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Thread: SYTYCD Results Recap 7/3: They Really Do Hate Tall People!

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    SYTYCD Results Recap 7/3: They Really Do Hate Tall People!

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    Hello dear readers! It’s me again, Iguanachocolate, here to bring you all the dish on the results of So You Think You Can Dance. If you haven’t had a chance to read Waywyrd’s most excellent recap of the competition show, what are you waiting for? It’s all the fun and none of the commercials. Read it here.

    The night opens with a Broadway routine that is a glittery and glamorous rendition of Money, Money from Cabaret. And who else but Tyce Diorio could choreograph such a spectacle that came complete with Nigel’s picture on the money they were flinging everywhere at the end. He does show his toothsome smile a sight better than Abe or Ben ever did, I have to say. And our host, Cat Deeley is looking resplendent in a curve hugging draped red dress and gold Egyptian style necklace. The only thing that detracts from our picture perfect Cat is the oddly Minnie Mouse resemblance of her hairstyle.

    We are reminded that the dancers danced their little hearts out last night with each couple dancing two routines. I for one was happy to see so much dancing and so little filler! Speaking of filler, we are treated to a darker side of Tyce Diorio with a montage of his transition from sweet and cuddly judge to the contestants’ worst nightmare. Well, who can blame him really? I only watched those auditions in bits and pieces from the comfort of my favorite aubergine chair and by the end I was crabby as all get out. I can’t imagine having to sit through hours and hours of that crap. Oh, did say that out loud? Maybe if I use these italics, no one will notice.

    Cat wastes no time after the montage and brings out the first two couples Twitch and Kherington and Katee and Joshua. I was absolutely in love with Twitchington’s modern dance in the bedroom routine choreographed by Mia Michaels last night and I am hoping the rest of America was as well. Katee and Joshua did a wonderful contemporary piece and an exciting West Coast swing routine and I am hoping they are safe as well. Cat pulls a fast one on them and seems to indicate that one of the couples is going home, but no, they are all safe.

    Matt and Kourtni are out next, literally. Having danced for their lives twice already, they will be dancing for them again. I’ve adored Kourtni throughout this competition although I have been a bit luke warm with Matt. Courtney and Gev and Chelsie and Mark take their place on the stage. Courtney and Gev did a hip hop number that was high energy and a Broadway routine that was packed with excitement. I was really surprised at how well Gev pulled off the Broadway. I guess figure skating is good for that. Chelsie and Mark did a jazz routine and a fox trot. They were good, but I was distracted by the dress and feathers Chelsie was wearing. It seemed to envelop her rather than show the moves of the dance. Anyway, Courtney and Gev are pronounced the second couple dancing for their lives.

    Out come Jessica and Will and Comfort and Thayne. Comfort and Thayne danced together for the first time last night as we saw the exodus of their respective partners last week. Jessica and Will did an extraordinary dance with a shirt prop and an amazing jazz number. Comfort and Thayne did a good job and were well received by the judges, but let’s face it, they were up against juggernaught Will (and Jessica). Before Cat even said it, they were in the bottom three couples.

    Whilst they all run back stage, Robert Muraine, the extraordinary pop and locker from LA who left during the auditions (Yes, yes, I know, technically he quit. But I think he realized it just wasn’t his arena to shine) comes out to do his thing. He has been accused of just being a contortionist, but I think that is an unfair accusation. The guy has showmanship. Hey, tap could just be called an extensive percussion session, but it doesn’t make it any less a dance form. He is amazing with his routine as he was in auditions. Nigel wants him to do a ‘pop off’ with another popper he is fond of. Maybe for the finale, Cat says hopefully.

    We’re back with the dancers dancing for their very lives. Kourtni is up first and knocks it out of the park. Matt is good, but I grow bored with him. He doesn’t seem to have any emotion behind his tricks. And what is with the toothy grin every time he dances? Is he sponsored by an orthodontist? Courtney comes out and does her thing. I like Courtney, but I don’t think her level of dancing is as great as Kourtni’s. Now, Gev, he is amazing. I had forgotten what a phenomenal hip hopper he is. Comfort does her stuff and I am hit by a weird sense of déjà vu. It seems to be her same routine again, but to different music. Still, it is vibrant and exciting. And then we have Thayne – he did a wonderful job. If it were up to me, I would send Courtney and Matt home. I was pretty sure that is how it would go. But then, my Beloved reminded me of Kourtni’s height. She would not be able to pair that well with either of the guys left if Matt went home. I found myself trying to think hard and could it be that Matt could pull this out, or would Kourtni be eliminated for lack of suitable partner?

    After some more commercials and a performance by OneRepublic, the judges are ready to tell us their decision. Nigel addresses the crowd with comments about how he has never cared this much about the contestants as he does this season. He will also be happy when all this judging stuff is out of his hands and into those of America. The decisions tonight were not unanimous. Nigel lets Comfort know that he did not vote for her because he felt her solo was just not strong enough, but it is Kourtni who will be leaving tonight. I smell a tall person conspiracy plot. Sure enough, when the guys are brought out, it is Matt, the only other man tall enough to partner Kourtni, who is going home.

    I’m not one for making accusations or prescribing to conspiracy theories, but I do firmly believe that if Matt had stayed, then Kourtni would still be in the competition. Maybe that auditioner was right, they do hate tall people. Life goes on, and I am sure she will have a long career before her.

    Well, folks, I am out of here. See you Thursday!
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