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Thread: Review - Rock The Reception

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    Review - Rock The Reception

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    Rock The Reception.

    It would appear that a slightly self-conscious side sway to "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" is not going to cut the mustard for weddings of the Noughties and beyond. You can still go that traditional route, but if you’re the bride who must have everything then a first dance, tightly choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo, could become the must-have accessory. With that in mind, TLC offers up “Rock The Recption.”

    It’s not necessary to know much about Tab and Nap, but in case their suitability for the role is in doubt they’ve worked with Kanye West, but also Ricki Martin, on The Grammys, but also Zoey101They have also joined the judging panel for the latest season on So You Think You Can Dance and choreographed a routine to Bleeding Love, danced by Chelsie and Mark. What I’m trying to say is, they ain’t too shabby.

    In this episode we travel to Santa Monica to meet Trycia and Michael and Palm Springs to visit with Julie and Stephen. Both locations do a number on Tabitha’s locks, but that observation is more about my hair obsession than relevant to the plot, of which there isn’t really one, but more of that later.

    Obviously both couples are about to get married.
    From certain angles Michael looks like Alex Ovechkin who plays ice hockey for the Caps and and Trycia like Susan Franklin, who I went to school with, so you’ll have to take my word on that one.

    As the official site has zero pictures of anyone from this episode, Michael, from some vantage points looked somewhat like this...but without the helmet.

    A little background on the couples is necessary, not just to fill the full half hour but also to make them more likeable and/or sympathetic. This tactic doesn’t really work for me where Julie and Stephen are concerned.

    Julie assesses her dance ability at a lowly four out of ten. She manages an embarrassed three-second shuffle before throwing in the towel and handing the floor to Stephen. It takes either a large measure of arrogance or a total lack of self-awareness to declare your dance level as a “solid seven”, then throw such awkward shapes by way of demonstration as Stephen conjured up.
    The basic lack of fluidity in his movements was slightly alarming in a man of just 49. My neighbour as a false hip and two dicky knees and could still beat this fool in a dance battle, should I ever be in the position to organize one.

    The family members they recruited as backing dancers seemed less than enthused and their song of choice, "Crazy in Love" irritated me on a personal level because, despite generally disliking Beyonce’s voice and being appalled by her wearing fur in the accompanying video , I can’t help but like this song, and I should know better than that.

    Contrast this story with that of Trycia and Michael (or Susan and Alex). He was a marine, deployed to Iraq, she’s still taking chemo in pill form for breast cancer and hopes their routine will lighten the mood among her family and friends since her diagnosis.
    They’re likeable, they dance well, their backing dancers are skilled enough to take a larger role than Julie and Stephen’s. In short, this segment, for me, was far more enjoyable. Their choice of “U Can’t Touch This” is a bonafide floor-filler. Show me a person claiming to be impenetrable to the siren call of its beat and I’ll show you a liar.

    Trycia even dances in a wedding dress and trainers combo, as opposed to Julie who buys a little black and white number to slip into. Their performance hardly seems worth the effort. Of course they cannot be blamed for the choreography, but I would like to point out to Tab and Nap that watching him rub all over her hip area was at once compelling and repellent, rather like Mini Me’s tongue in that sex video.
    Oh, you watched it, get off your high horse.

    For the most part this is family viewing. There was very little to offend even the most sensitive, although I did read there was a bit of self groping of the boob area to come in a future episode.
    I'm not sure if it's part of the choreography or if the bride was just enjoying herself.

    Back to that plot issue. Of course there really isn’t one and doesn’t need to be, but there is a formula which may or may not be enough to hold the public’s interest.

    It would appear to make sense that each week one couple is a triumph, the other a trainwreck.

    So, for the producers, pairing one “good job” and one "good God” performance in each half hour show would appear to be the best route to take given that they've decided the reality tv world can support another dance related show.

    It remains to be seen whether that's the case or if we're all danced out.
    Why would you watch amateurs embarassing themselves on 'the most important day of their lives', when you can watch the highly skilled tackle complex choreography with ease elsewhere?

    The lure of the cringe factor cannot be underestimated. If you’re watching from behind a cushion you’re still watching.
    You can’t always laugh with people, sometimes you just have to laugh at them.

    TLC - Tuesdays @ 8.30pm.
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