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After a week off from these crazy hamsters, I’m happily back and ready to roll. A million thanks go out to waywyrd, a member of my alliance, for “having my back”. Okay, writing those ridiculously overused phrases made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. But really, waywyrd rocked last week’s recap and I’m thankful she sat through the show for your reading pleasure.

On Wednesday’s episode, Chelsia was evicted and Natalie got sweet revenge by pulling out a victory in the HoH competition. Who will Natalie nominate? Will she learn how to spell? Let’s find out!

As Chelsia walked out the door on Wednesday night, she gave her fellow housemates some tidbits of advice. She told Natalie to educate herself. Guess what Chelsia? Natalie says she has been in school for three years and she plays dumb really well. Wait, she’s playing? Suuuure. Sheila can’t believe Chelsia said what she did to her because, *gasp*, she’s a mother! Chelsia gave Joshy a little pep talk and told him he could do anything he put his mind to. She told James to play strong and advises everyone to blow the house up. I could only hope. Oh, not like that. Darn. Adam thinks her “going out with a bang” speech was more like a cap gun. That made me chuckle. Adam makes me giggle more and more these days. He’s such a disgusting goofball.

As we hear some Diary Room comments dealing with the HoH competition, I’m thinking that BB rigged the votes that were used as questions in that competition. Do people really think Natalie is inspirational? Josh gets bitchy that America didn’t pick him and he whines a little bit about how Natalie can’t spell and she’d write a speech in crayon. Natalie thinks God helped her win HoH. I’m over the divine intervention junk these hamsters spew out. Josh can’t believe he lost to Natalie in a mental competition.

Crazy Eights Sevens

Natalie, Sheila, Ryan, and Adam praise the Lord for the victory and raise their hands to the sky. Natalie thanks God for being her judge and giving her the armor. Ryan thinks they are “Team Christ”. Adam says he can’t knock the Lord and says that Team Christ is in the house. Yeah that’s right, dawg.

That super smart Natalie still thinks she is onto something with all of the number patterns she sees in her head. It’s week 7, there are 7 players, and there were 7 questions. Apparently she has a 7 in her birth date and she weighed 7 pounds when she was born. She also has 7 brain cells. She says the word “seven” about 700 times. Josh thinks she is crazy with all of her theories. Last week she was all about the number 8 and who knows what she will focus on next week. Ugh.

1, 4, 6… wait, where was I again?

Meanwhile, James realizes that he is pretty much up the creek without a paddle. He is going to try to think of a way to get himself out of being nominated. Yeah right. He talks to Natalie and she tells him that she isn’t sure yet what she is going to do. She is a terrible liar. She tells James she can’t trust him again and he says that she’ll never know unless she tries. Who is she trying to kid? Anyone who even gave a crooked glance at her Mattie is going to be out the door.

It’s time to see Natalie’s HoH room, and I am actually surprised to see pictures of Natalie sans the 80s Bon Jovi hairstyle. She seems to be the focus of every picture. She reads a letter from home and starts to cry. Her dad writes that Natalie has brought the family closer together because her dad is talking more to his brothers and sisters. Adam gets a little bit teary eyed and so does Sharon. Sheila, never one to let the spotlight get away from her for too long, starts to get a little emotional thinking about her own family. She is a mother you know. She better call Amber after this whole thing is over so they can go be mothers together.

Hide and Seek

Natalie, on par with her maturity level, suggests a game of hide and seek to cure the boredom in the house. Adam hides his eyes and counts to 50. Natalie hides in a basket full of clothes in the bathroom. Adam goes into the bathroom, sees her knee poking out, but pretends he didn’t. They decide to leave her hang out in there for awhile. Josh goes and tells her that her knee was hanging out and they all have a good laugh. Ryan and Adam count again because Natalie says she has one more good hiding spot. Ryan, Adam, and Josh go on another Natalie hunt. This time they find her curled up underneath the bathroom sink. What’s with this girl and the bathroom?

Later that evening, Sheila, Natalie, Joshuah, and Sharon lounge around in the spa room. Sheila tells Josh that she’s always wanted to ask him something but it’s a little personal. She says that since she’s a mom (really?) she is interested in knowing how Joshua told his parents that he is gay. He tells the story of how he was in Austin and he was 18 and told his mother over the phone. After he got home from Austin, they sat down and talked and his mother was okay with it. His mom told his dad and now everyone is great with it. Sheila thinks Josh has great and supportive parents.

