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Unless youíve been under a rock for the past few episodes, you all know the deal. Adam won HoH and a tearful James convinced him not to nominate him for eviction. Instead, he nominated Sheila and Sharon challenging everyone to play hard for POV if they want James on the block. Jamesí only chance for survival is to win the POV for himself and keep the nominations the same. Can James pull off another POV win? Will Adam be crucified by Team Christ for his betrayal? Will Sheila just sit down and shut up? Well, a recapper can dream, right?


Sheila was infuriated by Adamís decision to put her on the block. She vows she would have never done such a thing to Adam. I say itís good payback for all the bitching she did about him in the beginning. Sharon isnít quite as bothered by her nomination. As the weekly pawn, sheís taking the nomination in stride. Ryan is angry at Adamís nominations as well. He feels Adamís decision was cowardly and spineless. Going against the group the way he did. Thatís not spineless at all. Now being a puppet on the Jesus bandwagon? That could be considered spineless. Natalie figures to play both sides so James wonít come after her next week.

Big She isnít about to just sit back and keep her mouth shut the way Sharon has been doing. Oh no! Big She is all about the Big Me. She goes off on Adam for putting her in a position to need to win something. Hello, Sheila. Meet Big Brother. Adam tells her not to worry about it because sheíll be off in a couple days when someone wins POV. He challenges her to win it and take her self off and even says heíll win it and take her off. She yells back that she doesnít need him to take her off because he put her on. Heh. For the first time in this game, I actually like Adam a teeny tiny bit.

Sheila is still singing the same tune to Ryan. If she or Ryan or Natalie do not win the POV, sheís afraid sheíll be voted out. Ryan realizes the importance of the POV competition because James could win and take Sharon off the block, therefore forcing Adam to nominate Ryan or Natalie and evict whomever they choose. Ryan approaches Adam in front of everyone and lets him know what he thinks. James again says he will not use the POV if he wins but dares Ryan to win it himself if he wants him out of the house so badly.
Sheila is still sweating it and bashing Adam. Natalie tells her to chill because if James wins the veto, itíll be her or Ryan to go up and leave, not her. And if one of them wins, sheíll be safe. But does Big She just chill out. Oh, of course not. Big She has a big mouth.

A Deal With The Christian Devil

Adam has been over thinking his decision and starts feeling he did the wrong thing. He goes to Sheila and tells her he may have just cost himself the game. Sheila says heís thought about it and she will forgive him. He apologizes to her and Natalie. She tells him to win the POV to redeem himself. Adam declares that he is a moron. Satanís tongue got to him and lured him into his bad decision. He apologizes to Ryan and grovels quite a bit. Just when I was starting to like AdamÖ

Natalie, the ďChristian,Ē accepts Adamís apology but doesnít forgive him because heís put her at risk. Sounds like a lot of Christians I know. She is convinced that James will use the veto to remove Sharon if he wins it. James walks in and overhears her. He tells them that he gave his word to Adam and he will keep the nominations the same as promised. Natalie proposes an agreement with James and Adam to keep each other safe. James will not use the POV thus ensuring Natís safety. Nat will not use the POV either and if she wins HoH, she wonít put him up. Sharon makes James question Natís sincerity. She doesnít believe Nat would keep her word to James when he is responsible for Mattís eviction.

James is discouraged and frustrated by the good vs. evil thing going on. He isnít a bad person just because he has a pink Mohawk and is different. He and Sharon are both discouraged over losing their partners. They have a good cry over how much they miss home. James misses being hugged. Sharon misses Jacob. They both miss friends and family and boo hoo hoo.

(Un)Merry Maid

Sheila bitches about being the cleaning lady. In her time there, she hasnít seen one of the others wash a dish, wash a towel, or clean the bathroom. Even the refrigerator is a disgusting mess. She wonders how they live at home and thinks she deserves a kickback for being the maid for two months.

POV time and the backyard has been transformed into a desert paradise with palm trees, a huge stone idol, and sand pits. Adam announces that the BB rhyming rain god is unhappy because the BB lake has suffered a drought. Houseguests must please him by bringing rain back to the BB lake house. The god will ask them a question about something that happened in the house and they must bring him the number of the day that event took place. Theyíll need to search the lake bed for the rock with the correct number. If more than one of them bring back the same number, the last one will be eliminated. If they answer incorrectly and are farthest away from the correct answer, they will also be eliminated. On the first question, Natalie is eliminated for answering incorrectly. The rain god is pleased with the correct answers and rain falls on the houseguests. On the next question, Sheila goes out. Itís raining down on the houseguests for the next question. James answers incorrectly and is eliminated. Sharon answers incorrectly and goes out on the next question. Adam follows and Ryan wins the POV.

Sheila, Nat, and Ryan celebrate the POV win. Knowing it ensures Jamesí eviction, Natalie is thrilled that Matt will finally get his birthday gift from her. Puhleeze! Matt has probably already forgotten her name. Nat tells Ryan he won because of all his Bible reading. Again, puhleeze! Sheila goes on to talk with Sharon about what a threat James is. Sharon tells her that James shared with her about Nat trying to work with him. Sheila is floored and realizes Natalie will eventually betray her. Sheila promised she wouldnít tell anyone what Sharon said about Nat but indirectly lets Ryan know.

Wheeling And Dealing

James approaches Ryan and lets him know that he would be indebted to Ryan if he doesnít use the veto. Ryan doesnít have anything against James but knows that he is a threat. James points out that Natalie is too. Ryan then asks if Nat has been trying to make deals with James. He confirms that she has done so and tells him about the deal they made before the POV competition. Ryan knows for certain that sneaky Nat is playing both sides. If James stays around, Ryan wants to have him as an ally. They strike a secret deal to work together. Seems everyone has a deal with everyone in this house.

Ryan is torn between his alliance and James. Jamesí argument was tempting; however, Ryan is spineless and brainwashed by Team Christ. He removes Big She and her big mouth from the block. Adam doesnít want to look like an even bigger moron to those in his Praisiní Jesus alliance, so he nominates James. James is okay with Adamís decision. He understands why Ryan used the veto as well. However, he isnít giving up and plans to rattle the cage. Itís a huge compliment to him that the entire house has been trying to get him out. Sharon plans to do the same thing she does every week which is sit back and do nothing.

Will James miraculously survive this weekís eviction? Will Satanís tongue lick them all? Tune in to the live show and find out. Or you could save an hour of your life and just read MsFroggyís awesome recap.

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