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Happy Elimination Day! We're getting rid of another one, and I couldn't be more excited. Last week Chelsia got sent off with a whimper to the land of losers to join the dear departed Matty. This week the hamsters are dispatching another one of their ranks into sequester and it will either be non-entity Sharon or annoying Josh. Either way we win. Will you miss either one of these furry rodents? I thought not.

People fought all week, over James, over Sheila, over perceived and real insults, backstabbing and everything except anything that makes sense. I have low expectations of this bunch, but does it really matter who badmouthed whom? They've all been throwing each other into the wood chipper for weeks now. So, what else is new! There were tears from Josh and Sharon and the bikini skank from the beaver state formed a Jesus league and went on a crusade or righteousness. I wish I was making this up.

Boo freakin' Hoo

Julie show up to talk about Day 56 in the house. 56? For real? And there's no end in sight either. Sigh. She says that on this “week of the underdog”, James triumphed by winning the veto yet again sending Josh into weeping hysterics and Sharon into more of the same. In the usual ominous B&W recaps we see the veto nomination and it's aftermath. Sharon feels safe. Sheila thinks Josh and Sharon sharing the block is difficult because the little sweet things have bonded, while Josh just feels sure that he'll stay with all those votes he's got on his side. Natalie promised she'd break a tie for good ole' Joshie but would rather not and hopes he can get the votes for himself.

Natalie and Josh hold a pow-wow in the bathroom and Natalie tells him flat out that she doesn't want to break a tie and dispatch Sharon, which worries Josh. He knows it's now up to him to ensure his own safety so he hatches a plan to convince Adam that he's a weak player worth keeping. To this end he sobs dramatically into his lunch at the kitchen table for Adam's benefit, putting on a pathetic show and making me laugh hysterically. He weeps brokenly that he doesn't want to go home and man-hugs Adam whose big eyeballs bulge out of his head at this show of brotherly affection. The Josh Sob Show continues with big tears falling off into his plate and heartfelt declarations that he won't throw sweet Sharon under the bus. Maybe not under a bus, but under an eighteen-wheeler for sure. Adam tells Josh that it feels as if right now Sharon is staying and offers to serve up a tie for him. Hey! This weepy tactic is working. He's counting on James and Ryan also voting for him, which would win him the vote by 3 to 1.

Girl Power

Everyone is paranoid and worried about their standing. Natalie worries that James would vote for Josh to stay, Josh worries he won't. I'm worried I'll lose my mind watching this show. Natalie, not content to leave well enough alone, spills to Sharon about the fact Josh has been trying to cut a deal with Natalie to stay over Sharon. Sharon, innocent lamb that she is, gasps in disbelief but grabs the opportunity to make a counter-deal with Natalie. Sharon will keep Natalie safe from nomination if she wins the next HoH and they dispatch Josh this week. They agree to let Sheila in on the deal as well. They drag her up into the HoH room and lay out the whole male betrayal that's going on. Sheila gasps louder than Sharon did, her eyes bulge out, she looks toward the door in abject horror, plays with her hair and vows she's never heard such a hair-raising tale in her life. The coven cooks up a plan to stick together and make it a Girl Power thing. But then right after declaring this, Natalie confesses that she wants to work on Adam and Ryan to vote out Joshua in order to keep the Girl Power thing going. Relying on the big bad men to further her cause. A genius, people, a genius!!

The plan in motion, it's Ryan's turn in the HoH room and he says that with Josh in the house he and Natalie are safer. She wants Josh and James to think Josh is staying but Ryan doesn't trust Sharon. Sharon confronts Ryan and tells him that she's never gunned for him, but that James and Josh did and if Josh doesn't leave Ryan is in danger. I hope you're all still following. Sharon assures Ryan that she's trustworthy and he seems to acknowledge that she is. He feels they may be good allies after all. They even shake hands on it and declare the whole thing a done deal. Does this mean the show will be shorter tonight? No? Damn.

As ominous music plays in the background, Natalie's campaign to ice Josh continues. Next on the menu is Adam. She tells him that if Josh makes HoH, Adam and Ryan will be in jeopardy. When Ryan walks in on them, they all agree to keep mum about the big plan and not tell James and Josh. Natalie triumphantly declares that she's got everyone on board to get rid of her bible buddy Josh. Jesus be praised! Meanwhile, Josh and James sit by the hot tub, staring into the swirling waters. James says Natalie will keep Josh. Josh agrees and thinks it's the best scenario. They anticipate Sharon being blindsided. Hee!

