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So here we are folks, the final three, which means one thing – only one more week of this Idol frenzy and we are free! Free, I tell you! Oops, sorry, I got a bit carried away. Anyway, as Ryan Seacrest says at the beginning of the show, “Three people on the verge of achieving the impossible dream.” Impossible is right. Virtually impossible to have a career after winning Idol.

It all begins with a dapper Ryan reminding us all how devastating it would be to not make the final two. He introduces the judges by reminding Paula to button up as there are kiddies watching and Simon to button up as he is distracting Randy. Seems to me Ryan is the one distracted, but I digress. Oooh, wow, Fantasia will perform! The thrills are endless. The final three come out for their group song, “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”, which I thought was pretty good. All of them held their own in the arrangement and none of them out powered the others. Thumbs up from this re-capper for that performance. Next up is the Ford commercial exploitation accompanied by the song “Heaven”. What I want to know is how far is heaven in a Ford, anyway?**

56,000,000 votes made by 19 screaming girl fans were cast last night for their favorites. And the winners are…. Hah, bet you thought I was going to tell you, eh? Nope. You’ll find out after this recap reaches its conclusion with the most dramatic. Rose. Ceremony. Ever. Wait, wrong show. Ooops, again. Silly me. Hey, I’m not going to give it away after I went to all the trouble of watching the show!

Ryan recaps last night’s events for those of us who have short term memory problems. I could go through it all again, but why should I when you can read a much better rendition of it in AJane’s brilliant recap Here . I think it’s enough for me to say that three Idol wannabe’s sang three songs to mostly tepid reviews with a couple of standouts. Throw in a couple of “pitchy, dawg’s” from Randy, some nonsense from Paula and a flirtatious exchange between Simon and Ryan and you have the show. But again, if I were you, I’d read Ajane’s recap, it’s much better than the show!

Before we get to the nitty gritty of the results, Fantasia sings “Bore Me”. And that she did. At first I thought it was a very tanned Perez Hilton coming out to do drag, but Ryan says it was Fantasia, so I guess I have to believe him. The song to me sounded like a screechy female version of a James Brown song, but I’ll be the first one to admit I am not down with all the music you young dawg’s are into. To be honest, I had an expression on my face that very closely mimicked that of Simon’s: a cross between is this really happening in front of me and how can I get it stopped before my television cracks? Somehow, I don’t think it was a song from the Color Purple…After a few words with her, Ryan sends her back from whence she came. And that for sure is one place I will never visit.

Now it brings us to the hometown visits with the Idols. First we go to Murray, Utah for a visit to David Archuleta’s hometown. He is stoked and pumped and gosh gee willikered about the whole thing. The town has apparently paid off, I mean brought together, every screaming girl they can find to cheer him into town – cheerleaders and everything! He does the local interviews with the gushing anchors, signs autograph’s, does radio interviews and then performs at the local mall. Watch out Tiffany, Archuleta’s is in the house! Understandably, it is all a bit overwhelming for the 17 year old. He goes to his school and relishes in being the most popular kid there. How many of us get to say they were most popular in high school? To top it all off, he get’s his own day in Murray. How cool is that? Ryan runs down the songs he sang on the show Tuesday, gave the judges critiques and we see David’s journey to the Final Three. We get it, he is the anointed one. The Golden Boy. Da Bomb.

Next, we travel down the road home to Sarasota, Florida with Syesha Mercado. She is greeted by screaming fans as well, gets to sign autograph’s, do interviews and gets her own day. Anyone else sensing a theme here? She gets to go home to see her family and the whole block has turned out to welcome her. Her parents are understandably proud of her. She also gets to make a triumphant return to high school to spread inspiration to the students and gets to leave the campus in a helicopter that offers her a bird’s eye view of all the fans around her school cheering her on. Ryan runs down her songs, the judges’ critiques and we see Syesha’s journey to the Final Threesome. Daddy is proud of her and Syesha is reduced to tears. She’s living her dream and as I know the ending of this fairy tale, I am left hoping she has bigger dreams to move on to, she deserves them.

And finally, we are to David Cook and will travel with him back to his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. However, before we do that, we learn that David is in this competition by accident. Originally he was moral support to his brother’s dream of becoming an Idol and caught the producer’s eye and the rest is history. Ryan brought his brother up on stage as David was relating the story and I can’t help wondering if his brother maybe holds a bit of resentment at the dream that was stolen away by an interloper. Or maybe that is just me. David arrives in Missouri and gets to be a weather man for the day and points out the small town of Blue Springs that he calls home. He gets to travel back to his high school and receive praises from his teacher and he gets a parade! Archie didn’t get a parade. Just saying. He also gets to throw out the first ball at a Royal’s game. Too cool for words, that David Cook. Ryan runs down his songs choices and the judges’ critiques and we get to see David’s journey to the Final Trio.

And here we are folks. Our final three on the stage with Ryan. It’s been fun, it’s been exciting, it’s been a dream, but one of these three must go home. They all stand there holding hands whilst Ryan gets the last words from the judges – well, to be honest it’s a paragraph from Paula. The Three are just wanting this all to be over and for Ryan to read the frickin’ results already. The lights are dimmed and after 56,000,000 votes David Archuleta and David Cook are moving on to the Finals. Syesha Mercado has her dream snuffed this night. Syesha looks a little relieved, frankly. She is probably thinking about the Idol Curse and is happy to be out of it. As her dream journey plays on the big screen behind her, Syesha sings herself into the black.

Tune in next week to see who wins the whole kit and caboodle. Now, I am going to something I have never done before. I am going to make a prediction for next week’s crowning of the Idol: I predict David will win. You can take that to the bank.

Come back next week for a Final Wrap Up with MotherSister and AJane.

**a tip of the old ink to Unk for that line!