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Thread: ANTM7: Interview with Amanda – “I Couldn’t Bounce Back”

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    ANTM7: Interview with Amanda – “I Couldn’t Bounce Back”

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    Finishing the competition in fourth place, Amanda, the 18-year-old bookstore clerk from Anaheim, California, nearly went the distance. With her twin sister eliminated only the week before, Amanda was on her own for the first time in the Top Model house. Did the pressure of being on her own undermine her confidence? Or was it those bendable ankles that spelled her demise? Let’s let Amanda explain in her own words.

    Hi Amanda, nice to talk to you!


    Eliminated right after your sister -- oh, the pathos!

    Unfortunately, yes.

    The hot question on our site is this: which of you is the older twin?

    I am the older twin by fifteen minutes. Michelle actually broke her leg at birth, and had trouble coming out.

    Did you ever think they would pull some stunt like eliminate you both at the same time?

    You know, I’ve heard people say that but I never thought that they would. I thought that we would go one-by-one. I know I’ve heard people say that maybe there would be a double win, and I was like, “No, no.” Each week we had different evaluations, and it really seemed like they were trying to keep us separate, which made us happy.

    Okay, I watched the show last night, I really did. But if you ask me why you were eliminated, I don’t have an answer. What is your take on it?

    I think that I was a little off at panel when I messed up that dance, and I couldn’t be super bubbly after that. I couldn’t bounce back. I think there was a little bit of second-guessing myself after I did that dance.

    They showed us a picture of your feet in an odd position. Was that painful? Do you remember that moment?

    I can do that with my foot, it just doesn’t bother me at all! I didn’t think it was weird at all until everybody started gawking. (laughs) It didn’t hurt at all! It just turns to the side, I don’t know. It looked weird in the picture, and everybody started laughing.

    Do you think they picked out that picture on purpose?

    I don’t know, because the thing is, while we were dancing we were supposed to look at the instructors and the camera, and they were on opposite sides. So I think I was looking at the instructors more and forgot about the camera, so that might have been the only picture where I’m slightly even looking at the camera.

    Do you lay any blame at Caridee’s feet for having to cut her time in the water short?

    I don’t blame her at all. She really tried, she wanted to be in there, but she just got too cold to where she couldn’t control it. They literally made her get out of the water.

    Do you feel like there was anything you could have done differently in your last week that would have changed the outcome?

    The only thing I would have done differently would be to keep pretending I knew what I was doing during the dance like Caridee did. Just being a little better at the dance and bouncing back, maybe. But I don’t have any regrets.

    I just have to tell you that you sound so different from your sister on the phone.

    Yeah, everyone says we have very different voices. Mine is higher and hers is lower.

    Okay, we know through the magic of the internet that you were signed to a modeling agency along with your sister Michelle when you were, what, 16?

    I think we were 15 at that time. But with that agency, we could only do things as twins, we could never do anything separately. And we never really did much. We went to a couple things and did a few things, but they never let us shoot by ourselves. Michelle wanted to focus on sports, and it kind of just ended when we were 16 or so.

    So does that mean you plan to try to get signed as a unit again, or will you go your separate ways?

    Well, when we first got signed, it was actually through another modeling competition that we did when we were 15, for L.A. Models Look Search. And we went to that competition and they signed us together. But then they only wanted us together and Michelle was focusing on sports, so nothing really happened. Then when we were 18, we thought we should try out for Top Model. So I never went door-to-door to any agencies to try to get signed that way.

    Do you think you can stand on your own?

    I’d like to think so that I can do modeling by myself, or along with my sister. I wouldn’t mind doing stuff with Michelle. But I also think I can do it as an individual, and when I was with L.A. Models they never really gave me that chance.

    On this show, was it awkward to always be compared to your sister, rather than the other contestants?

