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Thread: Survivor: Cook Islands, 11/17 recap- Message In A Bottle

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    Survivor: Cook Islands, 11/17 recap- Message In A Bottle

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    Welcome back, mutineers! Last week we saw this game finally get interesting, with Candice and Jonathan’s decision to defect to Raro – Candice to reunite with her bland-as-vanilla lovemonkey Adam, and Jonathan just to follow like a puppy. Hilariously, after they left Aitu won both challenges, but luckily for the treasonous two, Raro let them stay and decided instead to boot the hapless Brad, who apparently Does Not Play Well With Others. Unluckily for them, potentially, Brad became the first jury member, meaning that karma might bite someone in the ass twice.

    I Just Threw Up A Little In My Mouth

    So this week, we get to see how the mutiny plays out. Jonathan’s strategy to win friends and influence people in his new tribe is to become master provider, so we spot him gathering food for the tribe. “Who knew a Jew could climb a tree?” he says. “Alone in the wilderness, a wandering Jew without a tribe.” I’m torn between, “that’s kinda funny” and “way to view yourself as a martyr.”

    Jonathan, however, is not really having fun with this whole ingratiating-himself thing. He says the mutiny really just made it harder on himself in the game. “I regret jumping,” he admits. “It was an impulsive thing.”

    Candice, however, is having a lovely time. She and Adam are reconnecting, vowing that they trust each other and are allies and BBFs, and she thinks Adam is very straightforward. Does she realize this is because he does not possess the imagination or intelligence to be otherwise?

    Adam tells her that he actually doesn’t trust Jenny, a member of his alliance. He knows that Jenny is targeting Candice because Jenny doesn’t trust her – which is an accurate assessment on Jenny’s part. Jenny realizes Candice and Adam are tight, and recognizes that as a threat. Proving her point, Adam says Jenny might need to go.

    Meanwhile, Jenny is floating out in the water, telling Parvati that she’d love to know what Adam and Candice are talking about. Parvati says something about how they’re the all-American couple. Wasn’t Parvati after Adam for a bit at the beginning? Could we have the beginnings of a “woman scorned” revenge vote here? God, I hope so.

    Jenny says she’s leery of Candice because she knows Candice and Adam had an attraction to each other back when they were originally on the same tribe. She doesn’t want Adam to falter, she wants to make sure he stays with their five-person alliance.

    Good luck with that. Because Adam and Candice are in the hut, talking, kissing fingers, and exchanging a peck on the lips. Ah, young love. Or whatever it is.

    At Aitu, people are much more chipper. Having bonded over their loss of two members and then subsequently beating the dog snot out of those people, Aitu’s four members are a happy little family. Ozzy says they’ve been tested in a way that few survivors have come out of, but that they’re happy to be the underdog.

    Sundra finds treemail, consisting of a board that has nautical flags representing letters of the alphabet. They set to work memorizing each one.

    “We don’t really have any strategic options other than to win,” Yul says.

    I Believe “Up Sh*t Creek Without a Paddle” Would Be North By Northwest

    The tribes head to the immunity challenge, where Jeff tells Aitu that Brad was voted off, and Yul looks sad. He then says Brad is the first member of the jury, and Ozzy looks surprised.

    The challenge works like this: there’s a big compass rose on the sand for each tribe. Two at a time, the members will use a coordinate to dig in the sand and find a treasure chest. That chest has the next pair’s coordinate painted on top. When they dig up all four, they’ll untie the knots on the chests, get out the nautical flags inside, and use those to spell “Victory.” The winners get to visit a nearby island to feast with the natives, including homebrew. Sweet! Drunkenness always adds an element of entertainment to Survivor. Or anything, really.

    The challenge begins, and while Aitu is digging for their lives, for Raro Jonathan and Candice are arguing about what their first coordinates were. Then Jenny argues with Jonathan about how he’s digging, while Candice yells from the sideline that Jenny should help him.

    And that’s pretty much how it goes – Aitu digs efficiently, while Raro argues and bumbles. As Raro falls behind, Candice mutters that she’s going to be sent back to Exile. And, as it turns out, Aitu does win, and they do choose Candice to go back to Exile. Haha, Miss Mutiny. Aitu says it’s strategy, before skipping off to their reward.

    At Exile, Candice is in tears. “It’s not fun to know that people that you like want to see you suffer,” she sniffs. Oh, cry me a river, honey. YOU left THEM. Suck it up. I don’t blame Aitu at all for targeting Candice. Not only does she suffer, but they’re depriving her of time to bond with her new tribe.

    Yul Sandwich

    Meanwhile, Aitu flies to the feast island. Ozzy says they deserve to win, because they’re up against “amazing odds.” Incongruously, the tribe walks up a paved road and is met by a man in tribal dress, who yells a welcome then drapes them in banana-leaf outfits. Then they’re put on litters and carried on the shoulders of singing native people. I think I’ve seen this movie. Someone’s going to get beheaded, right?

    Sadly, no. “Basically it was a warrior’s welcome,” Ozzy says. Sundra says it was magnificent, and she’s happy her tribe came together to win again.

    Then there’s dancing. They’re given fruit and food. Where’s the homebrew? Yul says this is the first time in the game that he’s felt carefree and enjoyed himself. The women dance with the natives, and then some large native women go after Yul, one throwing herself, literally, on top of the poor man.

