The Big Brother cameras are watching the Hamsters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even the most dedicated feed watcher can't keep up with that schedule. What did you miss while you weren't watching?

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WARNING - non-feed watchers may be spoiled

This recap covers Friday through Sunday in the BB house.

That’s right. If you haven’t heard by now, Ryan won the POV and James is most likely toast. With Team Christ and Sharon left in the house, I think I’d rather have a root canal than watch the feeds. Not that this season was much of a party anyway, but now…it’ll be deader than dead unless you want to listen to Sheila’s screechy stories or Natalie’s counting or watch Adam digging in his drawers. It’s like the Nerd herd v 2.0, the new and improved born again version.

For a short while, it looked like there was hope for James. He convinced Adam not to nominate him. Sharon even thought perhaps his plan was to put Natalie on the block if either Sharon or Sheila comes down. Adam himself commented that they way his homies were acting might get “one of their asses on the block.” But, the She-bot got a hold of Adam and filled his head with her craziness. Adam then agrees that he was an idiot for not nominating James and if James does not win the POV, Adam will put him up in place of one of the nominees. Of course, he probably just agreed because Sheila was on a rant to end all rants and it was the only way to slow her down and shut her up a little. Damn that woman could talk the horns off a billy goat! Meanwhile Nat is just as pissed off and rants to Ryan. She thinks BB manipulated Adam before nominations and that is why he didn’t nominate James. Also, they didn’t give her one last chance to talk to him before nominations. Hmm, not the first time BB’s propriety is questioned.

Nat and Sheila badger Adam some more about his nominations in the sauna room. He keeps apologizing for being such a moron. Nat calls James and evildoer and tells Adam that he cannot work with the evildoer. Adam says, get this, Satan lured him. Nat then leads them in a prayer and asks God to protect the “good” people in the house and help them get the evildoer out. They all have a good laugh during the prayer as she asks God to forgive Adam for his mistake. At the end of the prayer, Adam thinks he saw a light flicker in the sauna. Sheila thinks it’s a sign. Nat thinks God is with her in the sauna. I think it’s one mean ass ghost coming to suck the life from them all. Ryan soon joins the holy rollin’ hypocrites and Adam apologizes to him too. Just when I was starting to like old Adam…

Adam says if James doesn’t go home, they’re screwed. Ryan and Nat do not believe that James will live up to his end of the deal. He said he wouldn’t use POV if he won it but they if he wins it, he’ll take Sharon off the block and Adam will be forced to put up Ryan or Nat. Adam apologizes to them again for his big bad mistake. Chelsia’s advice for Adam to get a backbone is suddenly ringing in my ears. Adam says something about being suckered into making his decision. He mentions being torn and says “they” pushed him into it just before Skippy cuts the feeds away. Sounds like BB has something to hide.

James : "Welcome to the island for a day.”

Apparently, Ryan and Sharon have a secret alliance. Seems everyone is in an alliance with everyone and nobody knows but when everyone finds out that they’ve been screwed by basically everyone, someone is surely going to be pissed. They way the two talk, they plan to take each other to the final 2. Ryan will not, however, use the veto on Sharon. He doesn’t want anyone to suspect their alliance. Ryan wants to plan their game one week at a time but Sharon pushes him to think past that in case this week is a double eviction. They decide Adam and Natalie should be the next two to go. It’ll be easy to convince everyone to vote out Adam because he betrayed Team Christ by not nominating the evildoer. Sharon will start laying the groundwork with Sheila and Natalie. Sharon is also in an alliance with Natalie and talks with her about putting up Adam and Sheila.

