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Thread: Big Brother Recap 4/22 : Bye Bye Beebees!

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    Big Brother Recap 4/22 : Bye Bye Beebees!

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    The end is nigh. We’re on the home stretch. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the end of the road, the end of the line, the end of an epidemic. Stick a fork in it. The fat lady is ready to sing. It’s all downhill from here. Or in the words of Chelsia, this season has been rode hard and will be put up wet. Heck, let’s just put the season up. Period. Bring on Season 10.

    To What Do We Owe This Honor?

    Julie Chen graces us with her presence on a Tuesday night? This can only mean one thing. That’s right. Were in for a double eviction week! Two hamsters for the price of one is an excellent idea and long overdue. Julie Chen could have made two appearances a week all season and we could have buried these excuses for Big Brother houseguests a long time ago.

    This week, the POV holder holds all of the power. Ryan distrusts Adam after his whispered message to Natalie last week. However, he sticks with his boys’ alliance and nominates Sheila and Sharon. Now, Sharon has been nominated five times. She understands Ryan’s decision because it’s a crucial time and too soon to reveal that she and Ryan are working together. Is there anyone Ryan isn’t working with? Sheila, however, can’t laugh it off as Sharon does. Oh no. Sheila must have a pity party first. She cries in bed because she’s on the “frickin’” block. Sharon tries to comfort the big baby. She assures her that she’ll make sure that the two of them are with Ryan in the final three. She knows that those two will take her to the end but distrusts Adam.

    Ryan wants to go to the final three with Adam and Sharon because he’s certain either of them will choose him to go to the end. He tells Adam that he’s going to have to vote out Sheila and they should strike a final three deal with Sharon. Adam swears to him that if necessary, he’ll send Sheila packing if it comes to that. Of course, he’s just saying what he needs to say to get himself to the finals. Adam is loyal to Sheila, I believe. The two of them have had a deal since they were paired together in the beginning. It’s just as well because Sharon isn’t agreeable with the idea of going to the final three with the boys. She wants Adam gone and plans to vote him out if she wins POV.

    Sheila questions Adam’s trustworthiness and he assures her that he has her back. She has his back too, so yeah. They have each other’s backs. He tells her not to worry. The POV is crucial but he plans to win it. They’re both at risk but Sheila makes it all about her. She wants a guarantee that he can be a “mean frickin’ person” and get his hands dirty by voting out Sharon if it comes down to it. He’s pissed her off many times in this game by trying to make everyone like him and Sheila’s not having it anymore. She wants his word so she can trust him. He promises her that she’s safe and that if he gets that deciding vote, he will evict Sharon.

    Chains Of Love?

    As losers in the luxury competition, Adam and Sheila must be shackled together for 24 hours. Sheila is bitchy(surprised?) about being stuck with Adam but jokes about how well acquainted he seems with the shackles. I’d be willing to bet Miss Penthouse knows full well how to slap on the leather cuffs herself. These two were made for each other. Perhaps being chained together will make Sheila realize that Adam is truly her soul mate? Not. Adam is too annoying and does things like pull on the chain just to aggravate Sheila. Of course, it doesn’t take much to aggravate her and she does threaten to tie him to the bedpost, so who knows? Maybe she’ll fall for Adam yet.

    The Chenbot returns for the POV. We could actually get by without her but her commentary is deemed necessary by CBS. She reminds us how important this competition is since the winner has the ultimate power and I plan to just ignore her until the end of the show when the POV competition and eviction takes place and she is actually a little useful, okay? ‘K!

    Sheila and Adam are forced to share a bed because of their chains of love and Sheila realizes that Sharon has sneaked up to HoH to scheme with Ryan. Sharon is working hard to convince Ryan that Adam cannot be trusted. She believes that Adam and Sheila will take each other to the end but is also trying to save her own hide. She pimps the all-important POV competition one more time. Meanwhile, the lovebirds are in bed and Sheila is yammering about how deserving both she and Adam are. Since she makes me want to bang my head against my keyboard, that’s enough about that.

    Jockeying For Position

    The 24 hours of bondage are up just in time for the all-important POV competition. Houseguests enter the backyard and find it divided into four quadrants. Facing each houseguest are racehorses with headless jockeys. They must put the faces of the jury members on the horses in the order of their evictions along with two clues about that houseguest. The first to complete all five horses in order correctly will be the all-important POV winner. Ryan wants to win so he can be a “power whore.” All four work hard on the task because it is so crucial to them all. In the end, Ryan pulls off the win making him the whore he desires to be. Sheila is now frustrated - again - because she’ll have to kiss the whore’s butt to stay in the house. Sharon realizes her only chance of staying in the house is to convince Ryan to pull her down and put up Adam. Baller is feeling the pressure because he’ll either go on the block or cast the deciding vote. The whore is cocky and plans to have everyone kiss up to him. He says he holds all the power because he’s HoH and he decided who is evicted. Really, Big Boy? I thought that was Adam’s call.

