An examination of the remaining 13 players and their position within the game, with reasons for and against their being eliminated in the next episode.


· Doesn’t seem to have formed any sort of alliance with anyone so far.
· Has roused the suspicions of both Matt and Dave through the appearance of “playing both sides”.
· Claimed by TV Guide pre-season to be bossy. With the heavy work pretty completed at camp the others may feel they don’t need his strength.
· Shown himself willing to stand up to self-appointed leader Roger that could gain the respect of his peers.
· Has done nothing to “rock the boat”.
· Athleticism could be seen as an advantage in challenges.
· Has always voted with the majority at TC.

Verdict - Safe


· As the second eldest tribe member, his age could be a factor against him in the eyes of the other tribe members.
· Seems well liked in the tribe.
· Voted with the majority at both TC’s.
· Rumoured to have returned from the Amazon 31 pounds lighter by a poster who “spoiled” him as a contestant before CBS announced the cast.

Verdict - Safe


· Voted against the group in the first episode, seemingly out of the loop.
· Admitted he hasn’t really been playing this as a game, that could cost him against the more strategic thinkers.
· Post on the Survivor Sucks board from an apparent co-worker of Dave’s claims he did not return looking as though he had lost a lot of weight.
· Wants to play the game with integrity, which could mean he’s unwilling to make the necessary alliances to further himself in the game.

· Seems reasonably well liked within the tribe and someone whose vote the others feel is still up for grabs. Could be a valuable alliance partner.
· Since his “honesty and integrity” speech in the first episode has maintained a low profile and seems non-threatening.

Verdict – On dodgy ground.


· Voted against the main group in the first episode.
· Made his intension to try and save Daniel last week too apparent to both Dave and Rob.
· Daniel revealing Matthew could speak Chinese could lead the others to think the two of them were scheming all along and puts another target on his back.
· According to the CBS “clues” on the official site, the others leave Matthew at camp this week illustrating his current isolated position.
· Listed by Ryan as one of his favourite Survivor’s, he even has a nickname for him (Mateo) could lead one to believe they bonded further at loser lodge.

· CBS “clue”. With MB’s love of misdirection can we believe that he would really tell us the boot in such an obvious manner?
· A Survivor Sucks poster claiming to know Matthew said he came back tanned and with significant weight loss.
· Asset to the tribe due to his survival experience and ability as a cook.

Verdict - Vulnerable


· Ryan stated in his chat that Rob will eventually pay for his backstabbing.
· Doesn’t appear to be particularly physically fit so could be seen as a liability in the challenges.
· Alex has seen through his “goofy kid” act and knows he’s been scheming.
· Trying to make deals and plans with many different people, if they all start talking it could come back to bite him.

· Has voted with the majority at both TC’s.
· “After” pictures show considerable weight loss.
· Ryan says they have differences to settle and will do so at the reunion, implying they did not meet up at loser lodge.
· Jeff has been quoted as saying Rob knew the game better than anyone, this would indicate he got to see Rob “in action” for a while in the game.

Verdict – Safe


· Oldest member of the tribe usually makes you an instant target.
· Very abrasive personality could wear thin on his tribe mates, particularly as they have their shelter completed now and seem to have less need for leadership.
· Self-appointed leader could be a target if they lose another IC as leaders are often targeted first.
· Doesn’t attempt to catch any fish to supplement their diet.

· Voted with the majority at both TC’s.
· Hard working and doesn’t appear to be a liability in the challenges.
· People’s attitude to those they didn’t like tends to soften if they spend time with them at Loser Lodge. Ryan and Dan’s chats don’t indicate their feelings about Roger changed, so this could indicate he wasn’t at Loser lodge with them.

Verdict – On dodgy ground.



· Episode 2 TC comments did not go down well with some of her tribe mates.
· Has no obvious alliance.
· Episode 2 blow up over the shelter annoyed her teammates.
· Heidi and Jenna have voiced concern about how her hearing issue could impact the tribe.
· Voted against the majority at TC.

