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Last week, Chelsia went out with a bang leaving James all alone in the house. Adding insult to injury, Natalie won HoH and nominated him for eviction. Team Christ celebrated their victory while James waits for his miracle. The POV is the only chance he has at staying in the house and possibly winning the half million dollar prize. Can he pull off another veto win to save himself? According to one of his many tattoos, he is God so I’d say his chances are pretty good.

A Volcanic Island Of One

It’s no secret that James is the target this week. He knows it, Josh knows it, and no one is hiding that fact. Josh realizes the key to his safety is to just lay low. Natalie plans to send James not only to Chelsia but also to her Mattie. James is struggling. Chelsia was his emotional strength and with her gone, he feels he’s an island because he has no friends left. The POV is James’ only shot at staying in the house. Sheila’s nosy, interfering motherly side comes out as she builds James up and tries to make him feel better about his situation. She tells him that he is going to win the veto because he’s the strongest player in the game. He’s down and out about everything so Sheila’s pep talk meant a lot to him.

Sheila then turns around and tells Josh the same thing. She wants him to know that he has the power to save himself and he can win the veto. They think James is asleep but he overhears everything. Sheila sticks her foot in her mouth bigtime by saying she doesn’t care if James hears. He walks in and they all try to be nonchalant(with no luck) about James showing up. Sheila is gabbing so much she can’t catch a clue and keeps going. James confronts her on the two-faced lie. She was pumping him up earlier and now she’s working on rallying the house against him. Sheila tries to justify it all by saying Josh has been feeling depressed because he thinks he’s going to leave. According to her, James is a scary player and a strong competitor. James is clearly frustrated that every week he has to worry about being nominated. He knows that he’s the houseguest that everyone wants to get rid of but just can’t and it doesn’t make him feel so good. Everyone is against him and it’s lonely on his island of one.

Sheila is all talk about how she doesn’t care that James overheard. He needed to hear it because he’s a scary player. Wah, wah, wah! James walks into the room where she’s going on and busts her once again. She tries to apologize for what he overheard but he doesn’t want to hear it. Makes no difference to him because either way, his island is lonely. Sheila knows where she isn’t wanted so she leaves the awkwardness and heads outside to replay the whole thing for Adam and Ryan. She goes on a tear about how glad she is that James heard her and mocks him whining about being on the block every week. Adam runs right in to tell James that Sheila feels better after getting everything off her chest. James jumps up and goes out in his skivvies to rip her a new one. He erupts and calls her out on her hypocrisy and lies. In fact, he gets right in her face, screams like a drill sergeant at the top of his lungs, and calls her a lying two-faced bitch. He puts on a good show for the cameras if nothing else. Sheila doesn’t appear rattled but doesn’t get much of a chance to respond.

James goes inside and gives Natalie and Ryan the same on-the-block-boo-hoo speech. He doesn’t understand why the house voted him out then brought him back, only to try and vote him out again. Natalie tries to backpedal saying she wasn’t in on Sheila’s whole conversation but James finds her guilty by association. She points out that he’s still working with Josh and Sharon so there’s no difference. James denies that he has them because everyone is after him. He has no one since Chelsia left and he’s all alone. He doesn’t have a chance unless he wins the veto and how dare Sheila be two-faced in a game of lies. Wah, wah, wah! Adam hears his name mentioned and runs in to make sure he isn’t being thrown under the bus. He spits out some garbled nonsense about how it sucks that everyone wants James gone. James makes nice with him and sends him back to his Bible reading.

Josh later follows James into the kitchen to bash Sheila for playing both sides and having no loyalty to anyone. James starts crying for the first time since his dad died because he’s all alone. He tells Josh how much Sheila’s pep talk meant to him and how much it hurt him to then hear her go against him. The whole house is gunning for him and he’s tried to be friends with them. There’s just no nice way to play the game of Big Brother. Chelsia was the only person he really had and with her gone, he has no one. Again…wah, wah, wah!

