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Hello dear readers! Here we are again – everyone have their dancing shoes on? I have mine on, even though, despite my extensive dance training with Miss Ginny, mine are really more like dancing mukluks. Never the less, I am here and ready to bring you all the latest results! If you missed the dancing this week, read Waywyrd’s most informative and brilliant recap here.

The show starts off with the group dance choreographed by Shane Sparks. I must admit that hip hop is not something I am terribly familiar with, but I quite enjoyed this fast paced number. Comfort was really in her element and damn, she can hold her place with the guys. You go, girl!

After the dance the lovely Cat Deeley takes the stage in a stunning chartreuse dress. I tell you, anyone who can pull off that pukey green color no matter how fantastical the dress, can pull off anything. Cat Deeley for President! Or at least Tyra’s job on America’s Next Top Model! She tells us that, as last week, the bottom three couples will be dancing for their individual lives and the boy and girl who impress the least will be going home. The judges are looking their usual selves, though Mia seems to be channeling her inner farm boy in a plaid get up. Mary decides to make the 80’s her style muse and is wearing some kind of awful sparkly and black thingy, and Nigel looks like he is wishing he still on had the ropes and gag from last week.

Getting right down to business, Cat has Katee and Joshua (of the Broadway routine the judges were blown away by), Kherington and Twitch (of the routine that was inspired by Jean-Marc Genereux daughter) and Chelsea and Thayne (of the oddly costumed jazz routine). She highlights Katee and Joshua’s routine first and of course, they are safe. She talks to Kherington and Twitch and Chelsea and Thayne. No surprise that Chelsea and Thayne are in the bottom three. She brings out Chelsea and Mark (of the not as passionate as it should be tango), Matt and Kourtni (of the ballroom routine that the judges were a mixed bag on) and Will and Jessica (of the Will driven hip hop). Chelsea and Mark and Matt and Kourtni are all safe. Leaving Will and Jessica sad and desolate until the tricky Cat tells them they are safe as well. Finally, the last three couples of Susie and Marquis (of the less than fiery salsa), Comfort and Chris (of the krump that on Chris’ part was little less than what Nigel’s granny could do) and Courtney and Gev (of the contemporary routine that had Mary screaming, but the other two judges unimpressed. Susie and Marquis and Comfort and Chris make up the last of the three couples dancing for their lives.

Now for the learning part of the show: Timo Nunez comes out to instruct us in the art of the Flamenco. It’s an exciting fast paced dance that seems to combine the excitement of tap dancing, the sultriness of a tango and that special sort of flirtatious sauciness only found in Latin and Spanish dancing. And Timo is definitely something to look at, am I right, ladies? I just wish they had a bit of a chat about the history of Flamenco, but I suppose that is what Wikipedia is for: it seems to have begun as a peasant dance in the Andalusian area of Spain and was strongly influenced by the native and nomadic cultures of that region including gypsies and Islamic immigrants. As the world became smaller, Latin America had its say in the dance and it evolved over many years to what we see today. The Flamenco began its rise to its current fame during the 1700’s and culminated in what is known as the Golden Age of Flamenco towards the latter half of the 1800’s and very early 1900’s. Ok, now that I have lost you all with my decent into history (thank you Wikipedia.org), let’s get back to the task at hand, shall we?

The lemon lime goodness of Cat is back on the stage to tell us who will first be dancing for their lives:

Chelsea – She is all controlled energy on stage – she has a grace and power about her that make her exciting to watch.

Thayne – dives off the steps and into the heart of the audience with his powerful yet soft dancing and leaping.

Susie – had the energy, but to me she just looked like a (gasp!) over zealous club dancer. She danced for the fun of it, but didn’t get the passion.

Marquis – someone I normally enjoy watching, but tonight he seemed not to dance but rather to try and cram in all the spectacular things he can do in less than a minute. I wanted to like it, but it seemed disjointed.

Comfort – doing what she does best and doing it well. I must admit to a new appreciation of hip hop dancing after watching this show.

Chris – As Cat says, “He’s not a tree!” While he didn’t cram as much into is fame seconds as Marquis did, his was a better routine for that. It showcased Chris himself, and not just what tricks he can do.

Errr, Flo Rider sang next. I admit to muting it. Hey now, don’t judge me, he wasn’t dancing for his life, so I didn’t have to listen to it!

The judges weigh in on the performances, beginning with the girls. Nigel uses a basketball analogy to let the dancers know that even if they leave tonight, they can still be spectacular dancers. After the judging panel’s attitude with Katee’s exhaustion driven mini breakdown in Vegas, it was good to hear the judges admit that leaving this show is not the end of everything for these young lives. After letting Chelsea know that she needs to step it up in the competition, she is safe. Susie did not use the entire stage and lacked a presence. Comfort has not hit her stride, maybe because of her shoulder injury. But it is Susie who will be going home. I can’t say I disagree with that. Susie and her flame hair never really gelled with me.

Now the guys: Thane has a great personality on stage and they want to see more. They echoed my feelings on Marquis, that tonight he was all tricks. Chris brought his personality and his passion. Their decision on who is leaving is Marquis.

I believe the judges had it right last night in who was cut. Admittedly, I was never a Susie fan and she did nothing on the show to convince me otherwise. I did quite enjoy Marquis, but when he had to dance for his life, he didn’t. He instead danced to impress. Yes, technically he is amazing, but dancing isn’t all about what you can do, it’s more about what you can make the watcher feel. The idea is not to score points, but rather to invade a person’s soul and bring them into the dancer’s world. I feel if I was to have entered Marquis’ world during his dance, I would have just gotten run over.

Join Waywyrd for a great recap of next week’s dances and then the lovely Phonegrrrl will be stepping on for me on the results show. I shall be mimosa-ing and having a good old time celebrating the goodness that is a summer festival of pride.

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