I swear…I think I want Dramatic Voiceover Man's job. He does a one-minute intro once or twice a week, and then he is on vacation for a week or two. Then, he does another intro or two, and so on. Me? I get up at the crack of dawn every morning and head to work where I sit behind my desk and…Oh, wait…Did I say that out loud? Sorry about that. So, where were we? Ah, yes…DVM is back and he starts the show by saying "These eight fought to stay on top of their game as they sang songs from the top of the Billboard charts. Tonight, we chart their course as one of them goes home." We have our normal intro music and title sequence and then Ryan runs out on stage to start the show. He is dressed relatively conservatively tonight, and he looks pretty decent. He tells us that "nearly 21 million" people voted last night, and I'm wondering if the huge jump this week was the Carmen, Trenyce, and Kimberley Locke fans turning out in droves trying to keep their favorites out of the bottom three tonight. By the end of tonight's show, we will all know that answer. Anyway, Ryan is sufficiently impressed by the amount of votes last night and says, "And what will all that goodwill do? That goodwill will kick someone off the show." Way to dampen the mood there, Ryan. Nevertheless, someone will be sent home tonight, so I guess Ryan really is right.

We meet the judges blah blah blah, and then Ryan delivers the joke of the season so far (in my opinion, anyway). He says, "What would this show be without all this talent? Well, it would be a lot shorter, and it would be called Nashville Star." Meow, Ryan! I have to give you credit; that was a good one. Do you have new writers? If so, after that one, I would say keep 'em on the payroll, my friend. Now, no American Idol results show would be complete without a group performance, right? Right. In a tribute to Lionel Ritchie, last night's celebrity judge, the group comes out and sings his hit "All Night Long". They do a pretty good job with it, if you ask me, but I am more thankful that this results show is only a half-hour one (hallelujah!) and that it won't last all night long. After the group finishes its number, we see the usual "scenes from last night" montage, and most of it focuses on all the criticism handed out last night. It was not all bad news, though, as we see the judges praising Joshua (a bit of a surprise to me) and Ruben (no surprise at all there). It's time for a commercial, but before we go to the break, Ryan tells us that when we come back, Kelly Clarkson, last year's winner, will sing the début single off her upcoming album "Thankful"…and she'll sing it LIVE!

We come back from the commercial break, and it is time to hear from Kelly. Now, I had read earlier today that this song ("Miss Independent") had originally been planned for Christina Aguilera, and as Kelly gets into the song, I can see how it could have been a good one for Christina to sing. That being said, however, Kelly does a great job. I really like the song, and I am looking forward even more now to getting her CD next week. In addition, let me tell you, Miss Kelly is very much the star tonight. She's got four backup dancers (and their choreography is better than anything we've seen on AI either last season or this one), she's in all black, she's got her skunk-stripe highlights back, and she is moving all over the place. Again, she does a great job with the song, but when she is done, she just kind of leaves the stage. She does not chat with Ryan, she does not talk to this year's finalists, she just kind of…goes. Oh well, that seemed a bit odd to me, but whatever…

We come back from another commercial break, and now it is time for the results. Now, remember…the votes from this week are combined with the votes from last week to determine tonight's bottom three. That means that if Carmen, Trenyce, and Kim L fans did not dial their little fingers off, we'll be seeing them all in the bottom three again tonight. Ryan wastes no time and starts of with Trenyce. Trenyce, you were in the bottom three last week, but you got generally good reviews last night. Was it enough to keep you out of the bottom three tonight? Apparently it was, because you are safe. Kimberley Locke, it is the same situation for you. Last week, you were in the bottom three. Last night, you got good reviews from all the judges. Did you escape the bottom three as well? I am sorry, you did not. You are in the bottom three tonight. Kimberley heads over to center stage, and I have to say I am a bit surprised (but that's nothing compared to…oh, never mind…I am getting ahead of myself). I thought that, of the three girls that were in the bottom three last week, Kimberley had the best chance of escaping that same fate tonight. Oh well…moving on to Ruben (who is back in a "205" jersey, by the way). Oh, for crying out loud, is there any doubt that Ruben is safe? Joshua, you were safe last week (even though I thought you should have been in the bottom three, but I digress…), and you were even better this week. You are safe. Kimberly Caldwell, you were safe last week, but the reviews of your performance last night were not that great. I am sorry, but you are in the bottom three tonight. Kimberly must have expected to hear that, because she was getting up before Ryan even finished announcing her results. Clay, Paula may not have liked your performance last night, but America did. You are safe. That leaves us with Carmen and Rickey. One of you two is safe, and one of you is in the bottom three with the two Kims. We will find out…psyche! Tonight is only a half-hour show, remember? That means that there will be no dramatic announcement "right after the break". We are going to find out right now who is the last member of the bottom three. Anyway, Rickey…you were safe last week (even though I thought you definitely should have been in the bottom three last week), and you got generally good reviews across the board last night. Carmen, you were in the bottom three last week, and the judges were not as kind to you last night as they were to Rickey. That being said, the third member of the bottom three tonight is…Rickey? Yep, it is Rickey. He gets up to join the two women at center stage, and Carmen looks absolutely stunned. Girl, I'm sure you aren't the only one. I thought for sure that not only would Carmen be in the bottom three but also that she would almost surely be the one to be sent home tonight. Her fans must have really been dialing like crazy last night. Could Carmen be this year's Nikki McKibbin and make it all the way to the Top 3? Only time will tell. Anyway, we will find out who goes home after the break (now here is where we have the dramatic wait for an announcement). As we go to break, we see a video clip of Ruben and Carmen singing the Billy Ocean hit "Get Out Of My Dreams (And Into My Car)". They are in front of some big mansion, and they are both dressed up in their finest. Ruben is even in a tuxedo! And there is no rhinestone "205" across his chest! Seriously, I thought the clip was somewhat silly, but kind of cute.

We come back from the commercial, and Ryan wastes no time getting to the results. He says, "Kimberly Caldwell, you've been in the bottom three before, and I've sent you right back to the couch. Rickey, you have been in the bottom three before and I have sent you right back to the couch. Kimberley Locke, you have been in the bottom three many times (ouch!), and I have sent you back to the couch. Now, it's time for me to do that again." Ryan continues, "Kimberley Locke…I'm sorry…to have made you stand here for this long. You can head back to the couch. You are safe." Kimberley looks relieved, pumps her fists, and heads back to join the group. That leaves us with Kimberly Caldwell and Rickey Smith. Ryan does not ask the judges what their opinions of these results are or anything; he keeps right on with the results. "Kimberly Caldwell," he says, "you are…safe. That means that Rickey Smith has been eliminated tonight." For the first time tonight, the show feels a bit rushed, as Ryan just announces the results, says good night, and the end credits start to roll as the group convenes onstage to hug Rickey and tell him goodbye. Aren't they even going to let Rickey sing one more time? I guess since Kelly was on the show, they ran out of time…

Well, we are down to the last seven, and I have to say I am a bit surprised. First, I am surprised that Carmen is on the couch and not in the bottom three. Secondly, given that the bottom three was Kimberley Locke, Rickey, and Kimberly Caldwell, I am a bit surprised that Rickey is the one to be eliminated. From that group of three, I guess I would have thought it would be Kim C getting the boot. However, that just goes to show you that you never can tell what is going to happen on this show. Anyway, that's all for now. See you all again next week!

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