· Hardworking.
· Ryan claimed not to know Christy was deaf until recently in his chat.
· Sucks poster “Chill One” who stayed at the Survivor staff’s hotel said there would be a deaf contestant before the cast was announced and that the contestant would make the final 4.
· Internet reports of significant weight loss.

Verdict – In the absence of other obvious boot choices, Christy could find herself on dodgy ground or even vulnerable.


· Newly elected leader could find her head on the block if people feel she’s doing a poor job.
· Although apparently allied with the younger females, their buff and panty boiling has annoyed her and could make her their target if they find out she commented on it.
· Jeanne and Joanna seem to have targeted her as a possible boot choice. In proposing her as leader in the hope she’ll have a “blow up” , it could be they see her as a threat and will try to get the others round to their way of thinking.

· Took to the leadership role well.
· According to Janet, she aligned with Heidi, Shawna and Jenna.
· Has physical strength and is sharp mentally making her a real challenge asset.
· Unconfirmed Internet report from someone claiming to know Deena states she lost 30 pounds and returned to the US tanned.

Verdict - Safe


· If the attitude she showed in her “bathing” confessionals last week spills out into the open she could alienate the older members of the tribe.

· Sites across the Internet claim she will make it past the merge.
· “After” picture shows dramatic weight loss with further reposts of hair loss.
· Works hard around camp and her physical fitness is an asset in the challenges.
· Visibly forming a friendship and alliance with Jenna and Shawna, Janet claimed in her chat that Deena is also part of this alliance.

Verdict – Safe


· Somewhat of a schemer around camp. At the forefront of the granola bar debate, blaming Janet. Proposed Deena as leader in the hope she’d fail. Could be a candidate for the boot if others become wise to her schemes.
· Appears to be forming an alliance with Joanna – Janet did not mention her as being part if the main Deena/Shawna/Jenna/Heidi alliance.
· Increasing amounts of face time can indicate you are leaving the game soon.

· Janet had nothing positive to say about Jeanne in her chat, could indicate they do not build bridges at Loser Lodge.
· Allegedly lost in excess of 25 pounds.
· Although she doesn’t appear to be fully aligned with a majority group, she does appear to be well liked in camp.

Verdict- Safe, for now.


· Doesn’t appear to be doing a lot of work around the camp.
· Buff and panty boiling not seen by others as an appropriate use of their water.
· Bathing with just Heidi and Shawna could make the others suspicious of an alliance and want to break it up.

· Janet said Jenna, Heidi, Shawna had an alliance in her chat.
· Sucks poster Chill One, who vacationed at the same hotel as Survivor staff just after filming puts Jenna in the final 2 (make of that what you will)
· Voted with the majority at TC.
· Still hasn’t had much face time.

Verdict: – Safe


· Janet and Ryan have both said they like her in their chats, indicating she spent lodge time with them.
· Voted differently from majority at TC.
· Volatile nature could alienate tribe mates.
· Very vocal about her religious views and her opinion of the idol. Her tribe mates seem to accept although not fully understand her reasoning and her behaviour has conflicted with how people generally feel a “Christian” should conduct herself.
· Can they stand another three days with her talking about the immunity idol?

· Physical strength a real asset to the tribe.
· Catching lots of fish, always pays to be the food provider.
· Formed an alliance with Jeanne.
· Lack of face time.

Verdict – Vulnerable


· CBS “clue” and preview show her struggling this week.
· No significant weight loss reported according to the Survivor News site.
· Appears to have done very little around camp (editing could obviously play a part) and hasn’t “lit up” the challenges either.

· As with Matthew, misdirection from MB and CBS could mean she’s safe this week.
· Janet stated in her chat that Shawna is allied with Deena, Heidi and Jenna.
· Daniel didn’t have much to say about Shawna in his chat, could be that they didn’t spend time together at the lodge.

Verdict – On dodgy ground.