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Last night was the ultimate hoedown and if you missed it, fear not. MsFroggy’s snarky recap was much better anyway. Judges laid down the law, reduced some to tears, and gave out the first perfect score of the season. Tonight we’ll be treated to a performance by multi-something or other Ashlee Simpson. Admittedly, the first thing I thought of when I heard her name was the cover of the gossip rag I read in the checkout line at my local supermarket that announced her alleged pregnancy. Also performing is a troupe from Riverdance and the final competitors in the kids’ ballroom dancing contest.

Naked Bum On Aisle 7

Among those receiving positive remarks from the judges is Marissa and Tony. She is shocked that they received two nines and especially that one was from the incredibly uptight Carrie Ann. Okay, she didn’t call her uptight, but it’s true. Cristian and Cheryl wowed everyone with their fabulous foxtrot. Len was so pleased that he promised to show his bum in the supermarket if the pair was in the bottom two. Cristian is excited with his good score and quips that this is the way Kristi feels every week. Mario shows off his R&B vocals backstage with Karina after getting smoking reviews for their safe sex Rumba. He and Karina are “singing” about their high scores. Karina has even traded the usual sourpuss for a smile.

The Mamba was too quick for Marlee and she struggled to keep up with Fabian and the choreography. Although Shannon and Derek have chemistry, she was stiff as a board and the judges slammed her hard for the lack of hip action. This brought her to tears backstage and had Derek crying foul since the judges have overlooked mistakes by other dancers. Like Marlee, Jason struggled to keep up with Edyta’s choreography. The top spot of the night went to Kristi and Mark who earned the first 30 of the competition. Their Jive was the most fun they’ve had on the dance floor so far.

With the recappage over, the group dance receives the encore of the night. Dancers once again slip on their boots and cowboy hats and kick up their heels. According to Len, their Cotton Eye Joe wasn’t the best dance but it was certainly the most fun dance of the night. Everyone has a hand clapping, foot stomping good time as they grab their partners and do si do once more. Yee haw!

Tom makes the big announcement that the 100th episode is coming up in just two weeks. The show will be chock full of new routines from Mario Lopez, Apollo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough, and Maks and Mel B. He also said something about special guests and other surprises but I heard nothing specific after Maks’ name. MAKS! Maks, y’all. He’s coming back to dance for me on the 100th episode. Yes, it’s for me. Of course, it is. He knows how much I miss him this season and how disinterested I’ve been. How sweet of him!

Ashlee Simpson is up next singing a song about boys. They give her what she wants and needs and they follow her. Or something like that. For the record, she doesn’t look pregnant to me. It’s not an enjoyable performance but then again, I’m not a fan. Moving right along….

Passionate Kisses

After last night’s performances, Marlee and Fabian are at the bottom with 21 points. Jason and Edyta are tied for 5th place with Shannon and Derek at 24 points. Shannon sobbed over the “freaking critique” and can’t believe that Carrie Ann told her she couldn’t dance. Are you like, freaking kidding me? If the shoe fits, honey, slip it on. Marissa and Tony have 26 points and they’re thrilled. Bruno called Marissa “light” and it’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her. Cristian and Cheryl are in 3rd place with 27 points. Muy caliente! Much to my dismay, Mario and Karina are in 2nd place with 28 points. I can’t look at her for too long so on to 1st place. Kristi and Mark are at the top of the leader board for the second week in a row with their perfect score!

The first couple safe and moving on to the next round are Shannon and Derek. The powers that be have heard enough of her sniveling so they give her the news first. Marlee and Fabian are the first couple in the bottom two. Marlee will do her best and try harder should she get the chance to dance again next week. Shannon is so happy that she has apparently planted kisses all over Derek’s face. She apologizes for the heated comments they made about the judges last night. It’s just that they’re passionate about what they’re doing. Samantha makes some lame comment about their passion being evident. Since the results must be dragged out as long as humanly possible, it’s time for more filler.

This filler, I’m excited to see. It’s Riverdance! The Irish step-dancing troupe shows off their fast footwork and I lost five pounds just watching them. Not only am I adding a Riverdance step routine to my daily exercise regimen; but when I get a chance, I must see the entire show. Color me impressed! The ballroom dancing kids are up next for ten more minutes of filler. My apologizes for leaning on the fast forward button but I’ve watched my own children dance and twirl all day. I can, however, tell you that the winners are Brandon and Brittany. They’ll move on to dance in the finals. Congrats, kiddos!

The Heat Is On

Judges have a hard time scoring the routines. They realize there is a lot riding on the scores and the pressure is on! For Len, it’s difficult to watch and take notes at the same time. Carrie Ann must take notes. Len says the critiques are not easy but he does it to help the dancers. Judges also disagree at time. Carrie Ann compares their relationship to married threesome. At the word threesome, I tune her out. Not going there with those three. Uh-uh, no way!

As for results…that is why we’re here….Marissa and Tony are also safe. Joining them are Cristian and Cheryl. Cristian feels good about being safe and is happy he’ll be spared the sight of Len’s butt. Marissa is shocked to see Marlee in the bottom two. Seeing someone leave will be hard. However, one must go and I’m ready to get to it. So…Kristi and Mark are safe(of course!) as well as Jason and Edyta. This means Mario and Karina are in the bottom two. I squeal with as much glee and Marissa did last night after her critique because Karina’s sourpuss is back.

Unfortunately, Karina gets another shot because leaving tonight is Marlee and Fabian. Marlee thanks the judges and Fabian for giving her the art of dance in her life. She also thanks her family, Henry Winkler, and the fans for all of their support. Fabian thanks her for making his first season unforgettable. As a friend and not a host, Tom expresses how proud he is of Marlee. And with reason! She has much to be proud of herself. Job well done, Marlee.

Karina's elimination day is coming. Could it be next week? The possibility is enough to make me watch. Also tune in to see each team will perform two dances.

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