    More so in the beginning. It was hard, but you adjust to anything. We knew we were going to be compared, but especially in the first stages. When we made it into the top 33, all our interviews were together and everything we did was together. But once we got into the top 13 girls, it was a lot more separate and there wasn’t as much comparison.

    Even Michelle said that you had trouble coming out of your shell at first. Do you think you were able to overcome that by the end of the show?

    In the beginning, I just didn’t open up to many of the girls as quickly, but I got to know them and I felt toward the end that I was really being myself, and just having fun with it.

    Do you feel like we got to know you on the show? Did we get an accurate portrayal of you?

    I think that I have a more outgoing personality than what you saw on the show. I think you got a good feel for me, that’s just how I am. I can be a lot louder, and – I don’t know.

    You kind of came off as the sweeter, gentler twin.

    -- and quieter. But there’s moments that they show where I’m yelling at Monique.

    That’s true.

    There’s other moments. I think they show me as the quieter twin, but people in the house would say that I wasn’t necessarily that quiet.

    See, now here’s your chance to change that perception. You probably have some wild and crazy stories. Have you left a string of broken hearts in your wake?

    I don’t know. (laughs) I don’t have a string of broken hearts, that’s for sure. I just – I don’t know. (laughs)

    Come to think of it, in past cycles, we’ve seen people get stupid drunk and talk to bushes in the back yard.

    Really? I don’t remember that. (laughs)

    Sure, and we’ve seen a girl throw up in a restaurant after drinking too much wine. Was there a moment from this cycle that stands out in your mind as the “Girls Gone Wild” moment?

    (pause) Girls Gone Wild. I don’t think we went wild. I can tell you a funny thing that happened with Caridee.


    She found what she thought was a rat in our jacuzzi, and that was funny, kind of like the bird incident where we were chasing it. She called it the liz-rat because it ended up being a tiny lizard that died in our pool, and that was really funny. That was a lot of fun.

    What was your favorite photo shoot?

    I think the funnest photo shoot was the celebrity couples. That was just a fun day, and we had a lot of fun pretending to be people we weren’t. My favorite photo was the water one, I just love how the picture turned out. In the water wasn’t as fun as the celebrities.

    What was the hardest part of the whole experience?

    The hardest part definitely was saying goodbye to someone each week. It was bittersweet, because you wanted to stay, but they were so upset, and you felt like you had become their friend, that it was really hard to watch people go. It was emotionally hard. The physically hard things you can get over, but seeing people leave was probably the hardest part.

    Besides Michelle, who were you close to in the house?

    I got close to Megg and A.J., and Megan but then they got eliminated early on. I felt like toward the end, I talked to everybody pretty equally, nobody really stood out. It’s funny, it seemed like as soon as I started to get close to people they would go home. (laughs)

    Was there anyone’s elimination that surprised you especially?

    I would say Brooke’s elimination was the most surprising, just because it came out of left field. She might not have been the strongest out of the whole competition, but she didn’t particularly have a bad week that week. So we were all kind of shocked. There was no specific thing that sent her home.

    Can you give us your insight into the other women in the house? I’d like to read off their names and you could give me a few words or a sentence about them.


    What did you think of A.J.?

    She’s really down-to-earth and easy to talk to, but sometimes she just shuts down and she’ll be really quiet. Other times she’ll be really loud. She has two different sides to her: one side that’s very open, and another that’s a bit more reserved.

    What can you tell us about Megan?

    She’s just a fun person I really enjoyed. She’s easy to talk to, she’s just a fun girl. Very, very nice.

    And Brooke?

    Brooke is bubbly and sweet. I don’t think she’d -- I heard her say some things about the other girls, but honestly, she was just so nice to everybody. I don’t see Brooke having enemies, ever.

    How about Caridee?

    Caridee is crazy. She doesn’t think before she acts, but that’s a good thing because she’s a very true person. She’s very open, she’s not afraid to show her personality, she’s very Caridee-crazy.

    How would you describe Eugena?