The importance of being Joshuah

Julie is back and apparently we're getting a segment about sweet Joshie. I know my life would never be complete till I get to know Josh better. But first, Julie has a bit of a talk with the hamsters in the Living Room. First she asks Sheila about her thoughts on James. She praises his intelligence, his game and counsel. James appreciated Sheila supporting him or something. I confess, I'm missing something here but I'll be damned if I go back and rewatch any part of this show to find out what James said about Sheila and why. I'll just have to live in ignorance. Adam is asked about all the crying in the house. He says he keeps his cool for the most part but can get emotional. Julie wants to know about Josh being up against Sharon and he goes on an extended soliloquy about what a great person Sharon is and how sweet Joshie is incapable of backstabbing his best buddy in the house. Sharon loves him and they'll always be friends she says.

Because Big Brother feels that we cannot go another minute without an in-depth look at Josh, it's field trip time to Port Neches, TX to meet Josh's parents. We meet mom Darlene and his daddy who seem normal and nice. His mom admits that they can't believe Josh's outbursts. They watch the show and cringe. I really hope they don't have the live feeds at least. We get a replay of Josh's greatest hits with Amanda, Allison and others. His mother is embarrassed and claims he is not the monster that she sometimes sees on TV.

Cue baby pictures of darling Joshie when he was still an innocent toddler, then a baseball player and a football player and a youth president at his church. Wait! What? I wouldn't have pegged him for an altar boy. Mom says Josh had girlfriends growing up and there's some photographic evidence of that, but then he came out and became a queen. A drama queen.

Nat glues things together

James confesses that he wants to keep Josh because he is his last friend in the house and the only person he can still talk to. Adam talks as well but he is unintelligible. Hey, Adam, lay off the booze I need to recap here!

In the HoH room Julie visits with Natalie. Julie wants to know about Matty and Natalie chirps excitedly that she misses her excellent Matty boy. Asked about Chelsia walking into sequester, Natalie thinks Matty was ecstatic to see her. How does she feel about them being alone? Natalie trusts her non-boyfriend but thinks Chelsia will try something to “spite” her. Oh, I'm sure she'll lie awake at night trying to invent plans to spite Natalie. Natalie's new ally is Ryan now she says. Julie asks about Nat's letter from home in which Daddy Nat said Natalie brought the family closer together. Oy. I guess they didn't get the Live Feeds either. Natalie is not surprised because God spoke to her when she was a kid and told her she'll be the glue in the family. Snort. God must have meant that quite literally I guess.

All Joshed out

Back on the couch of doom, Josh and Sharon await their fate. Sharon pleads for herself first and she keeps it brief with “if I go, I go, if I stay, I stay”. That will surely change some votes, girl! Josh's speech is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about dysfunctional families, amusement parks, roller coasters, riding, next turns and such. He also manages to say that despite the fact that he hates them all, he loves them all too. A love-hate relationship? Eh. I didn't see any love in this house except the kind that is self-directed. Now, that they all have in abundance.

In the live vote Sheila, Ryan, Adam all evict Josh. James votes to evict Sharon. Ding-dong Joshie is gone! Julie reads the votes and Josh gets the bad news. But does he go off quietly into that gentle sequester? No! Josh can't resist to fire off a parting speech about how they all can learn from him how to be true to themselves and his beliefs and life and such. Meh. Sharon bawls and hugs him. Then he hugs James while Sharon bawls some more and louder. Finally Josh is out and on Julie's sofa while Sharon still sobs and almost hyperventilates over the loss of dear Josh. Or is that because she's just relieved to stay?

Josh claims he's not surprised to be out of the house because he's stronger than Sharon. He also claims that the times he was mean in the house he was provoked and he did it for others and calls himself a Norma Rae. Oh, gag me with a spoon! Sorry, but I had to fast forward after this so I won't be reporting on the rest of Joshie's self-congratulatory crap. In short order he's out the door for good and we won't have to see him again till the finale.

Ball-et class

Finally rid of Josh, the house is ready to play hard for the HoH bedroom and the ultimate power in the house. They're assembled in the backyard in individual booths with voting dials in front of them. The competition is called “More or Less”. Julie will ask questions about the quantity of things found in the BB house. A correct answer, of either More or Less, will earn one point. The winner is the person with the most points after 7 questions. The questions range from how many table lamps are in the house, how many picture frames, pillows, tree trunks, two way mirrors and fireplace logs there are. Sharon leads for most of the game with 3 points till finally Adam and James catch up. On the last question about the pull-out drawers, Adam takes the lead and clinches the win with 5 points, becoming the new head of household. The celebration is somewhat subdued, but everyone looks happy except James who just looks dejected but still shakes hands with Adam.

There you have it. One more loser is out the door and now that there are only six furry hamsters left in the cage, I can finally see an end in sight. Maybe. If I squint hard enough. Want to know who Adam nominates for eviction? You could tune in Sunday night, but that's one hour out of your lives. AshelyPSU will be sacrificing her night and bringing you all the action without all the extra fat. Trust me, that's a way better deal. Then be back here next week when lildago dishes the dirt with the Veto competition and ceremony. I'll be on hand to help you mourn the loss of another furry pet after next week's elimination show.

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