Every week, our panel of elite Survivor analysts will gather to discuss the goings-on in Micronesia. Who's dealing? Who's reeling? What does our panel think of these weighty questions? Read on to find out.

1. Was it smart of Parvati to tell James she was envisioning an all girl final three?

Mariner: Heck no. Not if she wants to win. What she managed to do was alienate a member of the jury not to mention her flirt buddy. She should have told him she wanted to keep him around but couldn't pass up the opportunity to ditch Ozzy.

MsFroggy: She's not too smart, is she? No matter what she does, she won't win in the end. I predict that she won't even make it to the F2.

waywyrd: Stupid, stupid, stupid. There was absolutely no point in telling James that. It won't win her jury friends OR advance her in the game.

Iguanachocolate: I don’t think it really matters. James doesn’t really have any power and by his own admission does not play strategically so he won’t actually do anything with the information. It was a good move for her not to lie outright to him at that moment.

burntbrat: It was a ridiculously stupid move. Even if he can't engineer a plan to get her out, he can certainly be a vote against her.

2. Was Jason the right choice for Natalie to send to Exile Island?

Mariner: No. Once she found out the hidden immunity idol was being replanted, she should have sent Alexis who is the one person she has to trust at this point.

MsFroggy: I agree with Mariner. The smart thing to do would have been to send one of her alliance members in the hopes that she'd find the idol. She made a dumb move that she managed to cover by advocating for Jason's elimination.

waywyrd: What was her point in picking Jason, anyway? Just to jerk him around and make him think he was part of the cool kid's group? It didn't get her the idol, and it probably earned her an enemy on jury if she makes it that far.

Iguanachocolate: In the moment it seemed a bit reckless, but in hindsight it was pretty smart. She read Jason really well and played him because of that and it worked. It may have been accidental, but I doubt you’ll get her to admit that.

burntbrat: I guess in the end in turned out to be the right move. When she did it I just thought she was being clique-y and cruel. If I had been in her position I would've sent myself (if possible) or one of my alliance.

3. Speaking of Natalie, this is the second episode in a row a player has basically come out of nowhere. Is her taking the lead on ousting Jason going to help or hurt her?

Mariner: Honestly, I'm not sure. No one can accuse her of being under the radar anymore but she sure seemed to light a whole book of matches and apply them to a bridge. If she makes it to the end, she's going to have to tap dance in front of the jury if she wants to win.

MsFroggy: Hurt. Sooner or later, loud people like her usually get a big thanks from the others in the form of a blindside at the Tribal Council. At least that's what I'm hoping for.

waywyrd: Hurt. There's a difference in playing the game well (like Cirie) and playing like Natalie has been: an utter bitch. She seemed to take particular glee in screwing Jason over - and talking about flossing her teeth with his jugular vein? This chick has issues.

Iguanachocolate: I actually think Parvati will take the fall for this, mainly because she doesn’t see the wisdom in shutting up. If Natalie doesn’t try to go for a woman next, she can hide behind the target known as Parvati.

burntbrat: waywyrd is on the money on this one. I can't put it any better.

4. Should Amanda have learned something from Natalie picking Alexis, Parvati, and Cirie to share the chocolate cake?

Mariner: If she didn't already know it, now she knows she is the fifth wheel in the women's alliance. She started to wake up this episode and get her game face on. Let's see if she can manuever her way to the end again.

MsFroggy: She should have. But then Amanda hasn't always been too perceptive. If she were Ozzy might still be there.

waywyrd: Oh, I sure hope she noticed that very blatant diss. It couldn't have been more obvious. She'd better open up those big doe eyes and start thinking about how to stay in this thing once the men are picked off.

Iguanachocolate: She should, but if she didn’t know already by being left out of the loop for Ozzy’s execution then I don’t have much hope for her.

burntbrat: I'm pretty sure she already knew she was the lowest on the totem pole. It's too bad she didn't take that knowledge and try to make things work with the remainder of her other alliance.

5. Did Jason manage to wrest the title of dumbest move ever from James and Ozzy?

Mariner: I'll leave the title with James. But barely. How could he not see that he needed to play his idol? What I'm not sure about is if he threw the immunity challenge based on Natalie's whisper or not. If he did throw it, I'll revise my opinion.

MsFroggy: Nope, still James. He came very close but at least he has company this season. The best player and one of the worst united in their common fate!

waywyrd: I'll still give it to James, but Jason is now second. Giving up the immunity challenge last week to feed his *cough* "friends" and then not playing the idol because his new BFF Natalie told him all was well? Doofus.

Iguanachocolate: Definitely still James. Jason is tied with Ozzy though.

burntbrat: James may still have the dumbest move ever, but I believe Jason is now the dumbest survivor ever with multiple dumb moves under his belt.

6. Is Erik happy just to last another trip to tribal council or two or is he going to try to make some sort of move?

Mariner: I honestly think Erik doesn't have a strategic bone in his body. I felt so bad for him watching this episode. And the preview for next week when he is talking about Jeff Probst being so close? Oh vey. Are we sure it wasn't his thirteenth birthday?

MsFroggy: Poor Eric. He's still this little puppy in awe of the big dogs. I think he's just happy to rub shoulders with TV people and that's about it for his game.

waywyrd: He does remind me of a lost little puppy, and I really don't think he has any moves in him. Unless Cirie wants to keep him around as her official finger licker (and, eww), he's out of there shortly.

Iguanachocolate: Erik is in lala land. The only way he’ll accomplish anything strategic is by accidentally winning the immunity idol again.

burntbrat: Erik might surprise us with some strong strategic moves. He did fight very hard for his survival when it looked like he was going to get voted off (but Ami was instead). I sure hope he comes up with something because I'm not really looking forward to the hen festival that's brewing.

7. What did you think of James' speech at tribal council where he called Parvati out and said he wasn't interested in politicking?

Mariner: That was a sign to me of someone who knows they are going down in flames soon. James seems to be resigned to not making the final three and seemed to be determined to make sure his former squeeze doesn't take the million.

MsFroggy: Oh, I loved it!! Parvati was angry, Ozzy was surprised - which was painful to watch, how can he be so clueless? - and the entire girl alliance was supremely annoyed which pleased me greatly. I wish he had shared how Natalie went through Jason's bag at camp too and found the idol in it.

waywyrd: That was sweet. He knows he's screwed, the girls are gunning for him, and he just wanted to stir the pot before he goes. I'll miss James and his one-liners.

Iguanachocolate: It was brilliant – he had nothing to lose and he knew it, so why not get it all out in the open.

burntbrat: James is truly an entertainer. He should stop digging those graves and start commentating on sports; the female viewership would skyrocket. I loved Ozzy's reaction.

8. Will the hidden immunity idol ever get played this season or will the finder continue to literally leave it in the bag?

Mariner: Good Lord Almighty. I'm hoping the next possessor of the idol actually has two brain cells to rub together and plays it. However, the way it has been going it will probably forever remain at camp or in a bag.

MsFroggy: It's been official for a while now, but the hidden immunity idol only has value the very first week it is found. You just have to assume that the others assume you have it, and play it. Unless you win immunity. Then you play it the next week. No matter what! Hopefully the next person will realize this and actually play the damn thing.

waywyrd: I've given up on anyone actually using the damn thing for it's intended purpose. They should all just save them, take them home, and auction them off on eBay since they don't want to use them to save themselves.

Iguanachocolate: The hidden immunity idol, forever the bridesmaid, never the bride…

burntbrat: They're going to run out of hiding places on exile island. I doubt it will get played this season.