Know When To Hold 'Em, Know When To Fold 'Em

Players are chosen for the POV…Natalie pulls “Houseguest’s Choice” and chooses Ryan. Josh pulls Sheila and James draws Sharon. Natalie comments that it doesn’t really matter since everyone is against James. Adam is the only one remaining and will therefore host the competition. Hope BB has an interpreter on hand. They all go into the backyard to find a collection of random objects. Beside each object, is a mini replica. Objects include, a veto symbol made of push pins, a gumball machine, popcorn boxes, tubs of lard, houses of cards, boxes of blocks, baskets of asparagus. Adam welcomes to the Big Brother Boardwalk where they will find objects from Big Brothers, past and present. Players will be asked a question about an object in the backyard. If they can understand Adam, the answer will be a number amount. Answers will be written on chalkboards and revealed. After seeing all of the answers, houseguests can either “Stay” or “Fold.” If they fold, they stay in the game but receive no points. If they stay, the houseguest closest to the correct answer will gain a point while the one who answers farthest away will be eliminated from the competition. The first player to earn three points wins the POV.

The letter blocks are up first. With 100 blocks in the small version, they must guess how many are in the larger box. James, Sheila, and Ryan all fold. James’ strategy is to let everyone eliminate themselves and keep folding until he’s sure of an answer. Natalie’s answer is the closest gaining her a point. Sharon and Josh equally suck at their answer and are both eliminated. In the second round, players must guess the number of push pins that make up the veto symbol. James and Sheila fold and Natalie realizes this puts her against Ryan. It’s too late to think strategically so she ends up eliminated. Ryan gets the point. How many pounds are in the tub of lard is the third round question. Both James and Ryan fold so Sheila wins the point by default. Now they must guess how many rubber balls are in the gumball machine. James stays this time while Sheila and Ryan fold. He gets the point and they’re all tied at one point. Had Ryan stayed, he would have won the round. Next up is a bundle of chain. Houseguests must guess the number of links in the bundle. On the sidelines, Natalie feels she knows the answer since she hung on the chain for so long. James stays, Sheila and Ryan both fold. James is now leading with 2 points. Again, Ryan would have won if he’d stayed. The house that wants to get rid of him is too afraid to take him on. Ironic. Popcorn buckets are up next. Houseguests write down how many pounds they think the container holds. James stays, Sheila folds, and Ryan stays this time. A day late and a dollar short for Ryan because James’ answer is the closest and he once again wins the POV. The tears are replaced by arrogance as he declares Big Brother his game. He does his cutesy little victory dance, now dubbed The Crazy James Veto Dance by me, around his room in celebration.

Wah, wah, wah! Only this time it’s Josh. He knows that he’s in danger of eviction now that James has the veto. He sits down in the boat room sobbing like his dog just ran away. Sharon will go up in James’ place. Sharon the Saint vs. Josh the Sinner means his game is over. Sharon tries to encourage him and tells him she’ll figure something out. She cares a great deal for Josh and it’s hard for her to see him bawling like a baby. Josh just wants to be left alone. Wah, wah, wah!

Natalie lets Sharon know that she has no choice but to put her up on the block. Sharon understands and recognizes it’s the worst case scenario. She is the ultimate pawn and Josh’s fate is sealed. Sharon is extremely loyal to Josh and the tears begin to flow when she thinks of him leaving She bawls. And bawls. And bawls. And bawls. Sheila and Josh start crying too. No wonder James is an island. He’s surrounded by an ocean of tears this week. Josh goes to cry in the storage room while Sharon runs to the WC. She feels like she’s let her boy, Joshie down. Josh doesn’t share her loyalty. It suddenly dawns on him that Sharon could go rather than him. He wipes his eyes and goes to strike a deal with Natalie. He says he won’t campaign against Sharon though. Ha, he just threw the girl under that proverbial BB bus. Natalie tells him if he can get a tie vote, she’ll vote Sharon out. He goes to Ryan who vows to help him out. He then secures James’ vote giving him the two votes he needs. Back in HoH, Josh, Ryan, and Natalie make a two week deal not to go after each other. Meanwhile, Sheila is comforting Sharon in the WC by telling her what a true friend Josh is to her.

At the veto ceremony, Josh says he doesn’t deserve to have the veto used on him because he sucks at competitions. Not that there was a chance in hell James would use it on him anyway. James naturally uses the veto on himself and confronts his competitors, telling them they failed at getting him out this week. Even if he goes next week, his experience has far surpassed any of theirs. He then gives Sheila a pep talk similar to the one she gave him and tells her that she can win a competition if she gives it her all. Saving himself is the best thing he’s done for himself in the game. If he needs to do it a 4th time next week, he will. Natalie does as expected and replaces James with Sharon.

The time has come for either Josh or Sharon to join Matt and Chelsia in sequester. Who will it be? And who will win HoH and take control of the house? Check out MsFroggy’s awesome recap to find out!

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