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Thread: Survivor 5: Standing in the Shadows Week 2 - A Collaboration

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    Standing in the shadows- a collaboration Week 2

    Tanya Vance
    Ah, Mark Burnett...you fooled me again! Aside from her 3 second appearance laughing at Clay's snoring in the opening minutes of the show, Tanya had been nonexistent at the 8:30 mark. I started to sweat thinking about lack of material for this week's Tanya coverage. Fortunately for me, Tanya got airtime in the second half of the show. Unfortunately for Tanya, she fell victim to Jeff's torch snuffing trick.

    Best move/strategy:
    While Tanya did not have any dramatic moments of greatness this episode, I thought she had gotten over most of her illness, continued to lie low, and remained on everyone's good side. Even if CG lost immunity, I did not see her as the one to go.

    Worst move/strategy:
    Apparently, I was wrong. Tanya continued to fade and her tribemates could see what I did not. I only worried slightly when she refused to eat the meal Brian was cooking, but obviously that was just a small taste of what she was going through. Ed note: I found Brian's comment when he voted for Tanya very touching and genuine.

    Farewell to Tanya: I'm sorry to see her go. She was the youngest person on the Chuay Gahn and if she could have gotten healthy would have been a real asset to her tribe. A good egg with a sweet personality (and I know the guys enjoyed looking at her).

    Brian Heidik

    Best move/strategy:
    Brian continues to do very well. I give his performance in this episode an A-. He remains a likable guy, he's not rocking any boats, he's certainly trying to be entertaining with his guitar, and he also seems to be one of the main preparers of the food. That, along with the fact that he is one of the younger, stronger men on the team, make him a solid player in this game so far.

    Worst move/strategy:
    I'd say his only bad move was playing a big part in that hideous musical rendition of "Happy Anniversary." Yikes! It was very nice, but my dog whimpered and ran out of the room during that performance!

    Words of advice to Brian - Keep it up buddy, I'm pulling for you! Find someone strong, trustworthy and likable and feel out an "under the radar alliance" with that one person. The soft core porn thing isn't even bothering me anymore. Well, it wouldn't if I didn't know about it. So I'll just pretend that I don't know, because you seem like a decent gent.

    Highlights from this week included not swimming quite as poorly as Penny in the immunity challenge and rowing around lost for hours and hours. Jan's tribe worked towards her over-riding goal of having only senior citizens by voting out its youngest member tonight.

    Jan avoided a double threat of certain death while boating with Helen in that she managed to not get shot (only because Helen wasn't packing) and Jan successfully used her oar to fend off the Teeth of Death from becoming Helen's anniversary dinner.

    In the introduction to this week's episode, we were treated with a replay of Jan's crowning moment from last week, where she cried and whined because she was forced to pick her own tribe.


    Showing concern for his fellow survivors he sets himself up as pest control warden by snoring and keeping the snakes away at night so they can sleep worry-free. Then letting the others beat him at golf shows his moral boosting for the team. His insights into Helen is going to predict who goes next at TC.

    Best Move
    Getting his petal free and back to the flower in good time. Shows he isn't a clutz, and a decent swimmer.

    Worst Move
    Creating a par 6 hole for the course. Par 5 is bad enough without a full set of clubs.

    Overall a good week for Clay

    Shii Ann

    Shadowing Shii Ann turned out to be much harder this week than I anticipated. She was on the show, I know, as we were enlightened as to how the tribe is getting along, with her wonderfully insightful confessionals. Of course, it wasnít anything we couldnít figure out on our own. Seeing Shii Ann tell us though, was interesting, as it appears that she is the ONLY tribe member to noticeÖ or possibly the only one literate enough to voice the thoughts so eloquently.
    I guess if I have to pick a best move, it was that she flew under the radar these past few days. I donít see her doing it every day, thank God, but I think it was smart of her to sit back and let the idiots take the forefront.
    Hmmm, worst move? Letís see, she didnít seem to piss any one off. She worked hard. She played hard. Maybe the worst move was the choice of raincoat? Maybe not a flattering color choice? Thatís it, all I can come up with! Sorry folks, Iíll look REALLY hard next week, so I can spice it up a bit!


    The ROBB report - Heh Heh and not the rich one, though he does live in Scottsdale

    Well instead of doing the usual shadow the bootee, with lots of info ep that I expected, I ended up doing -well not much.
    Not only did he not get the boot, but he seems to have dug in for the duration.
    Robb is shown interacting with the Jed/Steph - lets sit around and make targets of ourselves group- leading someone to comment.Robb is then shown for the rest of the ep behind the scenes just helping or agreeing with the whole rest of the group.He does well in both the swimming and carrying in the challenges, and pretty much is taking role of non assuming peacemaker.Very nice game play.

