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Hello dear readers! Back again with the So You Think You Can Dance results recap. If you weren’t able to catch the performance show, don’t despair. Our own Waywyrd has it all covered for you down to the last toe tapping moment. Read it here.

The show begins with a bodacious Bollywood number. With its fast paced excitement and intricate hand movements, this style is sure to catch on as a fan favorite. The colors on stage made a spinning rainbow of fabric as the group performed – yes, I loved the costumes and the dancing and I hope this style becomes a mainstay of the competitions in the years to come.

Our host Cat Deeley, who greets us in a stunning teal dress, comes out on stage to greet us and let us know that three of the choreographers (Mandy Moore, Wade Robinson and Shane Sparks) and the make up team have been nominated for Emmy awards. Way to go team! Then the girls come out to do a routine choreographed by Mia Michaels. Set to Celine Dion’s Ave Maria (I won’t hold that against them, though) the girls are tressed and dressed as pre-Raphaelite angels. The move and sway to the music and generally do and awesome job. Mia Michaels is left in tears, so I guess they lived up to her high standards of performance or she is still upset from her Emmy snub this year.

Ah, but now we come to the sad part of the show. Two of the five girls will be performing solos later on in the show and one of those will be eliminated. Um, not to take anything away from the girls, but why the need for the solo dances? The vote has been cast, the deed done, the decision made. Oh well, since the remaining dancers are all terrific, I won’t grip too much. We find out that Chelsie, Katee and Chelsie are safe and Comfort and Kherington will be dancing later on before the final results. No surprise to find Comfort down there, and not really a surprise to find Kherington there. In spite of the pre-show hype, Kherington never seemed to build the fan base that her partner up until tonight, Twitch, did.

The guys come out to dance a number by a mystery choreographer. Oooh, a mystery! But they don’t give us any clues except to tell us it is a mystery. Big whoop. The guys dance to a song I missed the name of, but is about 5 guys named Moe. It’s a frolicking bit of fun punctuated with some clever leaps and tricks. I found myself smiling throughout and almost a bit sad to see it end. And who was the mysterious choreographer? Why SYTYCD’s own Nigel Lithgoe. Will his talent never end? He really did a great job of hit and gracious as always, he also gives credit to his two assistants for their help.

Now, to the guy’s results: Joshua, Will and Twitch are all safe, leaving Mark and Gev to dance solos before they find out their ultimate results. Comfort is up first doing her hip hop routine and does a wonderful job of it. The judges like it and Lil’ C says she has progressed the most since the competition began. Mark is deemed ‘quirky’ by Nigel. Kherington danced to a song I didn’t know and one I hope I don’t have to hear again. I like Kherington, but I felt this was a poor choice for a solo spotlight. Mary is shocked that Kherington is in the bottom two. Gev dances to Michael Bublé and seemed to really dance for the sheer joy of it. That is wonderful to see, whenever it happens. Lil’ C says he always roots for the little guy.

Finally, the results: We will have to say goodbye to two more of these dancers. I am already to see Comfort gone for the second time when Cat announces that she is safe and it will be Kherington who goes home tonight. Color me shocked. And I am not alone in my feelings – the judges all looked surprised as well. Comfort can’t quite believe it, but happily goes off stage as we watch Kherington’s retrospective.

Next, Mark and Gev come out to learn their fates. Turns out quirky trumps little guys as Mark is safe and Gev will be going home. After his retrospective, he asks why they had to use that goodbye song as it made him even sadder.

Well, folks, eight dancers left now. Join us next week for Wednesday’s competition show and then back here with me for Thursday’s results show.

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