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Thread: SYTYCD Results Recap 6/12 - Bound and Gagged: Nigel's Dream Come True

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    SYTYCD Results Recap 6/12 - Bound and Gagged: Nigel's Dream Come True

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    Hello, dear readers! Here we are back with another night of dancing competition! I do hope all of you are warmed up and ready to go. And, please, do make sure your toes are pointed! If you missed the dancing on the first night of competition, make sure to read Waywyrd’s most excellent recap here and Yardgnome's excellent interview with the eliminated dancers here.

    The night starts off with an odd little group dance choreographed by Wade Robinson. The dancers begin to creep through the audience as the music begins and Nigel is busy scribbling something down in his magic notebook. Do I detect a little mischievous smile on his face? Why, yes, I do and I soon learn why as the scene switches to him being carried and bound to center stage. It seems as though there has been a mutiny amongst the dancers and judges and Nigel was the recipient of the group’s angst. And, personally, I don’t think Nigel minded one bit. In fact, I think Nigel is no novice to being bound and gagged and really rather enjoys it. Oh those wacky English. The dance, though strange, was danced well. But let’s face it folks, we’re not here to be entertained, we want to know who is going home!

    The first three couples who are read their results are Kherington and Twitch. After a brief review of their performance, we find out they are safe. No surprise there. Next we have dueling Chelsie’s, and their partners Mark and Thayne. After the reviews of their performances, both couples are told they are safe. Again, no really surprises in this group. After the break, Matt and Kourtni are brought out, their routine was passable, but the reviews were enthusiastically positive from the judges. It showed in the voting as they are the first couple to have to Dance For their Lives. Judge Mary nee Osmond is asked about it and she points out that because of the high level of dancing all around this year (which I agree with) every little mistake by any one of them is magnified and can bring them down.

    Susie and Marquis come out next. Now, while I think their performance was good, I thought there were a lot of mistakes and lack of attention to the details that brought the performance down. America disagreed with me (how dare they!) and they are safe. Hip hopping Comfort and her partner Chris come out and they review her new interpretation of popping – meaning her shoulder dislocating in rehearsal. Then comes Rayven and Jamie and Cat tells them all that one couple is safe and one is Dancing For their Lives. It’s Rayven and Jamie who were perhaps victims of being the first couple to perform in a two hour show. They were not the best, but I didn’t thin they deserved the bottom three. I do disagree with Nigel that Rayven pantsing Jaime during their routine offended anyone. I mean, we’ve been looking and male undies for a lot of years, people! Unless the audience on competition night consisted entirely of nursing home residents, I don’t think it played any part in putting them into bottom three couples.

    Finally, the last three couples: Katee and Joshua are first and told they are safe. We’re down now to Jessica and Will and Courtney and Gev. Jessica and Will tangoed wonderfully while I felt Courtney and Gev had some trouble with the disco. Color me stupid when Jessica and Will are declared in the bottom three. Judge Dan was surprised as well.

    Oooh, this is exciting! Each Thursday they will be showcasing a style of dance and bringing in well known dancers of that genre. This week they are popping and have brought in awesome popping sensations Poppin’ Pete and Shonnie. They give an excellent show of their talents and then a very brief snippet on where popping originated. Apparently, it started around 1975 and its parents were the Jerk and the Twist. Pretty cool, eh? Can I just interject here that American Idol could learn from this results show? One, it’s just an hour. Two, it’s entertaining and three, it’s educational! You don’t see the SYTYCD powers that be injecting senseless musical performances by ingénues or fading pop stars trying to jump start their careers. What more could we ask for? Oh, yeah, the results. Well, I’m getting there, people, don’t rush me!

    It’s come down to the solos at last. Kourtni dances first and you can see some nerves showing in her arabesque, but over all a very nice performance. Matt dances next and showcases his wonderful form and lines. Rayven comes out showing off her ballet moves, though I am left wondering why she did not dance on pointe to really show off her lines and natural talents. Jayme comes out dancing his little heart out and I am left really pulling for the guy. Jessica comes out and does what I consider more of a cheerleader dance routine, but I may just be bitter because I believe she is the reason Will has to dance for his life. And that he does, as the last dancer up he really brings it on moving well and interpreting the music most excellently.

    The judges have the unlucky position of making the final decisions. And they decide to torture the viewing public while that is happening with a performance by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Enough said. I muted it and went for a drink.

    Kourtni: The judges want to see the passion in her solo brought to her performances and she is safe to do that for another week.
    Rayven: The judges were like me and were left wondering why she did not perform to her strengths on pointe.
    Jessica: They felt she didn’t show any personality and her entire routine was not strong enough.

    Result: They choose to give Jessica another chance and send Rayven home. Rayven says it was the best experience she has ever had and she will be going forward from here.

    Will: They were disappointed to see him in the bottom three, but his solo was brilliant and they want him to think about his performance and to not rush. He is safe.
    Jamie and Matt: They would really love to fuse the both of them, Jayme has a beautiful personality and Matt has incredible technique. They decide for just tonight to take technique over personality and Jamie goes home. He is sad to be going, but is happy to make it this far and is proud to be a part of it all.

    I’m not surprised they are going, but I don’t necessarily agree with it. As I said above, I think they were as much a victim of their first out position in the show as they were a victim of lackluster dancing. If you are going first, you have to bring it like you never brought it before if you want to move on.

    And that’s all there is folks. Join myself and Waywyrd next week as we bring you up to date with all that is happening on So You Think You Can Dance.

    Pm me is you think disco is dead, or should be.
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