Dramatic Voiceover Man is back from his brief vacation, as it is his voice that opens tonight's show. As the camera pans across the faces, DVM tells us, "Last night, these ten people gave it their all. For one of them, their luck runs out tonight." Ryan continues the "happy happy joy joy" vibe when he comes out on stage and tells us, "Tonight, you'll hear more sighs of relief and more sobs of despair, as I have to break someone's heart yet again tonight." The show is only a couple of minutes old, and two things already stand out to me. First, Corey is wearing that damn crocheted Supafly hat of his once again. In addition, Ryan seems noticeably more serious and somber tonight. All 10 of the finalists are there, though, so nothing has happened to any of them. Oh well…maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill; let's move on. Ryan takes us over to say hello to the judges, and Randy asks him, "Are you feelin' that AI fire, baby?" Hmmm…maybe it's not the "AI fire" that Ryan is feeling. Maybe he had some extra spicy chili for dinner right before the show, and that's the fire he is "feelin'". That could also explain why Ryan doesn't appear quite as animated as he usually does, too. Before Ryan moves over to talk to the finalists, we have our obligatory "comedy" bit between Ryan and one of the judges. This week's bit centers around a fictitious "Randy Jackson's Dictionary for Dawgs". Ryan uses the "dictionary" to translate some of Randy's comments from earlier shows, but when Ryan quotes Randy, he just sounds even more white than usual.

Ryan finally moves across the stage to talk to the finalists, and he tells us that they all had a little chat after the show last night, and they were each asked who they thought gave the best "country rock" performance of the night. Julia thinks Kimberly Caldwell did the best, and Kimberly Caldwell thinks Julia was the best of the group. Aw, can't you just feel the love? Carmen thinks Joshua was the best and says that the theme suited him perfectly. I will have to agree with Carmen on that one. Ruben and Corey both think Trenyce was the best last night, and Trenyce looks a bit surprised by this. Ryan asks Trenyce what she herself thought of her performance, and Trenyce says, "I was really disappointed in myself. That was one of my worst performances…ever." I didn't think it was Trenyce's best performance, but if that was one of her "worst…ever", then that is pretty damn good. Finally, Clay says that Ruben and Kimberley Locke were the best of the night "because they just suck you into their performances."

Ryan reminds us that Olivia Newton John was this week's celebrity judge. He gushes over her for a couple of minutes and then adds, "Her daughter Chloe was here last night, too…she's hot." OK, Ryan, what is your deal? First, you say Simon's mom is hot. Now, you say ONJ's daughter is hot. That's two opposite ends of the age spectrum, my friend. Which is it gonna be? We have our requisite "scenes from last night" montage, and when we come back from that, it's time for our first group performance of the night (Hey, it's an hour-long results show…you know there'll be more to come later in the broadcast.). The group sings "Where The Blacktop Ends", and I think they give their best performance to date as a group. After the group finishes singing, we go to our first commercial break of the evening (Again, with it being an hour-long show tonight, you know there'll be more of those to come as well.).

When we come back from the break, Ryan tells us that "old American Idol friend" Burt Bacharach (Wait…he was on one time last season, and he's suddenly an "old friend" of the show?) has enlisted the help of the 10 remaining finalists to record a new arrangement of his Top-10 hit "What The World Needs Now". The recording will be released as a charity single, with all the proceeds going to benefit The Red Cross. I actually think that's a neat idea; I would buy the single. I also expect that this could be the group performance that ends up on the "American Idol 2's Greatest Moments" CD that will be released in a few months as well. Anyway, the group sounds good in the studio, and I cannot help but think that this season's contestants sound better as a group than last season's. However, that's just me.

Anyway, it's time for the results. No, wait a minute…This is an hour-long results show, so let's put in some more filler first. Let's take some questions from the audience. The first girl that asks a question is from Tennessee, and she wants to know how Kimberley Locke thinks Los Angeles is different from Tennessee? In my opinion, you would get a shorter answer if you asked how the two cities were similar, but I didn't ask the question. Anyway, Kimberley sums it up quite succinctly by saying, "They're totally different." The next person asks Simon, "If you were stranded on a boat with Paula and Randy and you had to kick one of them off, who would you kick off?" Simon's response? "I'd kick Paula off, and then I would kill Randy and eat him." Whoa, Simon…Dude, are you dissin' on RJ there? Dawg, that ain't right. Ryan jumps into the fray and says, "Well, that should keep you going for a long time, then." Um, let's lay off the weight jokes, guys, OK? Moving on, the next person asks all three judges who their idols are. Randy says Sly and the Family Stone. Paula says Stevie Wonder. Simon says…Paula Abdul??? I can only hope that Simon was kidding when he said that. The next audience member asks Paula if she thinks the right person is always voted off each week. Paula says not always and adds, "A perfect example…Tamyra Gray last season." I just hope Nikki McKibbin isn't watching tonight. The next question is for Clay, and the audience member asks, "Clay, if they made a movie about you, who would play you in the movie?" Clay looks right at Ryan and says, "Ryan, are you available?" Um, why are you asking, Clay? Even Ryan is suddenly looking a bit nervous. Oh, wait…you meant was he available to play you in the movie. Silly me…my mistake…sorry about that. Anyway, Clay first suggests Yahoo Serious but then finally settles on Brad PItt.

