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For the first time this season, I found myself looking forward to watching another episode of Big Brother. Can you believe it? I didnít either. I pinched myself a few times and found I really wasnít dreaming. Iím starting to like Adam more and more, and I am excited to see what will happen during his reign as HoH. Letís get going, shall we?

On Wednesday night, King Joshuah was booted and Sharon lost her marbles partner. She sobbed uncontrollably, all the while assuring everyone she was okay. The houseguests all agree that Josh left in a surprisingly classy way and they respect him for that. Adam makes fun of the way Sharon was ďwailing, dudeĒ. He also comments, ďWeíll see what sheís made of now, Marine.Ē I donít know if itís because I loathe the other houseguests so much or if itís because Adamís sayings are that ridiculous, but he cracks me up every time I see him.

Also on Wednesday night, Adam won the HoH competitionÖ again. He feels he is a little more confident this time than he was last time. Natalie had a dream that Adam would win HoH and she thinks itís like God is speaking to her. I just think sheís a few cards shy of a full deck, if you know what Iím sayiní. James comments that when Adam won HoH, he wanted to kick himself in the face. Thatís pretty funny because I actually use that saying myself. I feel bad for poor James out there all alone on his little island. Love him or hate him, you have to admit heís a pretty interesting guy.

Team Gag Me

After the HoH competition, Team Christ rejoices at another victory while James and Sharon vent in another room. Adam declares that TC is in the hizzouse. Ugh, Iím so over this Team Christ crap. Canít we just call these people the Geek Squad and move on with our lives? Natalie does some ridiculous toe touch type move while still dressed in her slutty hooker ensemble (which I still canít believe she wore on the live show Wed.). She declares that once you believe in the power of Jesus, you never go back, or some kind of saying like that. Okaaaay. James says he hates everyone in the house and Sharon thinks maybe Adam will put up Sheila. James is getting aggravated with everyone and Sharon says she needs time to think.

After reading the Bible, Natalie puts on her pole dancing outfit

Everyone gathers together in the kitchen and James playfully tells everyone how the week is going to work out. He says that he and Sharon will be nominated, he might win his 4th POV, and then Sheila will go up. They all just kind of sit there looking disinterested and mumble a few things. Adam tells Sheila that she can beat James in the POV, and she tells Adam that she has had enough abuse. She gets upset that Adam always messes around with her and she thinks he probably would put her up on the block and she wouldnít be happy about it. Natalie, sitting with her legs open while still wearing her hoochie skirt, wants to know why everyone just canít get along. Adam thinks Sheila could be a pawn this week because sheís the odd man out of Team Christ. Apparently most truth is spoken through jest, my friends. Iím glad the BB producers decided to subtitle Adamís DR moments because I have no idea what he says half the time. Adam jokes around about who he is going to put on the block next to Jimmy. Is it just me or is it weird to hear James being called Jimmy? James realizes that everyone is pushing to get him out again but he hasnít given up yet.

HoH: The Sequel

Itís time to see Adamís HoH room. This time there isnít any baby food! Adam is so excited about the fresh flowers and the pictures of his ďhomiesĒ. He reads his letter from home where his mother informs him that she closes her eyes every time she sees him picking his nose. Hmm. I guess she has only been able to watch about 10 minutes total this season then. Adam gets the impression that his roommate was responsible for the baby food and that all of Adamís babes are calling and asking about him. Iím sure thatís the case.

Everyone heads back downstairs and Natalie, Ryan, and Adam scheme that Sheila, Sharon, James need to go. James and Adam hang outside and talk a little bit, and Adam starts to feel a little bit bad for Jimmy. Adam thinks James is down and out and he feels bad because James has been his buddy since the beginning of the game. James taps into his inner ďCrazy JamesĒ and decides he needs to pull through again.

Mommy Sheila

Speaking of Crazy James, he and Adam decide it would be funny to toilet paper the entire downstairs bedroom while the girls are all up in the HoH room. Ryan joins in and they go to town with the TP. Sheila walks into the bedroom and doesnít really seem too pissed off but she doesnít seem happy either. We are then treated to a little montage of clips of the houseguests picking on Sheila. Natalie jumps out of a garbage can in the storage room and scares the daylights out of Sheila. Outside, Adam has a goofy look on his face (go figure) and Sheila thinks they are up to something. While she is laying out on the chair with her eyes clothes, James proceeds to dump a cup of flour on her head. She actually seems mad about that. Adam tells her she asks for it and she says she is abused more than anyone in the house. Adam says itís only because they all love her. She says she is used to being pranked because she has 3 brothers and a teenage son. Wait, Sheila has a son? I wasnít sure if she was a mother or not. Thanks for clearing that one up, Sheila.

Yeah, Iíd probably be pissed too Sheila

Speaking of Sheila being a mother, she tells Adam about a dream she had where she was trying to talk to her son but she couldnít because she was still in the game. She says that all she thinks about is whether or not her son is okay. She starts sobbing to Adam about how much she misses her family. He makes an inaudible comment of some kind, and then says he misses his family too. Sheila bawls around that her son is her fuel because she is in it to win it for him. She tells Adam this experience in the BB house is the hardest thing sheís ever done. She thinks that Adam really gets her more than anyone else and he is the only one she can talk to about her son. Okay Sheila, you have a son. We get it.

Hey, Youíre Nice. Do You Want To Be In My Alliance?

