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Thread: Survivor- Standing In The Shadows: A Collaboration - Week 5

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    Survivor- Standing In The Shadows: A Collaboration - Week 5


    I've had one of the best days so far, and all just because I was the youngest. Sharing a private bungalow with Dave in the middle of the Amazon was so amazing. I was a little apprehensive at first since I thought I would have to actually do some work on my own, but it turned out to be fun to a certain point. Dave and I ate, laughed, and talked. Finally, a guy to talk to. At that moment, Dave was my bestest friend in the whole wide jungle, and I told him everything. I mean everything. I even told him that I like to scratch my butt. Every now and then, I would stop talking so that I could breathe.

    Boy, did I get a shocker the next day when Jeff said we had to create new tribes. Dave screwed me...I mean.... he messed up my alliance when he picked my girl, Heidi. Well, at least Shawna, who had a miraculously recovery by the way, and Deena are still on my team. I also picked the good looking guys, Alex, Rob, and Matthew, for my team.

    Oh...Oh...and get this! They said Shawna got the most votes for hottest looking chick!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Shawna....hotter.... than me! Ha! Ha! Those guys crack me up!


    I can’t believe my luck. What the heck happened to my parents that they had to get frisky so young in life! I am super pissed at Dave for being the youngest on the tribe and announced that we should have voted him out last week. Ack! Let me explain, the youngest member from each tribe got to go spend the night together, and although I don’t know who’s the youngest of the three hot chicks, it really wouldn’t have mattered to me. Stupid Dave, I act younger than him! Turns out he and Jenna got to make knew tribes. I can’t believe he sold me out and put me on a different tribe than Hot Heidi. Loser. I wound up with Shawna, but she’s hot for Alex, and Jenna who I actually think we can manipulate. I guess the only saving grace is that with Deena on our side, along with the young studs we wound up winning immunity. I’m here for a while longer. Thank the 8-ball for that much!


    I think I will just throw right up now! I felt great for about a whole ten minutes after Joanna left that was until "Little Miss Baby Big Boobs" left for a night of Soddom and Gommora! She came back to tell us we had been divided and switched. So, now we have inherited Matthew, Alex, and Rob. I sure hope the girls who left keep up with the alliance that we started. Geeze will they have the brain power? Then I saw a real live miracle here in the Amazon! No, a native witch doctor didn't come and raise Shawna from the dead, but a whiff of testosterone did. Un%$##^^^ believable, this chick is literally begging between her death rattle gasps to be voted out, the the guys show up and she pops up all bright and shiny and like "hey check me out", welcome, great to have you! I thought she was going to whip out some palm frond place mats and make tea for them! I swear she had on lip gloss too! Amazing, absolutely amazing! Well, this will definately be interesting to see how things play out. Now its boobs and well bigger boobs vs smarts!


    I’ve been doing everything I can think of to rebuild the bridges with my tribemates. I showed support and concern when Alex hurt himself and I think he appreciated that. Then this whole switch thing happened. This can only mean new life for me in the game. Any prior transgressions against my male tribemates are now forgotten. Roger is on the other tribe and I couldn’t be happier. Jenna, Shawna, Rob, and Alex can have their little lovefest, it’s only going to help me get ahead. Put this many horny kids together and there are bound to be petty jealousies and friction between them. It will be easy to let them put targets on each other as I stand back and take aim.

    When we won the IC and Jeff handed me the immunity idol, I felt safer than I have felt since before Ryan got the boot. Ahhhhh…it’s nice to be back in the woodwork.


    I'm really getting the hang of this jungle thing. Yet another thing that I excel in. Chopping wood is easy, fun and good for the...

    Well, it WAS fun and easy. I was bleeding profusely, but like Dave said, chicks dig scars... which turned out great as we finally switched tribes! The lovely and beautiful Shawna was there along with Jenna, who is tainted now, after her night with Dave. Some other girl, I think, was there, but I can't remember. I just focused on Shawna the whole time. I guess I can add DOCTOR to my growing list of skills.... I keep hearing people whispering about how all she needed was a special testosterone injection from me and she's fine.

    I hope that doesn't mean she's really a man.


    I hit rock bottom the other day but I'm slowly bouncing back. Thanks to an inspirational pep talk from our fearless leader, I was able to shut up & get better. She should write Hallmark cards after the show's over. Seriously though, these last few days of rest have done me some good. The biggest news of late was the switch. We swapped three girls for three guys and couldn't be happier. I'll probably miss Jeanne the most though, especially since she just put those cute little braids in my hair. If she sticks around long enough, she might just do the same for Butch. This Rob guy's a real joker. He had everybody rolling last night, even the cameramen. We can't get any of his good jokes on film because the crew keeps busting up. And Alex...I really dig this guy. We just clicked from the start. As for Jaburu, everything's been turned upside down. Looks like a whole new game now.


