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Hello dear readers, tis me Iguanachocolate, here once again to take you through the treacherous high wire walk that is the Mole. When we last left our Molites, the lovely Kristen had received the henchman’s axe after an unsuccessful Quiz round. Who will be the Mole’s victim tonight? Let us go over that cliff together, shall we?

Mission: The Grapes of Cache

The festivities begin with Nicole reminding us that she is the last assassin, I mean woman, left in the competition. Then the players gather with Jon in the middle of a vineyard and he has them split themselves into two different groups: The Runners (Mark, Alex and Clay) and the Thinkers (Nicole, Craig and Paul). Their goal is to find seven bottles of wine somewhere amongst the vast acres of vines using a GPS. Sounds easy, yes? But no, our crafty host John says that the runners must choose one person to do some heavy duty running (Mark) and the other two will wander aimlessly, errr, will use their Magellan like abilities (and the GPS) to locate the coordinates that will be given to them by the loudmouth of the Thinkers, conveniently known as Paul. The site of these coordinates will be the location of the bottles. And how, pray tell, do they get these coordinates? Why from the Thinkers! They must solve a series of brain teaser questions that will correspond with the coordinates. Mark, will be running on a treadmill that will be the timekeeper. They will need to find all the wine bottles before he drops down in a fit of exhaustion. Each bottle found will make the treadmill go faster and each bottle found will result in an additional $10,000 for the pot.

The Questions:

1. From the following list of words, choose the word that does not fit: Ice, Cheese, Chocolate, Plastic, Wood. (answer Wood)

2. Which number should replace the question mark?
14 4 9 2
13 7 4 5
11 4 5 3
22 5 9 ? (answer 3)

3. Some months have 30 days, others have 31 days. In a single year, how many months have 28 days? (answer 12)

4. How many ways can you read ABC off the diamond?
(answer None of the Above)

5. Which number should come next in the following sequence? 2, 6, 3, 9, 6, 18, 15, 45, 42 (answer 126)

6. Jim is taller than Kevin, and Walter is shorter than Jim
Possible answers: Walter is taller than Kevin/Walter is shorter than Kevin/Walter is as tall as Kevin/None of the Above
(answer None of the Above)

7. Every morning at 0:00 AM, my wine cellar receives a delivery of 22 bottles of wine, all of which are stored in the cellar. Every afternoon at 5:00 PM I remove 12 bottles from my wine cellar and give them away to friends. No other bottles enter or leave my wine cellar, except at these two times. On January 1st at 8:00 AM, I had 400 bottles in my wine cellar. On what date in January did my wine cellar first contain more than 500 bottles of wine? (answer January 9th)

They begin answering the questions with Paul yelling out the coordinates. He also finds time to argue and bait Nicole, who of course rises to it, even though she assures us in a confessional that couldn’t be farther than the truth. Craig and Nicole seem to be doing not so well, considering they consider themselves the Thinkers. They do get a lot of help from Mark whilst he diligently treads his little heart out. Paul seems to have trouble reading at one point and gives the guys out in the field the wrong coordinates. Slowly, but surely, they do collect all the bottles and race to get them back to the others before Mark collapses. They made it just in time and garner $70,000 for the pot. That brings the total of the pot to $247,000.

Based on her outlandish and obvious mole tactics (or it could just be stupidity, who’s to tell?), Alex and Paul are convinced that Nicole is the Mole, because she did not really answer any of the questions for the trivia, instead relying on Mark and fluffy Craig to come up with the answers that she just agreed with. Clay is wondering if Mark is the Mole – even though he ran his little hamster heart out on the treadmill to give them enough time to collect the bottles.

Mission: Swing Out

The next day, the Molsters travel to a bridge in the middle of nowhere that crosses the Mendoza River. There is a plank that leads out over the river and a few guys standing there with some bungee cords. The Molenites will have to leap to their deaths, I mean leap in a safe manner while attached to bungees and back up bungees. While they are leaping, they will be holding bags of tea and they must launch those towards a huge target set up with concentric squares that represent different levels of money to be put into the pot. Nicole immediately says she wants to go last and confesses to the camera that she may not do it at all. Poor Craig seems to be doing math/physics problems in is head to calculate if those bungees will indeed hold his fluffiness.

Clay says he will go first and once he is all set and building up his courage to leap backwards from the plank, crafty host Jon asks him if he would like an exemption. Each player will be offered the chance to earn one by correctly guessing the total amount of money the players will earn by dropping their tea bombs on the target. The closest one to the actual total without going over will win the exemption. Clay guesses $10,000 and thinks that perhaps Craig will not jump. He then leaps and bounces and throws his bag, missing the target completely. One by one, the Molenators jump and drop (even Craig!) but the only one to hit accurately enough to earn any money for the pot is Alex. He earns a measly $4000, but it is 4000 times the amount anyone else earned for the pot.

The Quiz

1. Is the Mole male or female?
2. Did the Mole help solve the puzzles in the Grapes of Cache mission?
3. Did the Mole wear a collared shirt during the Grapes of Cache?
4. Which group was the Mole a part of during the Grapes of Cache?
5. Where was the Mole sitting for wine and cheese after the mission?
6. How many players jumped before the Mole in Swing Out?
7. Where did the Mole’s exemption guess rank, from highest to lowest in the list?
8. How much did the Mole earn for the pot during Swing Out?
9. How much money did the Mole guess for the exemption?
10. Who is the Mole?

They gather together after finishing the Quiz. Jon starts with Alex and faster than you can sing “We’re Paul free in van number 2”, he was gone. Ah, ye olde troubadour, we will miss you and your funky looking lute/ukulele hybrid. And I am sure the ladies will miss the eye candy – am I right ladies?

Stay tuned for next week when they race against time to get some time with their relatives.

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