Sharon discloses in the DR that her strategy for the entire game is to lay low and let people come to her to form alliances. She heads out to the hot tub with Ryan and he thinks that they would make a pretty good secret alliance. She agrees and they decide to play it cool so nobody suspects anything. She wonít put Ryan up, and he says he wonít put her up. He also says he will try to talk Adam into not putting her up and putting Sheila up instead. Sharon claims she will stay loyal to him just like she stayed loyal to Josh. Ryan wants it to be the two nicest people in the final two. I would hardly call anyone on this season ďniceĒ, but hey whatever.

Ryan and Adam talk some strategy in the backyard and Ryan asks who Adam is going to put up next to James. Adam says Sharon and Ryan tells him that itís his call. Way to stand up for your secret alliance buddy there Ryan. Ryan tells Adam that he should try to make a deal with Sharon for a week of safety. Apparently he thinks that constitutes having Sharonís back. They think it would be funny to see Sheila squirm if she went up on the block.

James, Youíre My BeeeeBeeeee!!!

Sharon walks into the bedroom where James is sleeping alone. She informs him that the food competition is going to begin in about 45 minutes so he might want to get some food in his stomach before. She says that since Josh is gone, she needs someone else to take care of since she is mommy Sharon. James likes the fact that Sharon is taking him under her wing. Aww.

Letís Go For A Ride On The Gravy Train

Well what do you know? Itís time for another food competition! The hamsters head out to the backyard where they find a ramp covered with pots and pans. There are also huge pots of mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmm. The object of the game is to make pathways using only mashed potatoes, pour gravy down said pathways, and fill up containers which allow the houseguests to win certain foods. In addition to food items for the week, the houseguests can also win a fest, a BBQ grill, and outdoor toys. If they win nothing this week, they will get slop and a limited amount of mashed potatoes. The houseguests get 10 minutes to fill up as many containers with gravy as they can.

Apparently the competition is a bit harder than it looks because the ramp is really quite slick. James refers to Adam and Ryan as ďwhales on a rampĒ. After a rather dull competition, the houseguests end up winning Meat and Fish, Desserts and Snacks, Outdoor Toys, Dairy and Eggs, Bread and Pasta (or sammiches and pita pockets according to Adam), and the BBQ grill. Well, that was lame. *yawn*

Crybaby Crybaby

James decides itís time to pull out all the stops, and he pours his crazy little heart out to Adam. He tells Adam that he has never done anything to wrong him. Adam feels bad that James is alone in the game and he doesnít want James to be out on an island. James doesnít think he has done anything to make Adam not trust him. Meanwhile, Ryan catches Adam and James talking and reports back to Natalie. They worry a little bit that Adam might not put James up after all. Ryan heads up to the HoH where Adam now is, and Adam thinks maybe he will put up Sharon and Sheila. Ryan has no idea what Adam is thinking. Adam agrees that James hasnít done anything to screw him over and that theyíve always been boys. Ryan calls on Natalie for backup and they bombard Adam with how stupid he is being. They are telling him if he doesnít put James up, itís a waste of an HoH. Natalie throws in some Bible stuff and then they both start to freak out. Natalie does have a point. If James isnít on the block, wins veto, and takes Sharon off, then either Natalie or Ryan would have to go up on the block as a replacement. That Natalie might not be able to spell or count or dress herself respectably, but she is always scheming!

James pays Adam a visit in the HoH. He tells Adam he is either going to have to take a risk and work with him, or take a big risk with James coming off the block. Adam still doesnít know what to do. James isnít sure why Adam and Natalie voted him back into the game if they didnít want to work with him. Natalie breaks up the party and they all discuss who has done who wrong, yada yada yada. Adam thinks itís too little too late. James lip begins to quiver and he starts to sob hysterically. I canít even understand what he is saying because he is crying so hard. He says he feels like the whole house is against him and he doesnít know what to do. Adam gets a little teary eyed too. Sheesh. Natalie gives him a hug and leaves the room. James starts to cry more. In the DR he tells us that he hasnít cried that much since he was 14 when his dad died. Adam and James cry and talk a little bit more, and finally Adam decides that it can be him and James until the end. He knows that James is his bro and wonít screw him over. They hug and Adam tells James to relax because he wonít be on the block. More crying ensues. Good Lord. I feel like Iím watching the Blue Team on the Biggest Loser.

Dude da tha ma fac fre lid is? (Translation: Dude do you think my face will freeze like this?)

The end of the show nears and itís time for the weekly nominations. Will Adam stick true to his word not to put James up? I canít imagine, but letís see. Adam says he needs to do what is best for himself and nobody else. He also says his decision is based on real fire and passion for the game. The first key he pulls is Natalie. She is safe. The other safe houseguests are Ryan and James. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Things are finally starting to get shaken up in the Big Brother house! The two nominees this week are Sharon and Sheila. Adam explains that he decided to fast forward to what would happen if he put up James and James would win POV. He says he needed to do what he did to light a fire under all of them to play hard for the POV. He also says they will see whose word is good and whose isnít this week. Sheila is obviously pissed and tells Adam he is the biggest jerk in the house and she feels like she has been stabbed in the back. Ryan thinks Adamís nominations are cowardly and spineless. Natalie thinks Adam is a frickiní idiot. All these people are idiots. But really, kudos to Adam for a bold move.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will they use it to save one of the nominees? Will Sheila self destruct? Tune in Tuesday or read lildagoís recap to find out!

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