  • Adam and Natalie stupidly talk of nominating themselves and how it would make BB history. They’ll go down in history alright. And Marcellus will be happy to give up his dumbass title.
  • Sheila thinks James wants to have sex with her. She can see it in his eyes.
  • James tells Sharon about Natalie wanting to work with him. Sharon is pissed and vows to make sure Nat doesn’t win if she makes it to the end.
  • The “beebees” have no food since no fruits or veggies were won in the food competition. Sharon is upset.
  • Natalie kisses Matt’s picture. Adam wants her to tongue it but when she refuses, he does it himself.
  • Adam keeps giving Natalie a hard time about the blowjobs she gave Matt. She continues to deny it but does cop to kissing his stomach. Guess that’ll be how she explains the undercover action. Adam tries to get her to swear on the Bible but she says the Bible tells you not to do that. She claims Mattie is a big liar and she’s going to punch him in the face when she sees him.
  • After Ryan’s veto win, Sheila flirts shamelessly. She even hints at whoring herself out if he’ll use the veto on her. Ryan better get a weed whacker if he’s considering that proposal.
  • Natalie wants to name her first child Araya Sunshine.
  • In a DR leak, James is heard asking for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.
The hamsters get their toys that were won in the food competition…remote control cars, a putting green, and get-to-know-you question cards. The question cards are a hit but as they play, Natalie asks the stupidest questions. She has to ask what “virtue” means? She thinks it’s some kind of super power. She didn’t know what “cuppa joe” or Big Brothers and Sisters of America or the Holy Grail are. Is it possible that someone is really this clueless? This girl is just dumb as dirt.

Speaking of dumb, Sharon foolishly shared some of her sex secrets with James. He calls her out on one secret in front of Adam and Sheila. Apparently, she and Jacob had sex that was so rough, it “split her.” She likens it to an episiotomy that many women get during birth. Sharon acts all shy as if she doesn’t want anyone to know. Too late, beebee. The internets are watching. Even more shocking is that she told Jacob’s father that his son split her vagina after learning that Jacob had cheated on her. The guys tease her by calling her “Splitsky.” They ask her a lot of other perverted questions that she refuses to answer because her parents are watching.

Ryan hurt his neck working out and has been told to take it easy for 48 hours. He’s in bed most of the weekend moaning and groaning with pain but Sheila still nags him about the veto. Just to shut her up He promises to use the veto on her. She says she won’t put him up if she wins HoH. Since there’s not a chance in hell that’s happening, Ryan got the raw end of that deal. Sheila has been bitching incessantly at and about Adam for putting her on the block. One minute, she hates him and he should have had her back. What was he frickin’ thinking? She won’t forget what he did to her this week. The next minute, they should be working together, they make a good team, they could go all the way to the end together. Adam should actually take her annoying ass up on the deal. Against her in the end, I think anyone would win.

Sheila : “This game is getting so crazy up in here!”

Ryan and Sharon discuss what a threat Natalie is. She knows details about the house which could come in handy during competitions and she has the endurance factor. She’ll be tough to beat. Sharon fills James in on everything so he goes to Ryan to plead his case. Ryan hears him out but makes no promises. He then goes back to Team Christ and tells them that Natalie is a target but of course, leaves himself out of the whole plan. Team Christ agrees that the evildoer must go.

The veto ceremony went down earlier today and Ryan did pull Sheila down. The set Adam seemed to have grown a couple days ago has now been shrunk by the power of Christ. He replaces She-bot with James. If(when) James goes on Wednesday, the party’s over. Don’t forget to turn out the light.

Tonight…a little strategizing. James and Adam pitch a plan to Sheila. If she votes out Sharon, James will make Natalie’s life a living hell and get her out of the house. They want Sheila to tell Ryan that Sharon is planning to go after him and Adam. James says he doesn’t want either of them on the block. If he wins HoH, he’ll put up Nat and Ryan. He promises safety to Sheila and Adam. Sheila seems to be thinking it over and agrees that Natalie is indeed a threat that needs to be taken out. James is working his pink magic. He predicts that Natalie will blow the HoH competition if he stays because her prophecy of him leaving won’t be fulfilled. There may be hope for him yet! Sheila says she’s going to flip the house because she’s bored and needs a little excitement for her 46th birthday. James says it’ll be a boring “vanilla game” after all of this. I have news for him. It has been all season.

And I leave you with this disturbing image…