Never Trust a Kid With Pink Hair

Outside at the hot tub, Sharon and Joshuah chat about the fact that James needs to go. Josh looks like some kind of crazy pilot with his long red gloves and goggles on his forehead. Josh thinks the alliance is in shambles, but he thinks James is fierce. James lies alone inside and then heads up to the HoH to talk to Natalie. He tells Natalie he knows he is going up on the block but she needs to think about what is going to happen next week if he goes. She knows she is the outsider in the group of boys, but she still doesn’t know what to do. James proposes that they think about working together, but Natalie still isn’t sure because James took away her Mattie. They talk a little more and declare that they will indeed be the final two hamsters standing. I see this alliance lasting, oh, about 20 minutes. James leaves her room and Natalie talks to herself for awhile. What’s an airhead to do?

Joshie plays dressup

To Slop Or Not To Slop

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for the food competition! In this week’s melee, the houseguests will be sequestered in different rooms. Big Brother will call them out one by to head out to the backyard. Adam do wa ga na th op. What? I guess he said he doesn’t want to go near the slop. Sharon is the first houseguest to enter the backyard and it’s decorated like a farm. She reads the rules and I have to listen to them about twelve times before I even understand what is going on. There are 2 large circular tokens. One says “slop” and the other says “food”. Each houseguest chooses whether or not they want to be on slop or food for the week and places the appropriate token inside a slot on top of a watermelon. If 3 or more houseguests choose slop, then everyone gets what they asked for. If not enough people choose slop, things are reversed, and the houseguests in the minority get food for the week while the people who chose food will actually get put on slop. Huh? Did you get that? I guess the trick is to predict whether or not your housemates will be greedy. Sharon explains that no matter what, no more than three people will get food for the week. If the majority of the house chooses slop, they will go on slop, and the minority will get food. If the majority gets greedy and chooses food, they will go on slop, and the minority will get food for the week. Get it yet? Yeah, me either. Well, I guess I’ll just have to watch and see. haha.

…while visions of Allison danced in his head

Sharon chooses the slop token and drops it into her watermelon. Adam chooses food, we don’t get to see what Sheila chooses, Joshuah chooses slop, we don’t see what Ryan picks, and James chooses slop. After everyone has taken a turn, they gather in the backyard to see the results. They each have to take a mallet to smash open the watermelon to reveal their choice. We find out that Sharon chose slop, James chose slop, and Joshuah chose slop. Natalie announces that those 3 are now on slop and anyone else who chose slop will also be on slop. Ryan gets put on slop. Sheila gets put on slop. Baller is the only one who chose food. Josh and Ryan are a little worried that the whole house except for Nat and Adam is going to be on slop.

Crazy James Is Crazy Lonely and Crazy Natalie Is Just Crazy

James is having a slight problem with insomnia and heads out to the backyard to shoot some pool alone. He talks to himself about the things he wants from the game. He tells himself that if he didn’t want the money, he should have used the veto on Chelsia. He cries for the first time in the house. He is bummed that his one true friend left the house and he is all alone.

The next day out in the pool, Ryan and Adam decide to make a whirlpool. They start running around the pool in a circle. She tells them to keep the whirlpool going for 10 minutes. A short time later, they decide to get out but have trouble fighting the whirlpool.

Natalie grabs a glass of wine and stares at Matt’s picture on the memory wall. Everyone else is out in the backyard making fun of her. Josh calls her psycho and Sharon says it is hilarious. Josh thinks maybe Matt should go into the witness protection program or at least get a restraining order to keep Natalie away from him. They all agree that Matt didn’t like her and she is being crazy and obsessed.

Up in the HoH room, Ryan and Natalie talk strategy. Ryan thinks they should backdoor James. Natalie is still considering James’s offer for final two. Ryan suggests that Nat put up Josh and Sharon, they all fight for veto and take Sharon off, then backdoor James since he hates the whole idea of backdooring. Like I wrote before: What’s an airhead to do?

Joshuah Loses His “V” Card

It’s FINALLY time for nominations! Hallelujah! Natalie asks everyone to gather at the table. She tells everyone that is has been really difficult, but she needs to do what is best for her and her survival. The first key she pulls belongs to Adam. Sheila, Ryan, and Sharon are also safe. This week’s nominees: James and Joshuah. Natalie tells Joshuah that he is a threat because he hasn’t been nominated yet in the game. She tells James that she wants to believe him and his word but she doesn’t think she can. She also says that she thinks Joshuah and James are still working together and she needs to break that up. Joshuah states that he is no longer a block virgin and James wants to fight back with a vengeance.

Who will win the power of veto? Will it be used to save one of the nominees? Are Mattie and Chelsia getting busy in sequester? I can’t guarantee we will find out the answer to the last question, but tune in Tuesday to find out what happens with the veto! Busy watching water boil that evening? Read lildago’s magnificent recap of it all!

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