    Ryan struggles with whether or not he can trust Adam. Adam lies to his face and says he is not in an alliance with Sheila and owes his loyalty to Ryan. He’ll even swear on the Bible or Natalie’s God if necessary and says he’ll vote Sheila out to prove his commitment to Ryan. Ryan’s still throwing his weight around - figuratively, not literally(lucky for Adam). He flaunts his power and threatens to toss Adam to sequester if he dares betray the almighty power whore.

    Adam isn’t too afraid of the big, bad Ryan. He goes to Sharon and offers her a deal. He’ll keep her there and vote out Sheila if she promises to go to the final two with him. Sheila is guarantee for him, but Sharon is not. Sharon is hesitant to take the deal and thinks they should talk to Ryan first. For Adam, this confirms that she is working with Ryan. Of course, Sharon runs right up to Ryan and tells him about Adam’s offer. She uses this to sow more seeds of doubt about Adam in an attempt to get Ryan to nominate him in her place with the POV.

    Sheila knows that Adam is her only chance to go to the final two. She goes to Adam and pleads her case one more time by reminding him that Sharon will take Ryan to the end and she will take him. And of course, she throw in a good sob about how much she needs the money whether it’s first or second place cash. Adam is the one she wants to go to the end with and she hopes he feels the same.

    Adam heads up to HoH and Ryan jumps him about his proposed deal with Sharon. Adam promptly denies trying to make a deal and gets all excited. Now, when Adam gets excited, he stutters and talks very quickly and a verbatim translation is just not possible. Ryan isn’t sure if he can trust Adam now. Adam says he has no qualms at all about voting Sheila out because he plans to go to the final two with Ryan and dares Ryan to put him on the block if he needs to.

    Up That Proverbial Creek

    Now I’ll acknowledge Julie Chen as she goes live with the houseguests. She asks Ryan how it feels to hold all the power and the big boy feels it’s an advantage for him. Chenbot then congratulates Sharon for setting a new Big Brother record for her five straight nominations. Sharon feels her houseguests have had faith in her and by the grace of God, she’s still there. Sheila gets a question about being chained to Adam. It was upsetting to her to be with him for so long. Adam accepts Sheila for what she is and if he’s stuck with her for another week, so be it. Foreshadowing? Let’s find out.

    Ryan opts not to use his POV and keeps his nominations the same. Therefore, Adam has the sole vote to evict this week. Sharon stands and gives the same speech that she’s given five other times. She’d love to stay but if it’s her time to go, she’ll go. Sheila gets a little choked up but follows Sharon’s lead and leaves the decision to God’s will. Adam stands and although the show’s edit has pointed to Sheila’s eviction, he evicts Sharon from the house. Sheila sobs as if it were in fact her eviction and Sharon has to tell her it’s okay. Even after Sharon exit’s the house, Sheila is still sobbing uncontrollably because she thought she was going to be evicted.

    With Julie, Sharon is handling her eviction well. She isn’t even teary over leaving her “beebees.” She is in good spirits and says Ryan believing Adam and not her may cost him the game in the end. She restates her belief that Adam and Sheila will stick together. Julie is wowed and once again congratulates her on her record setting now six nominations. In goodbye messages, Adam admits that Sheila is his partner just as Josh was Sharon’s. Ryan apologizes for what happened but puts it all on Adam. Sheila tearfully tells her what a good person she is and that she’ll someday make someone a good wife and mother. When asked about Jacob and a future relationship, Sharon says that if they can make it work, they will. Being in the house has changed her perspective on her situation with Jacob. And just think. If BB gives her the guinea pigs, they’ll have their very own “beebees” to take care for. Instant family.

    Round one of the final HoH competition begins tonight. Remember, the winner of round one will advance to the third round. Losers will battle it out in round two and the winner there will face off with the first winner to determine the final HoH. The backyard looks like a mountain stream. Houseguests wade out to the “rapids” and climb on to kneeboards where they must hold on to tow ropes as the water rushes under them. Of course, a storm is on the horizon, Julie tells them. The “river” on which they are kneeboarding rises leaving them hanging on to the tow rope for survival. At least one hand must remain in contact with the rope at all times. The last houseguest hanging on will take round one. Of course, Big Brother aka Mother Nature has a predictable surprise in store for the houseguests. “Rain” begins to fall making it a little more difficult to hold on.

    Who will win round one of the most important HoH in the game? Who will be evicted to become the final jury member and who will move on to the final two for a chance at the money? Find out in MsFroggy’s brilliant and funny recap of Wednesday’s live show and AshleyPSU’s fantastic coverage of Sunday’s finale.

    Join me for a celebratory drink as we bid this season farewell. Cheers and good riddance.
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