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Well, here we are for another episode of America's Next Top Model. We're already down to 8 models, which means we are about at the midway point and should be seeing that worthless recap episode any week now. This , however, we still have plenty of drama and fashion and another bizzaro photo shoot. Let's get started, shall we?

Back at the loft after elimination, Anya and Whitney worry about their chances in the competition. Whitney thinks America and America’s Next Top Model are both ready for a plus size winner. Dominique doesn’t agree and then tells us that she thinks Whitney is intimidated by her. Jeez, the delusion with that one just does not quit. Whitney reads Aimee’s letter to the girls and Claire just looks relieved that it isn’t her letter Whitney is reading since she was in the bottom two with Aimee. Stacy-Ann tells us she thinks Claire works too hard but Claire says the farther she gets in the competition, the less guilty she feels about leaving her daughter.

Tyra Mail:
If you don’t make it here, you won’t make it anywhere. Love, Tyra”

The girls immediately begin guessing what the challenge will be and some are sure it will be something to do with Broadway. Dominique thinks this would be perfect for her: her mother has always told her she’s a natural born actress. Since no episode this season is complete without a little drama and a hissy fit, we turn to action in the kitchen where Fatima’s coffee has gone missing. She’s sure one of the girls poured it out and she wants a confession out of someone. She and Lauren snipe at each other and it turns ugly. At least I think that’s what happened. They blurred out Lauren’s mouth, so I don’t know for sure. She could have been singing the theme song to The Golden Girls.

Luckily, this week’s challenge doesn’t have anything to do with Broadway. I was wondering if I’d be watching this part of the show with the mute on since I doubt any of these girls could carry a tune in a tin can. The FabCab delivers the girls to the offices of Elite Model Management where they are greeted by Karen Lee, the Director of Scouting and Kristy Hinze, who is apparently a big deal model. Karen gives the girls the news: it’s time for go-sees! It’s important for them to be confident and make a good first impression, Karen lectures.

For the challenge, the girls will be divided into two teams of four. Team 1 is Claire, Stacy-Ann, Whitney and Dominique. Team 2 is Lauren, Anya, Katarzyna and Fatima. Each team will be given a navigation system to help them find their way around the city. Team 1 puts Claire in charge, while Lauren tries to take charge of Team 2. To her annoyance, Anya grabs the GPS unit and takes off walking without even looking where she’s going. Meanwhile, Claire worries about possible drama between Dominique and Whitney.

Team 1 arrives at Pamella Roland where the girls are greeted by Pamella de Vos. They each change into one of her designs and walk for her. She assesses the girls for us. She likes Stacy-Ann’s personality and walk and would definitely hire her. While Claire doesn’t have the right look for her, she still has a great walk. Dominique seems to do well: even Whitney thinks she looks great in the designer’s gown. Unfortunately, Dominique has to get all arrogant again and actually pats herself on the back smugly in front of the other girls. Whitney is already prepared for the designers not to like her because of her size. Pamella tells her not to wiggle so much when she walks. Pamella tells Whitney she has a beautiful face, but isn’t right for this line. Dominique sits and gleefully watched Whitney break down a little. Whitney tries to put a positive spin on the situation. She feels discriminated against, but doesn’t want to burn her bridges with any designer.

Group 2 is quickly getting annoyed with Lauren, especially Fatima. They finally arrive at he studio of Shoshonna Gruss, who welcomes them and explains what she’s looking for in a model. Hey, wasn’t she that girl who Jerry Seinfeld dated and everyone gave him crap for robbing the cradle? Well, now she’s designing sportswear. The girls all get changed and walk for her. Shosonna thinks Lauren is pretty, but looked uncomfortable. She thinks Fatima is stunning. Anya and Katarzyna don’t merit any comment, or at least the comments weren’t interesting enough for us to hear.

The teams now switch designers: Team 1 goes to see Shoshonna Gruss and Team 2 visits Pamella Roland, where they meet designer Pamella DeVos. Shoshonna explains that her designs are meant to be more inclusive for all body types. Claire begins peppering Shoshonna with questions. The designer tells us that Claire has a strong personality, which can be good, but says Claire should be careful it’s not too strong. Whitney changes into one of Shoshonna’s halter dresses and looks amazing. The designer calls her sexy and says she would book Whitney. Stacy-Ann also makes a good impression on the designer. Dominique scowls while she walks à
la Zoolander. The others all laugh at her.

At the Pamella Roland showroom, Pamella DeVos says Fatima is too thin for the clothes, Anya is too timid and lacks confidence and Lauren isn’t so great either.

