung over. Jesse picks first and gets Michelle. Dan chooses next and gets to choose, he selects Libra because she will leave the nominations the same. Steven draws out Keeshaís name. Jesse picks Jerry as the host of the competition.

The girls are all hanging out before the competition and Keesha mentions wanting to take Steven off the block. The women flip out and donít like that at all. Michelle takes this information to Jesse and Memphis and they are shocked. Michelle makes remarks about wanting to get Keesha out soon, and does a pointing thing with her hand that is a little bit scary.

Itís veto competition time, and when all the houseguests gather outside, there are giant fake driverís licenses set up. Each houseguest looks crazy in their photo, probably a foreshadowing of their real personality. There is a big board set up; underneath the door are a series of license plates from different states with words on them. Each time the door opens, there will be a large word at the top and the veto players will have to figure out which three license plates make up the word. If there is a wrong answer, the player is out. Highest score wins power of veto.

Jerry is reading the instructions and sounds all horse or likes heís been putting back about 5 packs cigarettes a day. Old man needs to take better care of himself. The competition starts, Dan rings in and is out. He purposely threw the game to hopefully be seen as weak. Jesse rings in next and is also eliminated. A new puzzle shows up and Keesha rings in, she is correct and wins 10 points. Steven rings in for a puzzle and is wrong and out. Michelle rings in and starts jumping all around and doing a punching movement with her arm. Girl is getting scary!

The next puzzle has an extra incentive of a free slop pass to the winner. Michelle is trying to get them to take it since Keesha and Libra have both been on slop for two weeks. Libra, for some unknown reason, does not take it. A new puzzle is shown, Libra rings in and is wrong, therefore she is out. Keesha rings in and she is wrong and out. Michelle is the winner of veto. The power is going to go to that crazy girls head and someone is probably going to get pummeled.

Making A Move

In the house, Team Stupid, is wondering why Keesha wanted the veto. I guess since they are Team Stupid, the obvious answer is not obvious to them. Keesha, Libra, and Steven are all hanging out and Keesha apologizes to Steven for not winning. Steven freaks out and thinks Keesha will be targeted now. Keesha and Renny are talking and decide that Libra needs to go. During this conversation, Keesha is clipping her nails and itís just creeping me out. I donít know why people using nail clippers freaks me out, but it does.

Keesha storms out into the kitchen and confronts everyone. She tells them she was not going to save Steven. A little fight breaks out and Keesha claims she was in the competition to show that she is a good competitor. She might want to think about joining Team Stupid. Keesha somehow ends up in the HOH with Memphis and Jesse. She tells them that Libra needs to go, she has been spreading rumors about everyone. Every season I watch this show, I just get so surprised at the level of immaturity these people have. I canít even believe they are freaking out about someone supposedly spreading rumors about someone.

Keesha, Jerry and Renny are hanging out and Keesha talks about Libra being a pot stirrer. Renny tells Jerry about Libra saying something about them losing the Food Competition because of the two old people. Jerry gets mad and calls Libra a ďbitch.Ē My mouth just drops open, what happened to the sweet old man? Jerry goes up to Libra and confronts her about what she says. Libra flips out and starts yelling at Jerry and a fight breaks out. Now Iím seriously concerned that Jerry or someone else, is going to break Jerryís hip. Libra tries to justify herself and just loses it. Renny follows Libra and confronts her about what was said. Itís all a big he-said, she-said argument. Once again, an argument of the mature. Renny is a feisty lady and I kind of respect her for that.

Meanwhile, up in the HOH, Steven is pleading with Jesse to save him. He goes to get Michelle to talk about their options. Steven presents to them the idea of taking him off and putting Libra up. Michelle is worried that she would be sticking her neck out and people would seek revenge on her. Michelle starts pacing around the room like a caged animal. Steven then presents leaving him on the block and removing Dan and putting Libra up. Michelle looks tired and worn out, probably from using her brain, but she decides to think about itÖand knock some heads in the process.

Power of Veto

Michelle is inside looking at all the pictures trying to decide what to do. She calls all the houseguests in for the Veto ceremony. Dan and Steven both plead their cases and Michelle rejects them. The nominations stay the same. I donít know if it was just me or what, but tonightís show was really boring. The veto competition was pretty lame, the houseguests did nothing interesting, and the overall outcome was ho-hum.

Make sure to tune in Wednesday night to see the live eviction, or save time and read MsFroggyís wonderful recap. See you in a week!