    He also adds to his clothes ensemble - black shorts or bathing suit. Surprising color choice! At least he didn't wear the wool hat in the sun this ep.

    Jed Hildebrand

    Worst Move: Won't help to build the shelter and snubs the food his tribemates offer him.
    Best Move: Comes through for his team again during the Immunity Challenge when Penny is unable to complete her leg of the competition.

    Sitting down and looking pretty, Jed decides that watching the water boil is more critical than helping his tribe build the shelter. Note to Jed: Get off your lazy ass and at least pretend to help out with other duties. Honey, it doesn't take all day to boil water. He proceeds to whine about how many Sook-Jai members it takes to gather food. Note to Jed: What kind of cheese would you like with your whine? After the gang arrives with the food, Jed point blank snubs the grub that his tribemates had so joyfully gathered earlier. On top of that, he alienates himself from the majority of the tribe and thinks it's a good idea to sleep on the beach with the other 2 geniuses, Robb and Stephanie. Note to Jed: In case you forgot, Texas' motto is "Friendship". Can you put a little more effort on your part? Why you would you pick 2 of the worst people to try to form a clique with is beyond me. When the rain starts pouring, SIR-LAZY-LOT crawls underneath the FORT, which he didn't help built, but feels he has a right to use since he's the tribe's cook and waterboy. His mama says so! Once again, Jed shows us his competetive edge at the Immunity Challenge. His super-duper teeth even make an appearance. When Penny runs into trouble during her part of the competition, it's Mighty Dentist Boy to the rescue. Jed is able to regain the time lost by Penny which puts Sook-Jai back on track to win the competition. At least on the challenges part, I give Jed another Yee-Haw!


    This week Penny didnít say much nor do much. But she was the guide in the reward challenge. Strait, strait, left, right, oh no! Iím pretty sure we heard that about 20 times. Along with OUCH!! Was she purposely-hurting people so if they lost the immunity challenge they would have someone to vote out besides her? Who knows? Thatís all for this week. See ya!


    Best move

    Was physically the equal or better of not just his Chuay Ghan opponents, but also some of his younger teammates (hello, Penny).

    Worst move

    Smacking the ground with his face in the Blind Chariot challenge. He's a healthy man and everything, but he can't afford to expose his body to unnecessary damage. If he gets hurt, he's more vulnerable to the vote.

    Jake blended into the background this week, which is always a good sign early in the game. He hasn't ruffled anyone's feathers, and he isn't a detriment to his team. He's obsessed with building the shelter, which doesn't sit well with the lazier sloths on his team. On the bright side, the hard workers appear to be the majority on Sook Jai.


    Best move
    Papa Bear Ted was at his protective best this week. Helping Jan and Helen get the sieve-boat into the water so they could go get lost, then swimming out to help them into shore when they were too exhausted to return. Who's going to vote out the protector of the tribe?

    Worst move
    You are a very nice man, Ted, but you are no Barry White. Please do yourself a favor and don't serenade your tribemates any more. If you break someone's ear drum, you get on their bad side, and everyone's always looking for a reason to vote others out.

    Didn't really see much of Ted this week, but he didn't draw attention to himself in a negative way. This might be the last time Ted spends an entire episode in the background, if the previews for next week are any indication.


    Steph, honey, What were you thinking?
    Oh, how sweet it is to have a worst move so easily available to write about. Yes, Steph, the problem now is, WHICH MOVE TO PICK! Hmmmm, Alienating yourself from the group? ďAligningĒ with Jed? Nah, Iím going for sleeping outside, in the open, in the rain, when your immune system is already low due to your living conditions of the past few days. Moronic.
    Now my problem seems to be finding a ďbestĒ move. I must say I was distracted during the show, so maybe that is why Iím having a problem with this. Iíll have to go with not actually being dead, when you certainly looked like it the next morning. Lame choice? Yes, but honestly, itís all Iíve got!


    Erin's best move this week was worming her way into the larger sub-group of her tribe. Rather than stick with the lazy but cute group, she managed to prove that she doesn't mind a little work. She did well through the whole episode, except for that spectacular slip-jump off the raft during the IC. The way Jeff popped up when that happened, I figured for sure her twins must have gotten loose.


    Helen, where do I start? Her best move was her strength and athletic ability. Even in the face of hardship (getting lost on the way to water), she kept up your spirits as best she could. Her worst move, however, is so hard to choose this week. It could be the "gun" comment, or the constant complaining, or the squid, or just the lack of foresight to bring a toothbrush as a luxury item. I'm gooing to have to go with the gun comment. It was crude and rude, and even though Jan is a complete waste of space, it was completely uncalled for. Clay has her pegged with the Encyclopedia comment. And she shouldn't be afraid to show a little emotion - after all, it's her 20 year anniversary, and she's stuck thousands of miles away in the toughest competition of her life, for a million bucks.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this article.

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