We come back from another commercial break, and it's now time to get the results of the voting, right? Well, not quite yet, Sparky. Since this is an hour-long show, we've got more time to kill. So, we are shown a video clip of Ryan talking with people waiting outside for tickets to the show. I think it would be cool to be there for a taping and all, but I can't see why people would travel all the way across the country just to be in the audience. Save the gas money/plane fare and just watch it on TV at home. You'll probably get a better view of everything that way, anyway. After the video clip, we have our second group performance of the evening. The group gives an emotional rendition of the Lee Greenwood hit "God Bless The U.S.A.", and Ryan tells us "this is the last time these ten will sing together as a group." Well, until the inevitable tour, that is…right, Ryan? That doesn't matter right now, though. What does matter is that this must mean the results are coming up!

We come back from another commercial break, and, sure enough, it's time for the results. Let's get right to it. Kimberly Caldwell, all the judges liked you. Simon even said it was the best he has seen from you yet. America has voted and…you are in the bottom three tonight. Wait…what? Kimberly is in the bottom three? That cannot be right. I mean, there were at least three people that did not perform as well last night as Kimberly. The audience can't believe it, either, and they erupt into a loud chorus of boos. This isn't some early April Fool's joke, though. Kimberly is indeed in the bottom three this week, and she makes her way over to center stage to await her fate. Moving on…Ruben, you apparently can do no wrong at this point; you're safe. Clay…as if you needed to be worried…you're safe. Julia, last night was probably your best performance in the finals to date, but America has decided it wasn't enough to keep you out of the bottom three yet again this week. Julia smiles and goes over to join Kimberly at center stage. Josh, this theme was perfect for you. You're safe. Kimberly Locke, you continue to improve after that disastrous Motown show. You're safe. Trenyce, you may not have liked your performance, but America did. You're safe. Carmen, you probably also benefited a great bit from this week's theme. You're safe, too. That leaves us with Rickey and Supafly, I mean, Corey. One of you is safe, and one of you will join Kimberly and Julia in the bottom three. We will find out which one of you is in the bottom three this week…right after the break.

After the commercial, it's back to Rickey and Corey. For the most part, the judges liked both of you, but one of you has to join Kimberly and Julia in the bottom three. America has voted, and Corey…you're safe. Rickey, you're in the bottom three this week. As Rickey makes his way over to center stage, the audience starts booing yet again (though not as loudly as they did when Kimberly's name was announced). Ryan asks the judges what they think of the choices America made this week, and Randy says, "America got it wrong once again." Paula says, "I agree with Randy. America got it wrong." Simon, of course, says, "I think America got it right." He then looks at the three (Rickey, Julia, and Kimberly) and says, "You let the audience down, and you let yourself down." Wait a minute, Simon…just last night, you said Kimberly did the best she has done to this point, and now you're saying she let everyone down? What gives?

Ryan tells Julia that she's been in this position before, and he's sent her right back to the couch to join the others in the past. He's not going to do that this week, though, because the person he's sending back to the couch now is…Rickey. Ricky heads back to the couch, and I notice that Julia suddenly looks much more nervous. Anyway, we are left with Kimberly and Julia. One of you stays, and one of you goes. We will find out…yes, you know what's coming…right after the break.

We come back from the break, and Ryan says, "America has voted, and Kimberly…you're safe. That means Julia DeMato will be going home this week." Kimberly looks relieved and heads over to the couch after giving Julia a big hug. Julia smiles and doesn't show too much shock when Ryan reads the results. She handles herself very well, and she says how she feels blessed to have gotten as far as she did. She thanks her family and friends for their support, and then we see the "tribute to Julia" video. As the video is playing, we see different finalists' reactions in the corner of the screen. Trenyce looks a bit stunned. Clay looks unusually somber. Kimberly has cried so much by this point that her mascara is running all over the place, and I cannot decide if she looks more like a raccoon or Tammy Faye Bakker. Anyway, Julia launches into "Breathe" one more time, and it's a shame she did not give this performance last night. As good as last night's performance was for her, this one was even better. I will venture to say that if she had sung this way last night, she wouldn't be going home tonight. However, like I said, Julia handles herself quite gracefully, and she takes the outcome quite well. As Julia winds up her final performance, the group joins her on stage. Ryan comes out to and asks the group to sing "God Bless The U.S.A." one more time, and they do. They do another good job, and Julia is singing right along with them, her head held high. As the group finishes, the end credits begin to roll.

Well, Julia's time on the show has ended, and we are down to the final nine contestants. Who will be the next one to go home? We will find out next week!

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