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You know, just when you think things are finally on track you get thrown a major curveball. For us, the hometown visits were a torture and a half, with greedy new sources demaning extra moolah keeping us worried from LA to Colorado. The cash sucking whirlwind travel experience alone, almost did us in. We wondered whether perhaps it was time to stable our horses and bake our last pudding. Only the thought of leaving you all Diary-less out in the cold, dear fans, kept us going. Finally, after much haggling and threats negotiations, we reached an understanding with various shameless money-hungry family members well-connected insiders who agreed to fork over the loot provide us with these valuable Diary pages, earning a pretty penny nothing but our humble gratitude in the process. Trust us, we pretty much are down to our last dime spared no expense to keep you happy this week!







We must stress, that despite our best efforts, it is entirely possible that these sensational diary pages are all a vicious fabrication and no more than the figments of some overactive imaginations with excellent typing skills. Read at your own risk.

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