Both teams arrive at the third go-see at the same time and Karen Lee from Elite is there to greet them. Their final go-see is with Stacey Bendet from Alice & Olivia. Stacey urges the girls to be fun and flirty. Team 1 goes first. Stacey doesn’t think Dominique has a true model look. She thinks Stacy-Ann is animated and has good energy. When Team 2 takes their turn, Stacey tells us Fatima is gorgeous and has a great body. She thinks Katarzyna is cute as a button, with a great body and pretty face. While Lauren is nice and tall, Stacey thinks she walks like a horse stomping through the showroom.

With the go-sees done, the girls all leave to go meet Karen Lee again. With her is Ann Shoket, the Editor of Seventeen. Karen reveals the designers’ assessments. Team 1: they all walk well and have terrific personalities, but need need to work on their presentation. Team 2: they’re all beautiful and take great photos, but need to work on their personalities. Team 1 wins this challenge. Stacy-Ann was the challenge winner because more designers said they would book her. The winning team will be featured in a Summer beauty story in Seventeen. Claire pouts over not winning the challenge. Whitney, Claire, Stacy-Ann and Dominique are whisked off to their photo shoot, the results of which will appear in the June issue of Seventeen.

Tyra Mail:
”Put your best face forward, but be careful not to get washed out.”

When the girls arrive at the location for this week’s photo shoot, they find Mr. Jay walking on an elevated treadmill in a grey suit. Anya thinks he looks like a robot. Soon, other people walk past Mr. Jay and fall off the platform. Then, the treadmill speeds up and Mr. Jay begins to run…right through a wall of boxes. The girls all scream and cheer. Mr. Jay explains that this was a preview from a performance art show called Fuerzabruta, where the performers use their bodies to get an emotional response from the audience. He then directs them to a large sheet of Mylar overhead. It’s covered with water and various performers slide around on it like a big Slip ‘N Slide. This is their set for this week’s shoot. There will be no hair or makeup and the photographer will be shooting them from below. Mr. Jay introduces photographer Mike Rosenthal, who ANTM fans will know from several shoots over the past few cycles, including the circus-themed shoot where Caridee rocked an elephant trunk.

Up first this week is Claire. Mr. Jay urges Claire to keep her body positions interesting and to keep moving. While Mr. Jay stands below her, Claire announces she’s going to fall onto the Mylar. He cautions her not to, but she doesn’t listen. Claire falls forward, spread eagle, onto the Mylar and smacks her head on it. Hard. Everyone stops as they wait to see if Claire is okay. She moves her neck around and clutches her head. She’s seeing stars and her whole head is ringing. Mr. Jay tells her to take a few moments to get it together.

In the meantime, Dominique takes her turn in front of the camera. She writhes around on the Mylar and Mr. Jay comments that this is the first time they’ve seen any expression in her face. Claire recovers enough to go on with the shoot. Fatima watches Claire and tells us that she thinks Claire tries to hard to impress people. Claire basically spends the entire shoot trying to keep her eyes open in the water. Lauren is up next and Mr. Jay tells her to use her angles. The shoot doesn’t go so well for Lauren: Mr. Jay says it’s the first time Lauren has actually looked awkward in front of the camera. Anya does well on the Mylar, although she periodically forgets to point her toes: Mr. Jay shouts up a reminder to her to keep them pointed.

After seeing Katazrzyna’s photos last week, Tyra decided Kat needed a shorter hairstyle. This week, Kat’s hair is getting cut. Although she cries through the whole cut – she’s always had long hair – she bucks up and gets over it. In front of the camera, Kat has trouble putting her face in the water. Eventually she gets more comfortable. Whitney starts out worrying about whether she should be sitting on “Saran Wrap” when she weighs more than 60 pounds. Mr. Jay tells her not to be afraid and to get her face down in the water. He also urges her not to be afraid of smiling.

This shoot gets the better of several of the girls, including Stacy-Ann. Mr. Jay wants her to just have fun with the shoot, but she never quite relaxes. Mr. Jay asks Fatima not to get serious on him. He seems pretty pleased with Fatima’s performance and she looks pretty pleased as well. When she stands up, she announces that she doesn’t even know how to swim. Not that lolling about in 4 inches of water requires swimming ability, but she’s just sayin’.

Tyra Mail:
“Tomorrow you will meet with the judges. Only seven will continue on in the hope of becoming America’s Next Top Model. Love, Tyra.”

Whitney tries to give herself a pep talk: failure is not an option. She’s still smarting over the go-see, but is trying not to let it get to her. The girls all agree that this was the hardest shoot yet. Dominique claims to be looking forward to harder photo shoots so that her portfolio is more diverse. She announces that the girl who didn’t pull off this shoot, will be the girl who goes home…..is that really all that unusual? It usually is the girl who blows the shoot that gets sent home. Not like you’re super-smart there, Dom.