    Eugena is very realistic and very serious. She took the competition seriously. She wasn’t there to make friends, but she wasn’t going to be rude to you, either. She’s very nice. She’s a very serious person, very realistic. She’ll tell you how it is.

    What about Jaeda?

    Jaeda’s really funny. Jaeda should be a comedian. She’s a very funny person.

    What would you say about Megg?

    Megg’s a rockstar. She’s just crazy. She yells and screams and she’s very open and loud.

    I bet the house atmosphere changed when she left.

    You know what, actually, when she left the house got a lot dirtier. She was the cleanest person there. She always did the dishes. When she left, the house got messy. (laughs) As loud as she was, she cleaned a lot.

    Those people make good roommates.

    Yeah, she was the best! She was always cleaning and stuff.

    What’s your take on Melrose?

    Melrose is one-of-a-kind. She has lots of different sides to her. Because you could be having a nice chill conversation with Melrose, and then you could have Melrose freaking out for cutting her hand on a can opener for ten hours. Melrose is dramatic. She reacts over-the-top. But then there are other times when she’s just a normal person, and they don’t show that often enough. I will tell you, she is way dramatic. She overreacts to things, and I would tell her that. But she’s also down-to-earth; she’s not all evil, villain, I’m-going-to-win.

    It’s kind of hard for me to get a read on her.

    Yeah, because she goes up and down, she can be chill, then she can be like –- I don’t know, she is something else.

    How about Anchal?

    Anchal, she would be chill sometimes. She was kind of defensive. Like, toward Melrose, she was very defensive. If Melrose said anything she would just jump back at her. She’s a really cool person, but I think her self-consciousness made her defensive toward others.

    And Monique?

    Monique was just overbearing and crazy. (laughs) I didn’t get along with her at all.

    Was she friends with anyone in the house?

    Eugena! She and Eugena got along.

    If I asked the other contestants to name Amanda’s most annoying habit, what would they say?

    Um…I don’t know. I chew ice a lot. I don’t think that bugged anybody but the sound guy. (laughs)

    When you were eliminated, did you stay in Barcelona? Were you able to join your sister right away?

    Not right away, but I was able to join her. We did get to hang out after the show.

    Okay. So, do you think it was set-up that you and Michelle both ended up in the bottom two standing next to each other?

    We thought from the beginning, we joked about it, Jaeda joked about it – we thought when one of us was going to go, it was going to be that we would both be in the bottom two. We both had that feeling, we foreshadowed it coming. We weren’t surprised.

    Were you happy that you were the one left standing? How do you feel about that?

    I was happy because I think I want it more than her, and she knew that too, so she was more okay. If she was going to leave, if anything it was easier to be next to me in the bottom two because she would be happy that I was staying. So it was hard to see her go, but I think it was okay.

    Did you expect your sister’s sexuality to become a part of the show?

    No! Michelle is not that open a person. She has barely even mentioned it to me before the show, so that really shocked me. At the time, I thought somebody had made her say that on accident, like it slipped out, so I was defensive. She doesn’t tell people those things, so …

    Now everyone knows.

    (laughs) Yeah.

    Overall, do you think it was an advantage or disadvantage to go against Michelle in the competition?

    I actually think it was a little bit of both. It was an advantage because I think that helped us in challenges, and just having somebody around that I could trust in the house. Because, honestly, I don’t think anybody else in the house trusted each other. Michelle and I knew we wouldn’t do that to each other, you know? But it was a disadvantage because we did get compared more, and it did make more pressure for us to excel.

    Can you tell me about your plans for the future?

    My plans are to try to get an agency and pursue modeling and see where it takes me.

    Is there anything else you’d like the fans to know?

    Just thanks for all the support, and I appreciate all the fans!

    Do you ever stop by our site?

    I actually read Michelle’s interview on your site. Yeah.

    Well, feel free to stop by anytime.

    All right, I will!

    Many thanks to Amanda for being a good sport, and to CW for the interview.
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