    The homebrew must be there somewhere, because two large women have made a dancing Yul sandwich. Ozzy says Yul is complex and intellectual, and to see him come out of his shell was “amazing.” Ozzy also rambles a bit about how there were all these ethnic separations and now they’ve met an entirely new culture. I’m sure his happiness with the new culture is related to the fact that while the large women grabbed Yul, two lithe, young girls are dancing with Ozzy.

    If It Smelled Like “Cat in Heat”, That Would Be Candice

    At Raro, there is no dancing. Instead, they are huddled in the hut and saying it smells like wet cat. That might be Parvati. Jonathan, not in the hut but instead out continuing to be Raro’s slaveboy, says the tribe doesn’t see that what they’re doing isn’t working. These people don’t work together, he says, which is why they lose. He’s trying to show them another way to be; i.e. ““you work your ass off all the time.” He’s out fishing, by the way. And he says they need to trust him, and he needs to help them out.

    Someone leaves the wet cat hut and finds treemail – a map of the South Pacific islands. Someone tells Rebecca – who sat out the last challenge, so will have to participate this time – that she’d better study it. But Jenny doesn’t feel Rebecca has been a strong force to help the tribe win challenges. She doesn’t know how Rebecca’s going to fare if she doesn’t show more in challenges. In other words, Jenny wants Rebecca out.

    In Which Raro Continues To Be Crap

    At the challenge itself, Candice returns. Jeff helpfully notes that in three days, Candice has spent less than 24 hours with her new tribe. She claims to trust that they know she’s strong with them and they with her. In other words, Adam has her back.

    The challenge goes like this: they take turns swimming out to a pontoon, where they dive down and unclip a bundle that contains island names. When they get back to the mat, the next person goes, until they have four bundles. When the tribe has all four, they go to the answer table, where they must correctly identify 10 islands by name.

    And here’s another twist – Jeff holds up a sealed bottle, with a note inside. He says it contains significant info, and the loser must take it, leave it sealed, and bring it to tribal council tonight, where it will be opened after the vote.

    Nate, Parvati, Jonathan and Rebecca will do the challenge for Raro. Didn’t Rebecca have swimming problems before? Anyway, they’re off, and it’s really your typical swim/dive/unhook/swim back challenge. Aitu takes a lead early with Ozzy, while Raro gets a slow start with Nate. Watching these people drag themselves back toward the beach, exhausted, makes me wonder why no one takes the bundle in their teeth and uses the backstroke? You get further faster, I think.

    Anyway, Aitu is ahead and gets their puzzle finished just as Raro begins the puzzle. Aitu wins, again! I have to say, good for them. Raro lost my sympathy at the mutiny last week. Or I’m just a fan of the underdog.

    All In The Family

    Back at camp, the talk around Raro is about booting Rebecca. They say she does nothing in the challenge or at camp. Adam and Candice are ok with that, they tell each other, although Adam says Jenny is going to push for Candice or Jonathan. Which means that after tonight’s vote, Jenny is a threat. Adam says he won’t vote Candice out, so Jenny might be the next to go.

    Parvati asks Nate if Jonathan has tried to talk to him. Nate says he wouldn’t turn on any of their original members for Jonathan, even though he wonders about certain individuals. Jonathan is “not family,” Nate says.

    Meanwhile Jonathan is just hoping his hard work has earned him another night. And they all stare at the mystery bottle, wondering if the news it contains is good or bad. Someone wisely points out, however, that if it were good news, it probably would have been given to the winning tribe, not the losers.

    Your Reward For Sucking Is To Suck More

    At tribal council, Jeff brings Brad in as the first jury member, and he’s looking quite spiffy.

    Jeff points out they’ve only won three challenges and that right now Aitu is kicking their butts. They talk about strength and food and Jonathan says he’s caught 22 fish in the last two days.

    Jeff asks Parvati if it’s starting to feel like Jonathan fits in. She says he’s a big part of the tribe, in that he nourishes them so they can have energy to compete. I’d suggest, then, that they need more.

    Jeff asks Adam if he now trusts the two mutineers. Adam says he’s tired of losing, and tonight’s vote is about “productivity. I don’t like losing, I’m tired of it.”

    And it’s time to vote. Jonathan gets one vote, at least that we see, but Rebecca gets at least four. She’s out, and hands over her torch and walks off without a backwards glance.

    Everyone looks back at Jeff. It’s bottle time. He asks if they guessed at what it says. They think it’s a merge, but are not sure. At Jeff’s instruction, Parvati opens the bottle and reads the note out loud. It’s short and sweet – it tells them to now vote out a second member. “That’s not fun,” she says. “Not a merge, and not very cool.” Jeff tells them there’s no sign of a merge and it could be tomorrow or never. He sounds a bit tired of everyone expecting a merge.

    Adam says this surprise second boot is a hard one. “Rebecca stood out as one that wasn’t productive, and there’s no one else that does.”

    The second vote is taken, and this time Jonathan gets two votes. But Jenny gets four, and she’s out! And she is pissed. Jonathan looks relieved. In Jenny’s last confessional, she says she is made and feels “completely burned because I was blindsided.” Wow, I bet she’ll be fun on the jury.

    Jeff notes that Raro is now down to five members, and says maybe this is the wakeup call they need to get it together. I hope not – I’d hate to let the mutineers go to the merge with a majority over poor Aitu.

    Next time:

    Jonathan is still fishing and doing his cabana boy thing, but he hits a breaking point. “I’m not going to lose because you kids can’t get out of bed,” he says, seemingly to their faces. That should be fun. Yul tells Ozzy about having the immunity idol, and Adam and Candice make out. Shockingly.
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