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Thread: Hell's Kitchen 7/1 recap: Story of My Life: Too Much Fluff, Too Little Whoopi

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    Hell's Kitchen 7/1 recap: Story of My Life: Too Much Fluff, Too Little Whoopi

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    Hello dear readers! I will let you know right off that this is going to be a short recap. Hey, you know I can only work with what they give me and Tuesdays show had approximately 7.48 minutes of show and the rest was filler. Hell’s Kitchen Lite, if you will. Now with no transfats.

    We begin the show where it left off last week with the departure of Corey and Christina and Petrozza getting a glimpse of themselves 20 feet high. Chef Ramsey let’s them know that as in past years, they will each be getting half the restaurant to decorate as they will and will have complete control over the menu. The cheffettes return to the dorm and begin work on their menus. Christina gets right to work on hers, writing recipes and drawing on her immense experience as a culinary student (end sarcasm). Petrozza’s brain has shut down for the night, apparently. They go to bed to dream of dancing appetizers and frolicking entrées.

    The next morning they are woken at 5 am to meet with John Janavs, the Hell’s Kitchen designer. Take note that Christina confidently picks stripes. Petrozza channels his inner female and goes with floral patterns. Then Jean Philipe brings them choices for their wait staff. Christina seems to channel her inner diva as she declares she doesn’t like any of the choices and wants some kind of black on black suit ensemble. Meanwhile, Petrozza seems to channel his own inner diva and gushes over a celadon chef’s jacket over black trousers. Then they meet with their sous chef’s and pound out the rest of their menus.

    Chef Ramsey summons them to his office and tells them he is taking them to New York to have dinner at his restaurant “London”. The cheffettes giddily pack their bags and board a private plane for the trip to New York. After arriving at Times Square and viewing their names on a large brightly lit screen, they enter the kitchen of London. Ramsey introduces them to his executive chef there, Josh Emett. He also lets them know that they will have one last challenge before their dinner services: they must each prepare their signature dishes to be judged by five of his executive chef’s from restaurants around the world. They get busy and so do I: busy praying that ‘hen in a pumpkin’ does not make a return visit. Happily, Petrozza forgoes the pumpkin and prepares a filet mignon with a caramelized onion risotto and a red wine balsamic reduction. Christina prepares a New York strip steak with a sweet corn succotash and pan roasted fingerling potatoes. They both feel they have won the challenge.

    The cheffettes finish their dishes and present them to the guest judges. First up is Mark Sargeant, the executive chef at Claridge’s. He awards his vote to Petrozza despite Petrozza’s inexplicable deep fried scallion and leaf ‘paint brush’. Ciello’s executive chef Angela Hartnett awards her vote to Petrozza as well, citing Christina’s dish to be a bit dry. Stuart Gillies of the Boxwood Café gives Christina his vote because he felt Petrozza’s was too sweet. Chef Simone Zanoni of Au Trianon Versailles gives her vote to Christina as well liking her flavor combinations. Finally, Josh Emmet is to weigh in. Ramsey lets them know that he will also be their new boss should they win as he will be overseeing the entire restaurant in LA. He gives the edge to Petrozza who is thrilled to finally have won a challenge and shed the forever a bridesmaid syndrome. He will have the advantage in choosing first when the chef’s choose their kitchen staff from amongst their eliminated competitors.

    And, in a much too brief fly by, Whoopi Goldberg stops by to offer her congratulations to Christina and Petrozza. And then she was gone. I am sad now.

    Arriving back in LA, 16 hours before their final dinner services, Petrozza is loving his restaurant décor and Christina is hating her stripes. The stripes she picked out. Add to insult to pissiness, the designer wants to encroach onto her restaurant space by moving the wall to accommodate Petrozza’s fireplace. Oh, the insanity!

    Finally, they must choose their staff. They can choose from Ben, Bobby, Lou Ross, Matt, Corey and Jen. Hmm, I am guessing I know who will be the last to go. I’m also guessing it isn’t the first time they’ve been picked last on the playground. Sure enough, Petrozza picks Bobby and Ben and Christina picks Corey and Lou Ross leaving Matt and Jen behind. I think that both finalists wish they had the option of passing them over completely for say, a fry cook from the local McDonald’s, but that is not how the game is played. We’ll find out next week on the Finale of Hell’s Kitchen.

    My excitement cup is over flowing. Now, with all this fluff, I need some peanut butter. Fluffernutter’s anyone?
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