This week’s guest judge is Karen Lee from Elite. Tyra welcomes the girls to panel and explains that she had a different shoot planned until she saw Fuerzabruta. I’m sure they’re all so excited about her inspiration.

Claire: After Tyra compliments her outfit, Claire explains that she did a face plant onto the Mylar and has a sore neck. Tyra says she heard that Claire was told not to fall onto the Mylar, but did it anyway. As for the photo, Nigel thinks Claire’s face looks flattened and Karen Lee agrees. Paulina likes her arms in the shot and calls the photo “lovely.”
Stacy-Ann: Nigel finds the photo hard to describe, but thinks the angle works well. Karen likes the silhouette, but thinks Stacy-Ann’s mouth could be more relaxed. Tyra says that, when looking at her film, it was clear Stacy-Ann struggled.
Katarzyna: Everyone loves the new ‘do. While they might love her hair, no one can pronounce her name. It’s kind of pathetic really. Miss J resorts to calling her Neutrogena, which is really only funny if you’re like, 10….or Miss J. Same diff. Tyra thinks Kat looks like a dancer and Nigel says it’s the first shot where Kat has looked like a model.
Whitney: Karen thinks it looks like a sonogram. Miss J pipes up, saying it’s like a full-figured fetus. Tyra thinks she looks alive in the photo and as if she is just taking a breath. Whitney’s film blew Tyra away.
Dominique: Tonight, her tights are too sheer and her top is too short. We almost get some blurred out body parts, but she pulls the shirt down. Paulina thinks Dom’s face shows beautiful expression in the photo, while Tyra thinks she looks like she’s in pain….or having an orgasm.
Lauren: Nigel calls it an unusual, arty shot and thinks she looks as if she’s dead. Tyra says Lauren’s film showed her struggle with the water. Lauren agrees, saying she tried to focus on movement, but had a tough time: her contact lens came out during the shoot.
Fatima: Tya says the picture is perfect and looks just like someone drew it. Fatima admits she practiced posing. Nigel asks her to show a pose with one good angle and she ends up looking like a mannequin at Montgomery Ward….or a little teapot. Tyra tells Fatima that her film was stunning and Nigel thinks it was the best shot of the bunch.
Anya: Nigel announces that someone finally found the light. Karen thinks she did a great job.

The girls leave so the judges can make their decision.
Claire: Nigel thinks she could have worked her angles better and Tyra wonders if she’s a one-note model.
Stacy-Ann: Karen Lee was initially concerned about her square jaw, but Paulina takes exception to the square jaw comment, since it’s just like hers. Nigel calls her “bookable.”
Katarzyna: Miss J loves the new haircut, but Tyra says she has no personality. They still don’t know who she is.
Whitney: Nigel calls it real fantasy. Karen Lee thought she was beautiful and had a great personality.
Dominique: Nigel thinks that from the hair on down, she looked crazy in judging. Karen agrees: Dom looked better at the go-see.
Fatima: Karen says her face is gorgeous, but Nigel thinks she lucked into this great shot. Tyra disagrees and Paulina jumps in, saying she thinks Nigel just doesn’t like Fatima.
Anya: Miss J thinks it’s a great picture of her and Nigel agrees: her angles have come together. Tyra calls her a “nymph elf whose head is on fire.” Pretty.
Lauren: Paulina admits that Lauren’s awkwardness didn’t really work in this shot, but says her face is still gorgeous. Nigel is starting to lose faith in her because she doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Paulina tries to find a silver lining, saying Lauren is slightly less Frankenstein-y this week.

The girls file back into the judging room. Here’s the call out order:

Lauren and Claire are the bottom two this week. The judges feel Claire’s pictures are gorgeous, but they worry that she’s a one note model. They are looking for a model who can be a diverse chameleon. With Lauren, the judges see the same awkward girl in every week at judging: there’s no growth there. Ultimately, Lauren is in and Claire is out. Tyra tells Lauren to pull out the quality she’s expressed in her pictures and bring it to judging. Claire hugs Tyra goodbye. Tyra urges her to practice posing in the mirror. Claire can’t understand why she couldn’t break through here: she’s always been a chameleon, but couldn’t show it here. Claire says her goodbyes and returns to the loft to pack.

As she packs, Claire says she has failed. It was a great experience and she learned a lot about herself and about living with other people. Claire packs and says dad that she failed. Great experience and learned a lot about self and living with others. The hardest part about being eliminated this soon is that she started out the competition so strong. She now feels guilt for leaving her family.

Next Week: Legal troubles may derail Fatima and a kitchen calamity sends Lauren to the ER. According to Anya, Lauren cuts her finger off. We’ll have to wait a whole week to find out how minor the cut really is.