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Bonjour! Hola! Ahoy Mateys! Join us in Miami as we meet the international competitors who try to translate their humor into English to become the Last Comic Standing. Our talent scouts for this leg of the tour are Keith Powell and Lonny Ross from 30 Rock.

Stephen K. Amos from England, Janice Phayre from Ireland, Papa CJ from India, Kojo from Ghana, Arnaud Collery from France, Jim Tavare from England, Shazia Mirza from England, Danielle Ward from England, Prop Comic Lioz Shem Tov from Israel, Paul Foot from England and John Maloney from England all make it to the showcase.

We have a really bad montage of people trying to sing the Star Spangled Banner along with Sam from Armenia who was voted the worst of the auditions a few weeks back.

It's showcase time!
  • Shazia Mirza - marriage jokes and Muslim culture - enjoyable.
  • John Maloney - looks like a chubby James Spader or maybe even Al Gore. He gives us languages being sexy versus not sexy
  • Stephen K. Amos - he discusses crossing the road in Miami (funny!) and being the black sheep of the royal family.
  • Janice Phayre - morning sex with bad hair
  • Paul Foot - baby on board (I. don't. get. him.)
  • Lioz Shem Tov - more props - bird flying, having sex with a bad and a mosquito. Don't get him either.
  • Jim Tavare - plays a large bass for sound effects and apparently has a clip on piercing. ouch. on all counts.
  • Arnaud Collery - he's wearing a sport jacket without a shirt. I couldn't get past that so I have no idea what he said.
  • Kojo - does a whole bit on women. I liked him.
  • Chris Radburn - waving at people from one boat to another (I so totally did this yesterday on the Hudson River) and how fishing is like meeting women
  • Papa CJ - being reborn and politically correct. He's decently funny

Moving on to the semifinals are:

1. Shazia Mirza
2. Jim Tavare
3. Paul Foot
4. Lioz Shem Tov
5. Papa CJ

Strangely, when they announced Papa CJ, Kojo (who was standing behind him the whole time) was mysteriously missing. Hmmmmm.

I don't quite get the choices of Paul Foot or Lioz the Prop Comic or even Jim Tavare, but then again, I don't get most of what has happened so far.

We then get a sneak peak of the semifinalists arriving in Vegas, checking into their rooms (with roommates!) and getting prepared for their 3 minutes of fame on stage. This is when I hope the show becomes funnier and actually gains some viewers. What I saw from their antics in Vegas was funnier than most of the previous shows this season, so there is hope. I hope.

Recapper to all 3 of you....signing off!