    Whoopie!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited! I will make a long story short on how this happened but basically, we had a tribal swap! I am now in the other tribe along with Heidi, Jeanne, then the men that are left are Butch, Roger, and Dave.
    When we got to the other tribe I told the guys about my being deaf and they seemed almost impressed. They were so great! They welcomed us and then that night they used a lamp to make sure I could see what they were saying! I felt like a total part of the tribe for the first time! The guys are so cool and really include and I don't feel like I have a disability at ALL!.
    I LOVE this new tribe! But, then there is the voting strategy, stay with the alliance or go with the guys. That part is so hard and I think that the guys are all whipped up over Heidi. Well, I am glad they didn't vote me off this week and maybe I will make it to the t merge.
    Either way I am really enjoying the experience right now.


    The week started peacefully for me. I was so relaxed and comfortable with my position in the game, and my stunning beauty as well, that I went with my frumpy-with-glasses-hiding-a-hot-chick underneath look. I’ve seen enough Ally McBeal to know that look would make Deena most loyal to me.

    My world changed though when Jenna came back and gave me the bad news. I know that Dave picked me first, so clearly he will be my new target. I figured that I would be able to maneuver him into an alliance that works to my advantage quickly, and boy was I right! I quickly made that deal with Dave because after we got rid of Jeanne, it would be two gals versus three guys, and therefore we ladies would have the advantage!

    What do you mean check my math? Oh crap…


    The women are coming over here? Where’s my shirt, where’s my shirt? OK, shirt…check. Game face…check. Bring it on.

    I think I made a good first impression with the new tribe members. Dave did an excellent job of setting this whole thing up. Jeanne and Christy seem genuinely happy to be here, and Heidi will be strong in the challenges. I had no idea that Christy was deaf, she has adapted really well and I am confident that we have a winning team.

    It seems my confidence was misguided. We lost the IC and now it’s time to turn pea-brain Heidi against her own. I just had to laugh to myself when I heard that bimbo brainiac waffling at TC. I also got a kick out of hearing Christy praise us for accommodating her special needs better than her former tribemates. Turning these two against each other is going to be a piece of cake.


    Two votes? Two votes?!? After all I do for these people, this is how I'm rewarded? Unbelievable. Didn't I bust out the lantern so we could talk with Christy? Didn't I hug all the ladies when they arrived? Heck, didn't I hug all the guys when they left? I think I hugged everyone within arm's reach except for Dave and Roger, and - believe me - I'd be delighted to hug them, too. I'll hug anybody. I like hugging. I should've hugged Alex some more before he left. I warned the ding-dong that those darn machetes can kill. He's awfully lucky he didn't put an eye out with that thing. I'm just happy we don't have scissors in the supply kit. We all know how that would turn out. All right, time to retreat back into my Cone of Silence for another week. Five loudmouths down, eleven to go. Silence is golden.


    The last three days have been eventful. I can't believe that Alex whacked himself in the head with his machete. I tried to cheer him up as best I could with the old saying "chicks dig scars." Hopefully he doesn't remember the old saying "open, oozing head wounds make chicks hurl." For his sake, I hope he's a quick healer.

    I was prepared to put my considerable Rocket Scientist brainpower to the task of getting Jenna to spill the beans about Jabaru. Turns out I had her at "hello." I think I did a great job of using the information to our advantage when I selected the new tribe.

    And to top it all off, when I get back home, I can mark "Sleep with swimsuit model" off my "Things to do Before I Die" list. Man, these were three of the best days of my life.


    Last night I overheard Deena talking about me. When I confronted her with it she said that she was talking about Christy. I told the ladies how I felt left out and they said I was contributing even more than the others. Tell me something I don't know! I informed them I was tending the fire and Deena got angry with me and spouted that I could take the damn thing 'cause she was sick and tired of it. I'm cool with that.

    Tree mail instructed us to send our youngest for wine and laughter. If it had been whine and lamenting we would have sent Shawna but Jenna got to go instead. She came back from her sleepover with news of a tribal switcharoo. I was thrilled as Heidi, Christy and I paddled over to Tambaqui and were welcomed by Dave, Roger and Butch. It was like a celebration of the new tribe and I felt awesome.

    We had our first Immunity Challenge as the new Tambaqui tribe and lost. Not sure how to vote, the girls and I went off and drew straws to see who we would boot. Butch will be voted off tonight. I am so glad that our alliance is strong and I feel secure for the first time since Joanna left.

    At tribal council Heidi betrayed me for the guys. Why am I so surprised? I am tough and mean and focused, but I am not a nasty liar so I am out. I guess I was not made for Survivor. Just 'cause they are still in the game does not mean they are winners. I am a winner in the game of life.

    With thanks to Ilikai, Cali, Wolf, Zhora, Kylie, Jodaar,Miss Filangi, Firegirl, Feifer, Sher, John, Bill, Wayner, Paulie, lurkinggirl.
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