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After weeks of nailbiting dawn rendezvous with sleazy generous contributors, loads of cash spent and endless worrying about where our next Diaries would come from, we finally caught a break this week. In a supreme effort to provide you with the goods we drew straws democratically decided to send two of our rank to spy for us collect information on the beautiful island of Barbados. Our friends reported that it was a freakin' great tropical vacation grueling assignment fraught with infinite peril and the possibility of severe sunburn detection but in the end they prevailed and managed to procure these priceless diaries.

It was pleasurable dangerous work stealing obtaining these diaries, dear fans, but there is no balcony high enough obstacle too big or sexy half-naked pool boy we wouldn't, er, associate with sacrifice too outlandish that we wouldn't make for our your pleasure. We heard reports from our friends of nights spent cavorting in the sand and surf without sleep and intense negotiations with well-tanned musclebound shrewed locals. Despite all these hardships, they said they'd do it again with the pool boy and the gardener if it meant keeping you happy!






We must stress, that despite our best efforts, it is entirely possible that these sensational diary pages are all a vicious fabrication and no more than the figments of some overactive imaginations with excellent typing skills. Read at your own risk.

Thanks to contributing FORT writers and moderators : AshleyPSU, lildago, Mariner, marybethp, MsFroggy, PhoneGrrrl, Rosekid, Speedbump, Yardgnome and Amanda.